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Hysteria Lane #10: Oh Maggie MMMM/f


4th Level Red Feather
May 5, 2001
Hysteria Lane #10: Oh Maggie


By TickleMantis

Now and then one or two of the younger Magurty clan could be spotted in town. For the most part however, going back a couple of centuries at least, the backwoods family kept to themselves. Outside of town drew farmland, ranches and long roads, hours from any city of note. Beyond the farms, and even further from the cities, were the wooded hills and even deeper still, those who lived among them. Nestled in the hollows and, if you believed the rumors, the occasional cave, several intertwined families avoided the federal government and did little to encourage visitors.

For those rare few who were welcome and willing to visit, it was quite a trek. A four-wheel drive was absolutely essential unless you wanted to hike or ride a horse. Even with a decent vehicle the chances of making it without incident or getting lost were slim indeed. Winding, narrow and unpaved roads were often barely a dirt track riddled with rocks and large roots. Old growth forest loomed either side and the high canopy made for a well-shaded journey even on a cloudless day. In short, unless you knew where you going to begin with, staying home was your best bet.

Fortunately for Maggie Turner her husband knew every nook and cranny. A born and raised Magurty, Andy had left the hill country for the military in his late teens and scarcely looked back. They had met in their early twenties while Andy had been working maintenance on Maggie’s apartment building and married shortly thereafter. There had been some early issues with the family of course. The fact Andy married a city girl was surprising, and Maggie hadn’t taken his name, but the most troubling of all, was that the pair had chosen to remain living in some far flung city. Still, despite those early problems the happy couple were determined to make it work and after a decade of visiting at least once a year everyone had all but forgotten about those initial hiccups.

“Here comes another one!” Andy grinned, the handsome thirty-three year old braced the steering wheel of his beat-up Jeep.

“Ahh!” Maggie made a mock-pained expression as the tiny two door vehicle bumped violently over a large rock, her shoulder length red curls bobbing against her scrunched nose. “You’re doing it on purpose!”

“Who me?” The dark haired fellow chuckled, barely watching the road as he admired his wife’s curvy figure.

“Watch the road!” Pointing at the path ahead with one hand, the other firmly gripping the handle above the door, the blue eyed thirty-two year old kept her sense of humor about their rugged situation.

Flashing his focus briefly back to what could barely even be called a road, Andy turned the steering wheel sharply to correct their course, before looking his ladylove up and down once again. Even after eight hours of driving and gas stations, Maggie looked fresh faced and bubbly. Her wide toothy smile certainly helped brighten the mood, as did the bright yellow sundress wrapped around her voluptuous figure. Wide hips and a very generous bosom, the sleeveless number showed off Maggie’s features very well indeed. The shapely redhead’s milky white cleavage shook and made for a mesmerizing distraction, as did her long smooth legs that lead all the way down to a pair of soft brown sandals protecting her dainty feet. All in all Andy really didn’t think he could be blamed when his eyes were examining every inch of his wife’s 5’5” seductive physique as they skidded lazily into a small dirt ditch.

“Oohf!” Maggie gasped as the Jeep’s sudden stopped lurched her forward.

“…Whoops…” The taller man laughed to himself, their crawling speed having saved the intrepid pair from any damage.

“Are you serious?!” Throwing up her hands in disbelief, the comely city girl gave her husband a playful slap on his broad shoulder. “Are we stuck?”

“Shouldn’t be too bad…” Andy continued to grin and he opened the driver’s side door and turned to get out. “Another fine mess you’ve gotten us into, Turner.”

“Me?!” The surprised redhead balked at the cheeky accusation. “This was all you, Magurty!”

“Now, now-“ Stopping himself halfway out the door, the dark haired man turned back toward his willful bride. “-How can I be expected to keep us on track when you’re doing everything you can to distract me?”

“You know what-“ Maggie joked with a pretend scowl as she began to open her own door. “-You sit right there. You got us in this mess, I’ll get us out!”

“Oh no you don’t!” Quickly leaning to his right, the former country boy reached over his wife’s lap and tugged her door shut again.

“Hey!” The cheerfully alarmed woman said, and fumbled for the handle just as Andy slyly hit the central locking button with his left hand. “Oh come on!”

“You’re not going anywhere!” Said the devious driver, and once again turned to climb out the Rambler, only to feel the slight sting of a mischievous slap across the back of his right shoulder.

“You asked for that!” Maggie said, poking her tongue out impishly as she unlocked her own door.

“You asked for this!” Hitting the central lock button again, the vengeful man turned back to reach both of his large hands over the emergency brake and immediately began lobster clawing at his wife’s tender sides.

“Ahahaha!” Curling herself forward instantly, a wide open-mouth grin spread across the loudly laughing girl’s face. “Hahaha! Andy! Andy! Noho!”

“This is what you get!” Andy teased, digging his ten fingers into the shaking woman’s midsection.

“Stop it! Ahaha! Youhoo cheater!” Slapping at her husband’s arms the bosomy girl’s braless boobs bounced beneath the thin material of her dress, kicking her sandals frantically against the floor mat. “I can’t breathe!”

Of course Maggie very well could breathe, Andy just happened to know his curvaceous wife hated being tickled and would say anything to make it stop. Explosively ticklish all over her hopelessly sensitive body, panic tended to set in after about thirty seconds of an intentional tickle attack. It was for this reason the generally good-natured fellow’s touch usually only caused her to giggle, and occasionally squeal, by accident. Accidents tended to happen quite a bit due to the redhead’s hypersensitivity, an impossible thing to avoid especially during intimacy. But, every now and then Andy would push his luck and take dangerous advantage of his strength and Maggie’s crippling weakness.

“Eeiihaha! Getoffme!” The all-but-helpless woman shook her head, straining to pry her frisky husband’s wiggling fingers away from her cushy abdomen.

“No no, you got us into this mess!” Andy taunted the struggling girl as he pinched the bottoms of her supple ribcage. “You can get us out!”

“N-hahaha! Notfunniieeehahaha!” Fumbling at the door handle in an increasingly desperate effort to escape, the slightly blushing city girl had entirely forgotten it was locked. “Ahaha! Andy! I’mserious! Stahahap!”

