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  • It's all good. :) I'm doing alright. The move went fairly smooth, but I'm also now jobless. xD Hopefully we both will find somthing soon. Until then glitter party will commence. :D
    40k is a tabletop game I play (Warhammer 40,000) and Triple Helix is a local tournament me and some friends from the club are going to. And thanks!
    Best of luck with both! As for me pretty much same, coming to the end of my first year on the Uni course and I'm getting my 40k army painted ready for the Triple Helix tournament in a few months time
    That's an excellent plan. Don't mind if I take that idea and run with it xD

    Well of course. You don't think you'd get away with just one?!
    Let's hope so xD if not - I'll write it down somewhere so I remember what it is anyway :)

    of course you'll survive - if we kill you then we won't get to do a round two, would we?
    I probably could, yeah. I did have it figured out recently, but being the smart person I am, I didn't make note of it, nor change it to something I'll remember. Excellent. I'll figure it out when I have a spare half hour.

    We'll have to give you a proper welcome soon then, no worries. ;)
    Charmed I'm sure ;)

    Excellent art piece, by the way, when I figure out how to get into my dA account again I'll leave a comment there. Have you had your turn in the welcome stocks yet?
    That's one similarity between this site and dA, at least - lots of views, no comments. x) Just keep in mind that there aren't nearly as much artists here! But I saw your link to it in your journal entry; who knows, maybe some of your dA buddies will come and comment eventually. ^^

    Things here are more long-term than short-term, you'll find. I bet in the coming weeks, there'll be a slow trickle.
    As far as I know, there hasn't been one like it in recent days. :) And it looks just fine! ^_^ If it turns out it fits better in another forum, I'll just move it when necessary. But it's looking good so far! :super_hap

    So thrilled that you seem to be taking to the site quite nicely, man. :happy:
    I'm so sorry to hear that! Hopefully you'll find something soon, just don't give upup. :)
    I'm doing pretty well, just keeping busy and getting ready to move and such. And I totally stalkeded your DA (hope you dun mind ^^; ), and I have to say you're quite talenteded! :D
    Could be. ^^ If you do choose to post it there though, be sure to word it in a way that encourages others to actually post said inspirational images. It's a neat idea though, thanks for asking here first. :)
    Mm, true that. Well, if it's a discussion thread, and not one where others necessarily include the art themselves, then I'd say it would go well in Tickling Discussion. :)
    Ok then. If you want more, I have my own threads here. Just search for my name and you're bound to find them.
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