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  • Hmmm... you have indeed introduced me to something new! This Vocaloid stuff seems pretty interesting and the "singer" herself is not bad... Should Teeva decide to get her hands on her, she'll really be singing a joyous song conducted by the stroke of green feathers... :D

    If Professor Higgins had something like that, I'm sure "My fair lady" would have received more than an oscar...

    Thanks for the clip!

    You oughta be stuffed with nails, you ought!

    *Reluctantly sits at vocal machine*


    Now jus won bloomin' minute Pro-fessor 'Iggins!!!

    Ah've bin up all noight syin' the same thin' ova an ova!

    "The rine is spine sties minely in the pline!!!"

    Theh! Ah sed eet!

    Weh's me choc- LET?!

    I've always wanted to say this... every time I see your name, I say it in the most cockney British accent ever... so here it is...



    Hahaha! I can't help it...
    congratulations for your pictures.
    can you make some pictures where an old lady tied up on the bed or on the table an teenager with an apple in his mouth and lick his feet????thanks
    Hi LBH.

    Sorry to have disappeared, but stuff has been distracting me, and theirs not been much impetus to continue my Tickle comic at the moment, especailly as the scanner never seems to work, although I am writing a story set at Prickly Hills, and that will probably need some illustrations.
    Back again!

    Hope you're okay. I really have been in a non-tk funk for some months. Just stuff happening, or not, as the scanner is down.

    Glad to see you're using a piece of the Sid I drew, and is that a hint of Barbara-flesh?
    Hello again Mr.LittleBigHead. I'm new to sending PM's hear on TT and can't figure out if it sent or not. So please let me know if you got my PM or not, if your not busy that is.

    It's basically me just rambling about how much I liked the "Low Roads" though ^//^;;;
    Thank you sir! Glad to hear the kittens are doing well. I hope Sophie's internal emotional conflicts are resolving nicely, haha.

    O_O Are you cereal!?? ...... Ooooooooh, I think i peed a little ;__; I'M NOT PREPARED. I'm going to go Men's Warehouse and get a suit for the occasion! .... Hopefully I'll like the way I look, but i'm told they guarantee it
    I couldn't help but notice one of my renditions of the absolutely breathtaking Mercy is serving as your profile image and I feel once again very obligated to thank you a whole lot!


    Thursday?? ..... That's practically tomorr-! YEEEEEEE!!!! I needed a dose of the marvelous Mercy and co. !

    lol, i've been lazy as all hell lately... but I'm hoping to remedy that with some upcoming down time. Nonetheless thank you very much for another outstandingly generous review!

    By the way.... is that Jen in your icon??? Did Kitchenaut draw that? She looks like a jaw-dropping gypsy! *drool*
    Greetings! Thought I'd stick my head through the dog door and say hola, señor pocograndecabeza. Comó estas?? Also how's my favorite kitten and her illustrated adventures and misadventures??
    you are so going to think me so inconsiderate..i received your email when you sent me the next episodes of your fantastic cartoon series..and i truly meant to reply i did..but then we re formatted the computer and i lost all contacts files etc..sighs...please don't hate me..please??
    Hi LBH.

    Please forgive my laziness, but hopefully you'll be able to start following the Fox sisters in their new adventure within the week.

    It'll be under a new thread. The Returning Artist one isn't exactly appropriate.
    I understand, I didn't know until recently that the visitor messages have a character limit. Thanks for the rapid response! I'll return the favor soon =)

    Also, might I ask for a link to the source of your current Mercy avatar??? I love Relent's artwork but I have no idea what image that is or where it is
    I'd like to get a lil more research in before starting any new images. Do tell sir: Exactly WHAT is sexy Mercy's outlook on boys, dating, love, etc? What does she seek in a guy? Or perhaps I should ask, does she seek anything? It's never easy reading a girl who beats up monsters, hahaha
    It's too bad that the giggling, jiggling trio will have no such luxuries. They'll be too busy fending off all manner of nasties in a savage nod to Conan Doyle's Lost World and King Kong's Skull Island to think about sunning their curves on some beach.
    I know 'deet has expressed a fondness for Barbara, but he did mention something about Lucy's particular charm.

    I certainly know that i'd like to attempt some more crossover work at some point. You have created some great characters, particularly Sid!
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