“You’re so clever, you can get us out!” Seeing he was beginning to visibly irritate her, the grinning man pinched his fitful partner’s left knee just to watch her sensuous body seize up, but knew he was on borrowed time.

A few more quick jabs and unwelcome pokes managed to slide through Maggie’s feeble defenses before Andy finally relented his assault. Only a handful of times had the normally sensible man ever pushed beyond that, and he’d suffered dearly for it in the days that followed. Silence was a given, but in the earlier days of their marriage the then furious redhead had gone so far as to break her husband’s electronics, hide his cellphone and even throw his toothbrush in the toilet, all of which followed one singular incident in their second year together. It was Maggie’s way of showing her beloved that she would not tolerate such prolonged and heinous assaults, a lesson he seemed to forget or ignore every couple of years.

After taking a minute to catch her breath and brush a few curly strands of hair from her reddened face, the rattled woman unleashed a flurry of open-hand slaps across Andy’s arms, chest, shoulders and back. Leaping from the car to avoid his wife’s fury, the hurried man tripped on a jutting up root and tumbled face first onto the dusty ground. Uproarious laughter from within the Jeep followed, and despite the fact his pride was all-but shattered from the fall, the involuntarily horizontal man took joy in his wife’s hilarious amusement.

A quick fix later, the brief attack put behind them, and the determined couple were on their way again.

It was a little less than an hour after getting the Jeep stuck when the young couple arrived at Andy’s parents’ house. A reasonably sized rustic cottage with a tidy vegetable garden, it wasn’t quite the Hills Have Eyes scenario Maggie’s coworkers had joked about, it wasn’t even Deliverance. Though she would be remiss to say that nothing peculiar ever happened in those parts, the well-traveled redhead knew little beyond the regular hardworking folks and boisterous extended family littered throughout. Andy’s parents, in fact, were a kindly and agreeable couple. They didn’t even own a banjo.

After a generous home cooked meal, the only kind available unless you wanted to hunt your own dinner, Maggie, Andy and his parents sat out on the cottage porch and drank the wine the younger pair had bought. The night sky brilliantly lit between the surrounding hilltops, even a native city dweller who loved her daily cappuccino could see at least some appeal of living so far removed from the hustle and bustle. Beyond the dim light of the cottage were only the night noises of woodland creatures, the trees so thick and dark it almost seemed like no one else at all lived nearby.

The following day, having had an excellent night’s sleep, Maggie and Andy hiked around to various homes and hovels. Visiting a whole host of aunts and uncles, cousins, second cousins, step cousins twice removed, brothers and sisters. The cute couple even stopped by to see an elderly woman who no one seemed quite sure how she was related, but at 112 years old had been there longer than anyone could remember. As was custom a bonfire would be held later that night to welcome the pair, something the Magurty clan did on every visit. It was mostly an excuse to get blindingly drunk, Maggie knew, but she appreciated the thought nonetheless.

Long time bootleggers from way back when, the Magurtys and their homegrown moonshine made for one heck of a rowdy good time. Not that she was any stranger to a party, but Maggie always made a point to duck out before things got too rambunctious. Eddie never had an issue holding off on his drinking so he could drive his darling wife back to the cottage, despite the ever-present pressure from numerous unruly cousins. The former country boy would then return to the party, and regret every sip the following day through a thunderous hangover.

The festivities were located a fair distance from Andy’s parents’ home, through more winding back trails that snaked down into a deep and craggy valley. Nestled at the valleys lowest point was a large gravel clearing, adorned on either side by the mostly overgrown buildings of an old mining town. In the centre is where the Magurty’s, along with guests from other hill-clan families, would light their sizeable bon fire. Once twilight came the trees atop the valley silhouetted beautifully against a vibrant sky of orange and purple. From out of the woods in all directions surrounding the clearing came small groups of people. More people seemed to come from between the trees than down the actual roadway. By the time Maggie and Andy pulled up the first few stars were beginning to shine, there were almost one hundred people and the fire was roaring.

Sensibly, though the night was plenty warm, Maggie had chosen not to go with her rather revealing sundress from the day before. Instead, knowing there would be no shortage of fun-loving and often handsy bush-country bumpkins in attendance, the cautious redhead had opted for more casual attire. Even in tight fitting blue jeans it was nigh impossible not to show off the city girl’s well rounded behind, but at least she was more comfortable in white running shoes than she had been in sandals. An even more difficult feature for Maggie to avoid drawing attention to were her, frankly, huge breasts. A white short-sleeved t-shirt was the best she could manage without wearing a far too warm sweater, but even her most conservative shirt revealed bulbous freckled cleavage.

For the most part Maggie spent her time within reach of Andy, the pair chatting with folk from all throughout the backcountry. It was another world from her 40 hours a week in an office, but one the bubbly girl had become slightly accustomed to over the past decade. Their were antics and shows of strength, a dirt bike ramp, glass breaking, fist fights and no end to the riotous hooting and hollering. By nearing 11pm, still very much early by Magurty standards, Maggie could sense the large gathering begin go grow ever wilder. Turning from a surprisingly pleasant conversation with a fellow in a raccoon skin hat, the comely young woman looked for her husband. She could have sworn Andy was right behind her. No matter, he would be back in a minute or two.

Nearly twenty minutes went by before the perplexed redhead began scanning the unruly crowd for her strangely absent husband. Not feeling particularly comfortable asking around, Maggie never felt in any kind of actual danger so it was no trouble to go looking. Finally, after twice around the bonfire and no Andy in sight, the mildly lost office worker bumped into her raccoon-headed friend once again.

“You lookin’ for yeh fella?” The old hermit asked, his slight smile a welcome sight amongst the madness.

“Yeah-yes.” Maggie said, giving the weathered fellow a friendly smile in return. “I can’t find him anywhere.”

“S’alright, I just passed him a few minutes ago.” Said the hermit. “Andy said he’d been tryna’ find ya but ya wandered off. Asked me to tell ya he and some other fellas are goin’ lookin’ for ribberbacks. Guess he figured you was happy…uh, minglin’.”

“Oh. Well, hm.” Furrowing her brow a little, the voluptuous woman pursed her lips with thought. “I don’t suppose you could give me a ride back to his place, could you? I don’t mean to impose I just-“

“Ahh I would-“ The old man interrupted. “-but I ain’t driven so much as a horse n’ cart since the war. Him and them other fellas might still be down at the old smithies if yeh hurry though.”

