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Ask The Vorpal Bunnies A Question.


Wielder of 100 Feathers
Oct 24, 2001
Ask away and I will have the vorpal bunnies reply to all your questions. This is a golden opportunity to learn more about our wuvable widdle friends. :D :D :p
Hehehehe well us bunnies really now how to multiply so the current number is likely to change real soon. Currently however there are 113,568,971 bunnies on earth. :D :D :p
More than likely. We try to blend in as much as possible. We have to stay hidden a lot to catch any demons off guard. :D :D :p
I may look for some in Central Park tomorrow. Will they say hello if I find them? :D :p
Only to members of kurchatovium troops currently (like you) we are still trying to reestablish our connections with the human race. Its been a long time since we were here. :D
I'm very glad to be a member of the Kurchatovium troops, then.
Are all vorpal bunnies pink? :D :p
Most of us are a pale pink weare becoming more white though to help us blend in with the other bunnies. :D :D :p
Would you vorpal bunnies like to nuzzle these soles? :D :p

Vorpal bunnies need lots and lots of wuv and affection from people. It helps us to fight demons. So we need to nuzzle and cuddle with everyone. :D :D :p
I knew they were amazing creatures. :D :p
What sports do vorpal bunnies like to watch?
I think vorpal bunnies like gymnastics cause there is a lot of jumping and stuff. Most closely resembles hopping. Bunnies like to hop. :D :D :p
Well, I could join them in liking women's gymnastics. :D :p
What is the favorite beverage of vorpal bunnies?
I should have known it would be carrot juice. :D :p

Do vorpal bunnies like ice cream? If so, what is their favorite flavor?
1. If I capture a regulation bunny and spraypaint it pink, do I then have a vorpal bunny?
1.5 Do vorpal bunnies revert to regulation bunnies if they fail their VSAT's ?
Vorpal bunnies wuv ice cream. We especialy wuv chocolate. (Though we would like to see carrot flavored at some point) :D :D :p
1) It takes more than just being pink to be a vorpal bunny. Vorpal bunnies are actually in fact partly hyperdimensional and actually can warp space-time. They also have the ability to warp certain quantum laws which is why they can be so very fast and devour demons much bigger than them.

2) One is either born a vorpal bunny or not. There are no tests. We always stay just we are cute widdle vorpal bunnies. :D:D
Vorpal bunnies can speak with all humans cause we communicate psychically with people.

Vorpal bunnies can transverse great distances quickly in many directions because of our special dimensionality. :D :D :p
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