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The Bandito
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  • Hi! I`m alone and want to chat up with some guy. But it`s not very comfortable here,
    so if you can than find me by login: X-PUSSY and wite me HERE:smilestar
    :) Your work in "bound of aces" is amazing i love the secretaries in nylons and in troubles!!!
    dude. i have never and i mean ever enjoyed a novel series as much as i enjoyed the nail biter. outstanding work my man. although due to the fact i own all three of your bounce chix novels, i noticed that you have used all three as the protagonist now in each of your offerings.....what does this mean for the future??
    Doing well, thanks. I don't check my wall very often, as you can tell!

    How are things on your end of things?
    Btw, I'm having major issues with my Hotmail account. On my laptop I keep getting a...

    Well shit. I just checked it just now and it worked. *facepalm* Okay. Reply coming soon! Sorry for the delay. The only way I could think to reply was on my phone.
    More Artwork up tomorrow, and sorting out the next few pages of Babs and McFeely for upload later in the week (all being well),
    The thought occurs to me that a 6-breasted female would spend an inordinate amount of money on brassieres in a calendar year. :D

    That thread was a while ago; I cannot even remember the last time I commented on artwork. TiS was fun. The story had a lot of life in it, and that's what kept us coming back to comment. I trust you'll unleash more of that zaniness in the new project. I'm glad to see you are keeping active, unlike me. :D

    My life keeps my free time to a minimum, which is why I'm not around. Keeping busy is good for me, though; when I get bored, that's not good for anyone in the vicinity. :p It does leave a lot of work to be done on the TMF and TT that I put off, though ...

    How's life in Starship 'Dito?
    Just hi? No pie in the face or explosive grenade? Or, knowing you, some kind of six-breasted space femme dropping from the sky? :p

    I hope all is well. :)
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