Maggie wasn’t exactly sure what war the nice old recluse was talking about, but he did give her directions to the mining town’s former blacksmith shop. Wandering back up the road a short way, the light of the bonfire faded almost out of sight between the trees. The curvy girl didn’t mind admitting to herself that being relatively alone in the dark woods gave her a serious case of the heebie jeebies. Seconds away from turning back and simply waiting for Andy at the party, Maggie caught a glimpse of light down to her right, and the narrow footpath that lead there, barely visible in the moonlight.

Stumbling a few times as she made her way down the hill, the now determined red head lost sight of the bonfire completely. Following the light from what she certainly hoped was the long abandoned blacksmiths, Maggie soon came upon a large wooden barn, with tall, wide doors and a hayloft up top. Well lit from the inside, the thankful young woman was happy to hear several men’s voices chatting quietly within. A couple more steps and the bosomy woman was able to gently push open a smaller side door.

Inside, it took the successful adventurer a moment for her eyes to adjust to the indoor lighting from almost complete darkness. The barn itself still maintained a metal workshop in it’s back half, Maggie could make out some tools and chains, a couple of anvils and other implements of use to a busy smithy, the front half however was a different story altogether. Retro-fitted into a cool hangout spot, a hardwood floor had been put in place instead of the dusty ground. There was a bar, which appeared quite well stocked with more than just ‘shine, a dartboard, pool table and two couches sitting at 90 degrees from another before a large screen TV. The couches and TV cabinet were neatly positioned around a thick and well-maintained white rug. Funny, Maggie thought as her focus paused on the rug, it was surprising how clean the carpet was given all four of the barn’s inhabitants were wearing boots of some fashion.

“Aunt Maggie!” Dean Magurty said, standing up from the larger of the two leather couches.

“Hello boys!” The cheerful woman said, looking at the quartet of dark haired young men milling about the room.

While there was no sign of Andy, Maggie did thankfully recognize the small band of friends. Near the longer couch was Dean, who stood up to a towering 6’5” in his tight fitting white t-shirt, black torn jeans and heavy leather boots. Her nephew-by-marriage, with a strong jaw, broad shoulders and wavy charcoal hair, even Maggie had to admit the 22 year old was undeniably a bona fide hunk. On the same couch sat Hershel Werner, a long time friend of Dean’s and something of a beefcake himself. Not lacking in muscles either, the Herculean 20 year old stood the same height as his giant pal, sporting a jet-black t-shirt, tidy blue jeans and worn brown work boots.

Closing the door behind her, the relieved redhead stepped further into the comfortable rec-room. All four boys were brimming with welcoming smiles, the most delighted of which easily belonged to Hershel’s younger brother, Cody. Along with his sibling, the two lads had come up from their family’s large ranchland for the bonfire. Maggie always liked Cody, he had a friendly air about him and a sort of polite dopiness, where as Hershel always seemed to hide a lot more cleverness behind his eyes than he would let on. A little shorter than his big brother at a still very much imposing 6’1”, the 19 year old wore a loose fitting button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up, the formality of which was offset by his faded blue jeans and dark cowboy boots.

While the three burly boys were not without their various charms and social graces, Dean’s own younger brother Chester had always crossed Maggie as a touch peculiar. Not that she minded him at all, but the slightly off-kilter lad did tend to stare and stay oddly silent most of the time. The youngest of the bunch at 18, Chester seemed to dress a little rougher than his more brawny peers. Sporting a long white singlet that showed off his sinewy 6’3” frame, the curious teen wore jeans a couple of sizes too big with his belt tight, and untied army boots that were certainly hand-me-downs. Whereas the other lads all seemed to take some measure of care in their appearance, Chester was content to simply shave his head.

“You haven’t seen Andy around, have you?” Maggie asked, reciprocating each of the young men’s smiles, including Chester who stood over by the TV and avoided eye contact with his buxom aunt.

“Been and gone I’m afraid.” Dean replied, looming over the older woman by a full 12 inches as he leaned in for a hug.

“Mm. Well-“ The frilly haired woman said, squashed between her nephew’s steely biceps as the side of her head pressed against his chiseled chest. “-did they happen to mention when they might be back? I was hoping to get a ride home.”

“Aw, it’s still early yet!” The eldest boy said as he stepped back from the curvy redhead. “Why don’t you hang out with us for a while? We haven’t seen you ages!”

“Yeah, come on aunt Maggie!” Hershel echoed his friend’s sentiment from the couch.

“Can I get you a beer?” Cody added, waving a glass from behind the bar.

“Haha, alright, alright.” Maggie chuckled, it was certainly a much more relaxed environment than back up at the bonfire. “Nothing for me Cody, thank you.”

“Boo! Boooo!” All four boys, even the usually silent Chester said, causing Maggie to wave her arms playfully.

“Nono, really, I’m fine.” The busty woman laughed.

“Well have a seat.” Hershel said, patting the cushion next to him. “Dean was just telling us about his last date!”

“Ahh, haha!” Dean shook his head, following his shapely aunt toward the largest couch. “I don’t think aunt Maggie wants to hear about that.”

“Eyy, it was just getting good!” Cody protested as he uncapped a beer bottle with a satisfying clink.

“Oh yes, come on!” Maggie grinned, sitting down on the middle cushion beside Hershel. “Us city girls aren’t as prudish as you might think!”

“Tss, alright, we’ll see.” Dean scoffed jokingly as he sat down on his aunt’s other side. “Where was I?”

“You and Mary-Beth we’re gettin’ frisky in Hampton’s stables…” Hershel said.

Sat between the two enormous young men, Maggie was dwarfed from either side as she listened intently to her nephew’s tale. Mary-Beth, quite an attractive redhead herself according to the lads, had just moved to town after finishing high school. Dean, ever the ladies-man, had laid the charm on thick one Sunday as the 19 year old girl was walking home from church. It hadn’t taken very long at all before the older boy’s rugged appeal and devil-may-care allure had corrupted the devout teen. Their near-nightly make out sessions had escalated by the fourth day to sneaking into the rather well-to-do Hampton family’s illustrious stables, where things were getting hot and heavy.

