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  • Hi Steph, Just wanted to stop by and say Hello. I see we're about the same age, we're both into tickling, and we're both ticklish pretty much everywhere. Hell where I come from that practically makes us "sole" mates. LOL just kidding. I sent you a friend request, I hope you'll accept. Adrian
    Watch out for the cows, they are plotting something. Why else would they be standing in fields in such large numbers?
    Evening my friend! I know you are special, I just hope you are getting treated the same way, all the time.
    Pah! I felt like I'd cracked my head the next day, as I recall. Amazingly, the Belgian was still in my bed when I woke up. I do remember that his cock was embedded in my ass the previous evening when I felt the need to vomit immediately; I shouted 'I'm going to throw up' while dismounting and running for the loo.
    Brilliant!! Well, if it makes you feel better, I fell asleep on the toilet a few months ago. A toilet I was sharing with three other travellers at the Thai-Burmese border, after playing drinking games with some blinding home-made Burmese whiskey and a failed attempt at getting off with a Belgian backpacker.
    Oh no! What did you do to your ankle?

    I'm fine thanks. Backpacking finished and career change...well, I'm over the first big hump. Just finished my first teaching post here in Edinburgh. I'm freelancing this month (teaching & reviewing the Fringe Festival) and starting a new teaching post in Moscow next month.

    I'll pm you with more stories ;)
    hello i jim from augusta georgia im living in hawaii right now cause im in teh
    US navy, are u interested in a tickle session
    you're so welcome Adam~it's something I've been meaning to do for a long time, life's been crazy busy lately~such great answers!
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