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  1. Aintboverd1

    B&W single sketch */F

    Hey was watchin tv n I sketched this out of bordom hope its ok :D
  2. FeatherDaemon1

    The Shrine Maiden: Chapter 3 [?/F , FF/F]

    The Shrine Maiden: Chapter 3 [*/F][FF/F] The Shrine Maiden Chapter III [*/F] [FF/F] By FeatherDaemon Copyright 2009 [Note - If you have not read the previous chapters they can be found in the links below] *Chapter 1* *Chapter 2* The sky was black and dark. The celestial ceiling was...
  3. Tickle Torture

    New Tickle Torture Images & Sample - /F - POV Tickling Kim Lee's Feet

    Here are some images and a video sample from the clip "POV Tickling Kim Lee's Feet." Elijah @ Tickle Torture http://www.clips4sale.com/9697
  4. Tickle Torture

    New Tickle Torture Sample - /F - POV Tickling Kim Lee's Feet

    Here's a sample from the clip "POV Tickling Kim Lee's Feet." Elijah @ Tickle Torture http://www.clips4sale.com/9697

    The Barefoot Fighting Genius (***/f)

    back in the game like jack lalanne
  6. kahoshiden

    Repost Request: Final Fantasy Tactics Dancer (*/F, feet)

    Repost Request by Mirthgoblin. Alright so here's another repost request by Mirthgoblin from his list, more to come of course. I've never really played the game, not an RPG fan, but I do enjoy the chocobo species. The proportions as usual with my older art are off, but I believe that the color...
  7. cosqui1

    Tentacles! */f

    Here's another one, inspired by our beloved "desperation thread" (i'm posting it there, too). Enjoy!
  8. cosqui1

    Portals - GLADOS (*/F)

    Hi everyone! it's been quite a while since my last pic but i'm finally back... Hope you like this one; the concept is random, i know, but i just had to punish that psychotic computer ;)
  9. Ilohnoh1

    "Nagas" (PC computer game, /f, a little partial nudity)

    UPDATE! GAME IS NOW AVAILABLE, ATTACHED TO THIS POST! Title: "Nagas" What? A PC tickle-adventure game Size? A whopping seven and half Megabyte Who? Jen & Co When? Right Now! Where? See the attachments to this post. How much? Entirely free SOME HUMBLE REQUESTS Before downloading and playing...
  10. kahoshiden

    Repost Request: Chun Li (*/F all over)

    Repost Request by Excess. So Excess requested me to post some ass or breast tickling. Out of well over 200 pics I have, only one pic falls under the theme. He actually ended up guessing that this Chun Li pic was my only one later on after I scanned it, so I had some lolz with that. Not much...
  11. Umojar

    One Piece gals (both */F)

    Here is Nami and Nico Robin from the anime one piece. This one wasn't commissioned, but was something I did while I was in between commissions.
  12. kahoshiden

    Repost Request: Ouka (*/F feet)

    Repost Request by Excess. This is a pic of Ouka from the .Hack/ Series, as stated on the pic :p. I made this back during a nice height of popularity and when I think I was at my best, as far as color pencil work goes. Looking back at all my images, the colors were so vibrant and the pics...
  13. peter_crdn

    new find (*/F)

    found it somewhere. I'll tried to remember
  14. NDT2000

    5 little somethings (all */F; some nudity)

    hm...it's been quite some time since I last posted something...I hope I can make up for it :ggrin: Most of the pics were the result of aimlessly playing with props, expressions and new models in Poser, but I think they are good enough to post them none the less :happy: ...and the fanservice meme...
  15. peter_crdn

    samus tickled (*/f)

    here's something I found on Gelbooru. The hottest nintendo bounty hunter
  16. P

    Pokemon tickle pic */f tentacle vines

    Found this piece on Gelbooru, thought i'd post it here, enjoy.
  17. AnnoXanti

    A Taste of Dreadful Nightmare (*/F, Warning: may be intolerable)

    This is an experimental theme on a something I personally don’t like. Yet, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy doing the art. I have to admit that my hairs rise a bit while constantly staring at its B&W image on the process of coloring. It’s definitely a tickling nightmare I never want to...
  18. darkharp1

    The Librarian (*/F)

    I recently read through the "Scenes of Desperation" thread and knew I had to contribute. I got really ambitious with all those books... Sheesh. Hope you enjoy! DH :redstar:
  19. Ilohnoh1

    Tk - Hang Man (PC game, */f)

    Okay. So some of you have already seen my latest picture in the "Scenes of Desperation" thread. This was about a 'hang-man' (or rather 'drop-woman') game, which I described there. (just in case you want to check it out: http://www.tickletheater.com/showpost.php?p=494320&postcount=345 ). That...
  20. H

    web finds (four */F, one F/F)

    Found these while cruising the internet today. Thought I'd share them with everyone. Also, anyone happen to know the artist?
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