Dean, as he told it to a very attentive audience, had lay the slender girl down atop a bunch of hay bails. As the two trespassers locked lips, the muscular fellow slid one of his large hands along the outside of Mary-Beth’s thigh, under the bottom of her thin white sundress. His touch, the handsome lad explained, must have been a little too light for the young lady’s liking because she immediately began to twitch, and giggle. Reaching higher, Dean had plucked gently at the strap of Mary’s cotton panties, an act that caused her to squeal loudly.

“She was too loud!” Dean laughed, the other boys laughing along with him. “But you know, what’s old man Hampton gonna do? So she’s gigglin’ herself silly and tellin’ me she don’t wanna get caught.”

So of course, being the mischievous sort, Dean raced both of his hands straight up and under the nervous teen’s dress. Suddenly, right there amongst the unamused equine, Mary-Beth had the giant country boy’s fingers running wild around her bare midriff. Bursting into high-pitched laughter, the poor girl strained to stay quiet as she kicked and tried her darn best to wriggle free. Pushing her dress up, the struggling redhead’s light-blue panties came into the open air, her bare feet pushing hard against the hay below.

“I said ‘you’re gonna get us caught’!” The oldest boy chuckled with pride. “And she’s tryna’ like, whisper, but it’s just comin’ out all crazy. She’s goin’ on about she can’t be quiet, stop stop, please! So what am I ‘sposed to do, I put my hand over her mouth.”

“Did you stop?” Maggie asked, the only member of Dean’s tiny audience with a furrowed brow instead of an eager grin.

“Hell no!” The hulking lad laughed deep. “Her eyes bug out and I just keep ticklin’ her, she’s goin’ fucking nuts on me at this point! I mean, I’m gettin’ kicked in the legs, she’s hittin’ me in the face, girl was bananas!”

“Well it doesn’t sound like she liked it very much!” The older woman said, imagining the sweet girl’s awful plight.

“Ahh nah, I was only teasin’.” Dean shook his head, his smirk as confident as a shark’s. “…I pretty much stopped after that.”

“What is it with you Magurty men and tickling people?” Rolling her eyes, the busty city girl didn’t believe her nephew’s words for a moment. “That poor girl!”

“Aw, what’s the matter aunt Maggie?” The huge younger man said swiftly pinching the curvy woman’s side. “You ticklish?!”

“Eeeha!” Jumping as if by electric shock, the surprised aunt turned directly toward the cheeky behemoth. “Don’t you dare!”

“Or really ticklish?” Hershel teased and squeezed both of the fiery haired woman’s sides from behind.

“Yeeeiie! Hey!” Spinning around toward the other muscular boy, she barely had time to turn when Dean’s fingers nimbly poked into her supple ribs. “Ahheehee! Stohap!”

“Cootchy coo aunt Maggie!” The eldest Werner brother said in a sing-song voice, joining his friend by quickly squeezing just above the spasming woman’s wide hips.

“Eeeheehahaha!” Snatching her elbows in tight to her sides, Maggie hunched forward, twisting from side to side as the two boys’ twenty fingers frolicked around her lower torso. “Noho! Nohohaha!”

“Where ya goin’?!” Dean grinned broadly, pulling his aunt back down as she tried to stand, only making it a couple of inches off the couch.

“Aiiee! Boys! Nahaha!” Feeling her well-rounded butt hit the cushion again, the shapely woman could feel that familiar swell of irritation rising. “Stop it! Stopeeheehee!”

After a few more seconds, Dean and Hershel both darting their wiggling fingers into any spot her flailing hands weren’t immediately covering, the squirming redhead had certainly reached the limit of playfulness. To Maggie’s surprise however, as she continued to giggle helplessly between the hulking farmboys, she felt the need to hide her growing annoyance. Unlike with Andy, who she would chastise without concern, the pitifully ticklish woman’s pride overwhelmed her discomfort. Not wanting to seem uncool, certainly not wanting to embarrass herself or make things anymore awkward, Maggie held out hope that the two troublemakers would relent their attack and the evening could return to normal.

“Hahaha! I-I’lltellyourmother!” The desperate older woman blurted out after nearly a full minute.

“You’d tell momma?” Dean said with pretend indignation as he and Hershel stopped their twenty-finger assault. “You wouldn’t do that to us would?!”

“Hff!” Maggie huffed, careful not to show too much discomfort as she quickly stood up from the couch, her cheeks a light pink hue. “Only if I have to!”

“Aww, you really shouldn’t threaten us aunt Maggie…” The enormous nephew smirked as he stood upright, towering over the much shorter woman. “…’specially now that we know your weakness.”

“…I think I’ll take that beer now.” Pausing briefly to gauge the look in her looming nephew’s eyes, the comely girl thought it best to change the subject.

“Comin’ right up.” Cody said kindly, leaning against the bar where he had been watching the brief show of silliness.

“Anyone else?” The older woman said as she turned away from the couch and the two overly playful young men.

Strangely, as Maggie took a step forward she noticed Chester. Still standing by the TV, the lanky teen appeared to glance right over her. In less than a second the near-bald boy’s eyebrows ruffled ever so slightly, seemingly making eye contact first with his brother, and then with Hershel. Normally the bubbly redhead would have thought nothing of it, and she probably would have in that moment as well if not for what followed a half second later. Pivoting ever so slightly to begin moving toward the bar, Maggie had scarcely taken her next step when Dean’s index fingers suddenly drilled into her soft sides.

“Ahh! Hey!” The surprised city girl yelped, spinning around and slapping both of her nephew’s large paws in midair. “Not funny!”

“We can still make you laugh!” Hershel said, launching himself with startling speed up and off the couch, clawing both hands directly into the buxom woman’s abdomen.

“Eeeyheyhey!” Squealing as she took a couple of quick, shuffling steps back, the voluptuous girl bumped right into Chester, who immediately wrapped both of his long arms around her midsection from behind. “Hey! What the hell?!”

“Get her Chester!” Dean grinned a wide, toothy grin.

“Nooo!” Maggie said sharply, slapping her arms behind her and shaking with involuntary laughter when the teen’s ten fingers dug into her ribcage. “Noahahaha! Ahahaha! Ohmygod!”

