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  • I was interested in a girl named Jenny from the tickletown series. Do you have any of them? I have been trying to find individuals who have and I was told to ask you. If you can possibly send me the clips I would truly appreciate it. Thank you.
    I was interested in some of your old videos with a blonde girl who's name I believe is Makenna. I know you closed, but since you're no longer selling, would you be willing to send me those clips?
    Hey Oblesklk, I'm visiting Seattle this weekend, do you know anyone off the top of your head who'd be interesting in doing a foot tickle photo shoot with me?
    Heh...yeah - I don't check mine that often either.

    Things are good. Not as much time to do tickle art as I'd like, but what do you do? Time feels like a precious commodity lately.
    Ah, too bad it's not being done already, but I guess I'll settle for pinups until a new one comes out. :) Thanks for the response!
    hey oblesklk i heard there is a big update coming on ur site
    and i was wondering when that update is appearing?

    btw i love ur work =)
    ^^ Hehe I meant for most of the stuff I've seen you work on...well even if you didn't draw them, the ideas behind them are still brilliant >:3 I'd love to pick your evil tickle-driven mind any day!
    I didn't have the opportunity of buyin the Mara clips when they were available. Any chance you still have them? :)
    hey oblesklk just wondering when youll come up with another agencies comic those are your best but i liked the artwork way better in issue 7-10 hopefully you use that same art work in the next agencies comics i love your work sorry i dont mean to to be weird i have your newest issue tickle magnet2 its good but should of tickled the brunettes feet to and should of been more torturess hope to hear from you soon
    LOL! That DOES sound like a good week! I just got into graduate school for the fall so I am doing GREAT this week! Plus the weather is fantastic! Your art is soooo good :D!
    Just so you know this is the series of events that happened after I looked at your Emma clip ... no one is allowed to be that hot !!!


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