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The Last Laugh
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  • Hi! Been a fan for a while. Yours was actually the first tickle site I ever found!

    I wonder if it would be possible to ask for some form of interview with you. I am trying to write some form of show about a group of college students who put together a website much like yours and I could use some input from a pro-website runner just to help my writing. Could I send some questions your way?
    Hmm, I really should check this section more often. I must admit that I barely pay any attention to it. Still, while I realize it's been forever since mikepd posted his question about Omicron's Dalia (back in 2010) I'll answer it anyway.

    I haven't been in contact with the Omicron girls since 2004, which is the year that video was shot. They're among my favorite models, but I'm afraid they're long gone. Sorry.
    To Danko:

    Thank you for the compliment (same goes to everyone who's posted here).

    When you say armpit clips, do you mean armpit tickling or just armpits? Because while I tend to emphasize foot tickling, my catalog also features a lot of armpit tickling clips. I don't, however, have any plans to do clips of models just showing off their armpits. If no tickling is involved, I prefer to stick to foot stuff.
    Just brief message for fr_AR and Artoo...

    It's been a few years since you posted messages here, but I'd still like to apologize for deleting them (better late than never, I guess). I didn't do it because I didn't like them, far from it. See, at the time I wasn't very familiar with visitor messages (as opposed to private messages), and I was barely aware of this section to begin with. Basically, I read your messages, was pleased to hear from you, but then deleted the messages not realizing that notes saying I deleted them would permanently remain on my profile. Being rude wasn't my intention at all, but I realize it may have seemed like it. So, again, I apologize for my mistake.

    Hi, very good productions, bravo!! Never thought about armpit clips?? Have a good day!
    Hi Francois,

    Good to see you on here. I love your material - I've probably purchased 12-15 of your clips, and I LOVE them. I think the clean, playful stuff is far sexier. I'm always looking forward to more, and plan on being a continued customer.

    Have a good weekend!

    hi, thanks for voting in my poll, a big name like yours, im quite taken back. a main member of the tickling community, creator of such brilliant tickling videos. you like the fully clothed, slowly peel the socks off tickling too do you?
    Hello !!How are you ?My name is Stelios and i am a lawyer in Greece !!Also i am a big fun of you and your clips !!I am a tickler ,esspecially a foot tickler and i like very much your videos !!All the girls are great !!I would like very very much to meet you sometimes and talking about tickling !I would like to find some ticklees but i do not know where and how? Nice to hear you !!Thanks !
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