Straining to break free, the fiery haired woman’s fleshy cleavage jiggled as she twisted violently between the large lad’s strong arms. Shaking her head, the poor busty girl couldn’t wipe the huge open mouth grin from her otherwise frustrated face. Darting her increasingly panicked eyes around the room, Maggie saw no help in sight, only excitement in the eyes of her unwanted onlookers. What these carefree young men saw as a cheeky game was anything but to the struggling woman before them.

“Eeehahaha! I ca-Ican’tbreathe!” Trying a tried-and-true tactic, the helpless woman could feel her knees beginning to buckle as she wracked her brain for something clever to say. “Stohohop! Ahahaha! I’m serious! Chestahahaha!”

No longer able to stay standing, Maggie threw any concerns about hiding her frustration out the window. She had put up with entirely too much of this nonsense already, and as the fitfully laughing aunt dropped slowly to the thick carpet she knew taking a hard line was her only option. Barking Chester’s name, demanding him to stop, the redhead felt her knees touch the rug as she curled downward. Her cheeks growing pinker by the second, the curly haired woman couldn’t understand why her devious nephew’s fingers were still exploring the soft spots between each ribs.

“Ch-CHESTER! Aaaahahaha!” Maggie kicked her running shoes into the white rug, clawing at the young man’s forearms as she leaned over her own knees. “DEAN! Hahahaha! Makehimstopahaha!”

“Make him stop?” The larger of the two brothers raised an eyebrow, before tapping his sibling on the shoulder. “That’s enough Ches’…”

“Ahh! Ahh-oh-oh my god!” Rolling onto her side, the vicious tickle attack finally over, the blushing woman gasped with disbelief.

“…It’s our turn now!” Dean said, quickly dropping to his knees in unison with Hershel, the two men kneeling either side of her.

“No wai-“ Maggie began to sit up, before forcefully being pulled down onto her back by four large hands, which then immediately began running wild all over her tummy, ribs and sides. “Nahahaha! Naaahahahaha!”

Tucking her arms in and curling onto her right side, the frantic aunt erupted into a stream of loud squealing laughter. Suddenly wiggling fingers were everywhere, and no amount of wild kicking or uncoordinated slapping seemed to even slow them down. Quick pokes ran around her heaving ribs, drilling digits dug deep into the redhead’s tender tummy, unrelenting fingers squeezed around her shaking hips and only a thin layer of cotton protected any of her hypersensitive flesh. Striking a glance up at her attackers, Maggie saw a pair of highly amused grins staring back at her, and knew she would have to go ballistic to get her message across.

“Enough! Ahahah! Noho! STOP!” Gasping through her laughter and the onslaught of wiggling fingers, sounding deadly serious while giggling helplessly proved far more difficult than the frenzied woman had hoped. “DEAN! Eeeiiiheehee! Deheeeaannn! Stahahaha! Stop!”

“Are you gonna tell our ma?” Dean said, racing his speedy fingertips up and down his aunt’s convulsing side.

“No! Noahaha! I swearhahaha!” Her cheeks turning from bright pink to red, the bewildered woman made several easily thwarted attempts to sit up as she pleaded for mercy. “Please! Pleeheeheeese! Ahaha! Ohmygodno! Ahahahaaa!”

“Hmm, you believe her Hersh’?” The muscular country boy asked over his aunt’s desperate pleas.

“Hmm…not a word!” Hershel said after pretending to give it any thought. “Hold her down!”

“W-what?!” Maggie took a sharp breath, having no time to react between when the horrid tickle attack stopped and the hands grabbing for her arms and legs began. “Nono! Stop! Don’t hold me down! Don’t do that! Noho!”

Thrashing wildly, tugging at her arms, the fearful older woman’s stomach sank when she felt Chester’s strong hands clasp around her slender wrists. Dragging her kicking violently out into the center of the rug, the sinewy teen forced his aunt’s arms above her head. Fighting a battle on multiple fronts, Maggie tried rolling hard one way and the other, Dean wrapping one of his large arms around her lower legs and pulling them straight down. Jerking hard at all her limbs, the frenzied city girl tried to grab for anything that might help her. Bucking her hips like a woman possessed, Maggie strained with all her might before Hershel straddled her upper thighs and sat his immense weight down atop her.

“Hhh! Hhh! Let me go!” The terrified woman yelled through panicked breaths.

“Why for?” Dean said as he sat back to back with Hershel, kneeling over the redhead’s shins. “So you can run and tell momma?”

“Nnnggh! No!” Straining to pull her arms down, the wide eyed girl could barely move anything beside her head, and had never felt so vulnerable. “I told you! I swear! J-just let me go right now! I won’t tell anyone!”

“I dunno…” Hershel said, pinching the bottom of the pinned woman’s shirt on each side and pulling it up over her creamy white tummy. “…I think we better make sure.”

“Oh my god! No-NO!” Maggie balked, sucking her stomach in as the herculean young man tugged the shirt up to just under her quaking bosom. “Don’t! Don’t tickle me! I fucking hate being tickled!”

“Ah-ah!” The giant lad kneeling over her hips said, waggling an index finger. “No bad language, or we’ll be really mean!”

“Listen! Listen to me!” Still squirming in a hopeless effort to even free a single limb, the hopeless older woman knew her only option now was reason. “Y-you had your fun, okay? Okay, it’s done! We’re done! I just want to go, so let me go! I’m serious, okay? I won’t tell, just let me go and I’ll forget everything!”

“Counter offer-“ Hershel said right before dancing all ten fingertips around the redhead’s fully exposed tummy. “-tickle tickle tickle!”

“Naheeheehee! Noeeeiiiheee!” Throwing her head back, Maggie rolled from side to side with what little her forcibly pinned position would allow, as she exploded with schoolgirl laughter.

Beneath the confines of her overworked bra the painfully ticklish woman’s huge breasts bounced. Her frilly red hair flicked every which way as Maggie shook beneath her captures, giggling maddeningly as Hershel’s deftly light touch sped over her soft skin. Poking out from between Dean’s knees, the trapped woman’s petit running shoes wiggled, her fingers above clawing weakly at Chester’s forearms. The three boys all laughing at her plight, Maggie had never felt so powerless. Unable to move and completely at their mercy, the defenseless girl couldn’t stand the loss of control over her own buxom body.

“CODY!” Maggie screamed, praying at least one of the boys would have the good sense to put a stop to the madness. “Codiieeheehee! H-help me! Eeeiiihahaha! I hate it! Pleeeheeheese!”

“Oh, Cody ain’t gonna help!” Hershel said as he began to viciously lobster claw at the helpless woman’s exposed ribcage. “He’s just waiting his turn!”

“NAAAHAHAHA!” Craning her neck up and shutting her eyes tight, explosive belly laughter heaved from between the frantic woman’s full red lips. “STOP! AHAHAHA!”

Her face bright red, Maggie’s expression contorted between misery and nonstop, howling laughter. Rough, brutish hands worked the breathless older woman’s delicate ribcage, her cries for an end to the assault high pitched in their furious desperation. For several long minutes Hershel kneaded the supple, agonizingly sensitive area below the redhead’s jiggling boobs, her screams of protest testament to his barbaric ferocity. Despite the horribly pained expression on the normally jovial woman’s face, and her fierce thrashing for freedom, nothing was stopping that giant country boy from making her suffer.

“Hersh’.” Dean said after another couple of nightmarish minutes, lightly tapping his friend in the back. “Let’s see what I got down here…”

“Uhh! Hhuh! Hhh!” Gasping for much needed air, the blue eyed girl could barely believe the boys’ cruelty, especially when she felt her nephew begin to untie her shoe laces. “Nono! Nonono!”

Crossing her shoes over one another rapidly, Maggie began to try and protect each foot with the other. Her heart pounding and stomach in knots, the curvaceous redhead wanted to jump clean through the ceiling, so alarming was the thought of having her excruciatingly sensitive feet touched. Feeling the laces loosen on her right shoe, the flustered girl let out a loud whine between her quick-fire pleas. A firm grip from two hands forced the unlaced shoe away from it’s partner, and with relative ease Dean was able to slip the lace-up runner free, tossing it aside and revealing the thin white cotton sock beneath. Going to work on the left shoe, Maggie’s mind spiraled with disbelief.

“Ahhnooo! DEAN! Dean Magurty!” The stressed woman’s voice was thick with tension as her left runner was easily plucked away. “Don’t do it! Don’t!”

“Do what?” Playing dumb, the burly lad pressed the heel of his left hand against the tips of the ticklish woman’s left toes, forcing her sock covered foot to stretch back.

“No! NO! You can’t do this to me!” Maggie shuddered, unable to move her dainty left foot, and hopelessly trying to kick at Dean’s hand with her right foot.

“I’m not doing anything?” Dean teased, and then raked his five free fingers up the entire length of the redhead’s taut cotton sole.

“Eeeiiieenoo! Aha! Aha! Ahahahaaaa!” The poor woman cackled, staring up through her tickled aguish at Hershel’s unashamed grin. “Stahaheeheehee! Stopeeeheehee!”

“Stop what?” The eldest of the boy’s said, running his short nails around the helplessly giggling woman’s immovable arch. “I told you, I’m not doing anything!”

As her right foot wriggled frantically, powerless to help it’s trapped and tickled partner, Maggie barely noticed Hershel lifting her t-shirt higher. Caught in a flood of forced, high-strung giggles, the furiously sensitive woman hardly registered that the huge man straddling her hips had slid the shirt up and over her light pink bra. Her enormous fleshy boobs ballooned out against the edges of the strained bra cups, the buxom girl’s breasts jiggled with her every agitated quake. It was truly only when Hershel tugged the shirt up and over the fiery haired woman’s face that she noticed she was being partially stripped.

“Eeehaha! STOP! STOP NOW!” Maggie screamed, thrashing as her alarm bells turned to full-on hysterical anger. “I-Aheehee! I AM YOUR AUNTahahaha!”

“You’re not my aunt…” Hershel said, leaning in close to the furious woman, before hiking the shirt up over her eyes.

The eerily calm country boy stopped pulling at Maggie’s shirt just as the hem reached her elbows, trapping it over her bright red face. As she continued to shout, the now blinded girl realized she had massively misread her situation. Up until that point the forcefully giggling woman had put the boys’ behavior down to being overly boisterous, and perhaps a little drunk. Horrible as it was to be pinned down and tickled on her bare tummy, Maggie always expected them to stop at any moment. But now her bra was out in the open and though she still held out some small hope that her original impression was true, the frightened city girl couldn’t help but think her situation was going to get a lot worse before it got better.

“ANDY! Eeehahahastop! Stop! ANDYYYY!” Redirecting as much energy as she could away from helpless laughter, the near-topless redhead began screaming loudly for her beloved husband. “HELP! HELP! Ahahahaa!”

“Careful now…” Dean said, letting go of his aunt’s foot and stretching his fingers out. “…keep that up and we’ll have to put something in your mouth!”

“Dean! Dean you-this-this has gone too far!” Her voice quaking and ever-so-slightly muffled by the stretched t-shirt, the pinned girl twitched, not knowing where the next unwanted touch might land.

“Your husband ain’t comin’ anyway.” Hershel said, suddenly dancing five fingers around each of Maggie’s silky smooth underarms. “Them boys are miles away by now.”

“EEIIIEE!” Letting out a pained shriek the buxom woman arched her back, jerking her arms hard as the farmboy’s fingers fluttered about her stretched hollows. “Eiiihahaha! Nonopleheeheease!”

Unable to pull her arms down from Chester’s vice-like grip, the curvy girl’s freckled bosom shook from side to side. The taut cotton over Maggie’s face gave a restrained impression of the suffering taking place underneath it, her mouth wide with high-pitched laughter and anguished pleas. Thankfully, as if there were anything to be thankful for, Dean had decided to remove his weight from the redhead’s lower legs, instead sitting on the couch and watching the show. The freedom her legs now had to kick wildly was of little comfort to the furiously struggling woman however, as Hershel’s underarm assault moved up a few gears. Switching from a light touch to raking his nails across her soft flesh, Maggie bucked helplessly as her huge boobs bounced beneath the bra.

“Neeeheehee! Stahahahap!” The hypersensitive girl bounced her well-rounded butt against the carpet, her socked covered heels sliding as she tried to throw the hulking tickler off of her.

“Roll her over!” Hershel said, lifting his weight up a little, and grabbing the panicked woman’s right shoulder with both of his large hands.

“N-no! Let me go! HELP!” Straining to stay on her back, the much smaller woman dreaded whatever it was her mad captures’ had planned. “HEEEEELP!”

“No one’s coming!” The Herculean man said as he straddled the redhead’s wide hips, while he and Chester forced her to roll. “It’s just us, and you!”

“No! Nnnnnghhh! Noho!” Maggie almost sobbed as she felt Hershel’s immense weight push down around the back of her beltline. “Somebody help meeee!”

“I’ll help you.” Hershel said and swiftly unclipped the back of his ticklish plaything’s bra. “How’s that? Does this help?”

“No-oh god no!” Wriggling from side to side, the hopelessly pinned woman tried fruitlessly to push her ample chest into the rug. “Pleaseplease! Y-you can’t do this to me! Not like this!”

“Mmm…” The brutish country boy atop Maggie said as he nimbly worked both bra-cups upward, sliding the shoulder straps up her biceps. “…We can do whatever we want!”

“Ohnohooooo!” The poor woman strained as both the shirt and bra were slid all the way up to her wrists, rendering her completely topless.

“What do we have here?” Hershel teased, and immediately darted five fingers around the sides of the vulnerable city girl’s ballooning bare boobs.

“Eeeeheehee!” The bare breasted woman giggled loudly, furious that she couldn’t suppress her girlish laughter. “Enough! Eeeieeheeenno! Eeenooooughahaha!”

Burying her face into the fluffy rug, Maggie smiled wide while her brow furrowed deeply. Her hands now facing palms down, the shapely girl clawed at the carpet helplessly. Completely defenseless in her pinned position, squealing giggles streamed from the half naked redhead’s lips. Far crueler than Maggie could have imagined anyone being, the naïve older woman squealed as Hershel’s deft fingers raced up under her arms, ran down her heaving ribs and pinched down her convulsing sides. Rolling her head from side to side, the fitful girl’s frilly hair flew wildly as she kicked her legs spasmodically behind her unrelenting tormentor.

Never in her life had the hypersensitive girl been so consumed by her excruciating ticklishness. Even at his worst, Andy was a generally clumsy and uncoordinated tickler. Not that her husband hadn’t made Maggie endure more than she could take on occasion, but Hershel was on another level. Whether the burly country boy had practice or he simply had a knack for it, the beastly lad’s fingers seemed to find all of his redhead victim’s most squeal-inducing spots with relative ease. As the big man’s dashing digits sped up and down her sides from underarms to bouncing hips, Maggie’s mind raced even faster. Such a diabolical situation for a woman as ticklish as her was unfathomable, such intense cruelty to subject someone to, it was a nightmare too unreal to ever have, come to horrifying life.

“I ca-hhh! I can’t!” Taking deep breaths, the topless city girl immediately began begging for mercy the moment Hershel ceased his assault. “Nomorenomore! I can’t! I can’t do it!”

“Well, we’ll see, won’t we?” The wavy haired Adonis looming over her said, sliding both his large hands down along the top of her arms and taking hold of her slender wrists. “Go ahead Chester.”

“Uh oh…” Chester said softly as he released the panting woman’s wrists over to his friend, leaving her completely pinned by Hershel.

“Chester he has a sort of…” Hershel began, now leaning over the facedown woman as he straddled her hips and pinned her outstretched arms to the floor. “…fascination with women’s feet.”

“Nono! Not again!” Curling her toes beneath the socks, the half naked girl bucked.

“Oh don’t worry.” Dean said from the couch as Chester kneeled down before the redhead’s two nervously wriggling feet. “This time he’s going to take your socks off!”

“…no…” Maggie froze, her voice barely a whimper before the dreaded idea of having her unprotected feet touched truly set it. “Nonono NNNNNOOOO!”

Like a feral animal, the buxom woman began thrashing furiously beneath Hershel’s immoveable frame. Even at his most ambitious, Andy had never gone after his wife’s feet for more than a few seconds. For Maggie, her delicate feet were absolutely off-limits, a no-go zone of lethal consequence. As she felt Chester’s hand clasp around her right ankle, the wildly struggling woman jerked at the knee, yanking her leg hard. Kicking with her free foot, the curvy girl continued to scream as she tried to push the odd young man’s hands off her. Having no idea what more than a few short seconds of purposeful tickling across her feet might do to her, Maggie fought with all her might, especially as she felt her thin white sock begin sliding away.

“HEEEEELP!” Craning her head back, the desperate older woman wailed with as much force as she could muster.

“I’m gonna tickle yooooou!” Chester sang, tossing the turbulent redhead’s sock aside.

“SOMEBODY HEEEELP! PLEAAAASE!” Maggie shrieked, feeling her petit right foot in the open air.

“No one’s coming…” The peculiar lad teased as he quickly took firm grip of the trapped woman’s left ankle and tugged the sock away.

“HELP MEEE!” Both feet now completely bare, the bewildered girl pushed her lungs to the top. “HELP SOMEBODY! THEY’RE CRAZY!”

“We’ll that’s not fair.” Hershel said, seeming to have little trouble at all keeping the crazed redhead’s arms above her head. “You’re obviously the crazy one!”

“Tickle tickle!” Chester chimed before Maggie could gather her breath for another scream, and started chasing both of her wildly kicking soles with five fingers each.

“Eeehee! Eiiiheenohooooo!” Feeling a couple of tiny strokes brush ever-so-softly across her creamy white arches, the captive girl slammed both feet down into the carpet.

Naturally, Chester’s wiggling fingertips were in hot pursuit and were spidering across the redhead’s soles almost as soon as they’d escaped. Shooting her lower legs back up into the air, Maggie spread her ankles far apart, the cruel boy’s devilish digits never far behind. Slamming her hopelessly vulnerable feet together again, crazed giggling spilled endlessly from the busty woman’s lips as random finger strokes grazed across her explosively ticklish soles. Up, down and all around, the forcefully pinned girl kicked her feet in every inch of their limited range allowed.

“Alright, let’s make this easy!” Dean said, climbing off the couch and onto the floor. “Hold still you!”

“NO! NO PLEASE!” Feeling the handsome young man’s rough hands grip the backs of her ankles, Maggie’s minute sense of freedom was immediately shattered. “NO DON’T DO THAT!”

“There!” The eldest of the four boys said, pushing their tickle-toy’s upturned feet down into the fluffy rug as he kneeled just off to the left of her denim-clad legs. “Go ahead Chester!”

“NONONOGODNO!” Maggie tensed, petrified with doomsday levels of anticipation as her tiny bare toes spread anxiously.

“Mmm!” Chester smirked, then scribbled all ten fingers up and down the frenzied woman’s wrinkly soft soles. “My favourite!”

“YEEEEEIIIIGGHH!” Bucking violently beneath Hershel and Dean, the barefoot redhead screeched before exploding into berserk, screaming laughter. “AAAHAHAHA! NOOOOHOHOHO!”

Across her marshmallowy heels, down her arches and up along her insteps, Maggie thrashed violently with every feathery stroke. Within seconds the bare breasted city girl was making sounds she didn’t know she was capable of, and laughing far harder than she ever had before. Barely able to form even single syllable words, the hysterical woman screamed gibberish among piercing howls and unstoppable laughter. Her entire face bright, beet red, tears began to well in Maggie’s normally bright and friendly eyes. Sharp squeals interjected between full blown belly laughter, the poor woman’s heart pounded as she strained manically against the brawny young men’s hands.

Devastated in the throws of her ticklish torment, the tears that had started to gloss over the redhead’s eyes soon streamed down her stretched cheeks. As nightmarish seconds turned to unimaginable minutes, Chester drew figure 8s, dragged his short nails across Maggie’s supple flesh and dug his wiggling fingers under her helpless toes. Filling the barn with her erratic and riotous laughter, the half nude girl was in such a state of panic she could barely finish a thought. Internally, while the odd young man’s fingertips frolicked around her bare feet, the voluptuous woman willed herself to escape, willed herself to stop laughing, willed herself to not be so mind shatteringly ticklish. Even if, someway or somehow, Maggie could just for love of all things, if she could just stop laughing for a second there would be some reprieve.

“Take her pants!” Cody spoke up from behind the bar, where he had been comfortably enjoying another beer.

“Oh yeah!” Hershel growled and sat upright, releasing the buxom woman’s wrists. “Pants time!”

“Uhhh…?” Maggie whimpered when the foot tickling finally stopped, needing a few seconds to comprehend her surroundings.

“Roll over dear aunt!” Dean said, releasing his own grip on the redhead’s ankles.

“N…no…” Pulling her arms down underneath herself, the helpless girl felt Hershel climb off of her.

“We gotta get your belt off!” Her eldest nephew said, and lightly slapped the teary eyed woman across her left butt cheek. “Roll on over now!”

“NOOO!” Maggie screamed, suddenly finding all of her panic-fueled energy as she sprung up onto her hands and knees.

“Whoop, there she goes!” Hershel chuckled as the older woman scurried quickly across the rug toward the door, her large breasts bounding beneath her.

“Cody! Hustle!” Dean said through a devilish grin.

“LEAVE ME ALONE!” Maggie screamed as she reached the edge of the rug, only to be cut-off by the sight of Cody’s cowboy’s boots and faded blue jeans blocking her path.

“Get ‘er!” Hershel said, clamoring across the carpet and snagging the would-be escapee’s left ankle.

“NO! LET ME GO!” The terrified city girl jerked at her leg, only for Cody to lean down over her and begin viciously clawing at her ribs. “Nyeeehoho! Nohohoho!”

Instinctively Maggie bent her elbows in to protect herself, and ended up face down on the floor once again. Cody followed, crouching quickly and darting his hands up and down her sides. Before she could even begin planning how to get away again, Chester had scrambled over and taken a hold of her right ankle. With a leg each, both Hershel and his foot-fancying friend quickly locked an arm around their giggling guest’s ankles. Each with their backs to Maggie, Chester and Hershel sat on their knees with a tiny ticklish foot poking out from under their arms, and used their free fingers to spider all over her vulnerable soles. Bucking violently as she shrieked with laughter, the bare foot older woman could do nothing when Dean too entered the fray, joining Cody in pinching her tender sides.

Flailing her arms and howling with overwhelmed laughter, Maggie’s mind was on fire trying to process the forty collective fingers running over her bare skin. Any single one of the boys tickling her was utterly maddening, but all four at once drove her completely insane. Feathery light strokes sped all over squirming soles and rapid pinching goosed her sides. More curious digits pushed under the bosomy woman’s arms and fluttered along the sides of her big fleshy boobs. Tears flowed freely down Maggie’s cheeks, her eyes open wide as often as they were clenched shut.

“NAHAHAHA! NEEEHEEHEE!” Before she even knew what was happening, the hysterical redhead was suddenly rolled onto her back, her puffy pink nipples swaying for all to see.

Allowing for no break at all in her crazed laughter, all four boys honed in on Maggie’s bare torso. Surrounded by the rowdy young men, the buxom city girl spasmed wildly as tickling fingers wiggled from every direction. Kicking her legs violently, the helpless woman squealed as the devious digits ran rampant over her jiggling breasts, buried under her arms, skated around her tummy and drilled between her heaving ribs. Trying to slap the attackers away or cover herself did almost nothing, the burly boys always found plenty of unprotected skin to play upon.

Unbeknownst to the near-delirious older woman, one of the eight hands driving her mad was sneakily unbuckling her belt. Dean, who’s left hand was busy squeezing just above the redhead’s hip, was using his right hand to nimbly slip her belt free. The button on Maggie’s jeans followed next, and then the zipper, both quite difficult with the amount she was furiously thrashing around. Somehow in her helpless delirium, the hopelessly ticklish aunt was very much aware that the front of her neon pink g-string panties had just been exposed. Clawing at her belt line as Dean begun to tug at her pant-legs, Maggie made a fruitless attempt to sit up, only getting a few short inches before falling back into her tormented lunacy.

Over her knees and lower legs, Dean pulled the near-nude woman’s jeans inside-out as he yanked them clean from her quickly kicking feet. Now only her in thin pink panties, the curvaceous girl’s lips contorted from a miserable scream to an open mouth grin of madness. Tossing the jeans aside, Dean eagerly leapt back into action with his brother and friends, squeezing at Maggie’s knees and tickling all the way along the tops of her thick thighs. Almost entirely nude and horribly outnumbered, the scantily clad redhead’s fight and flight responses were both going haywire, and equally as useless as each other. Her ribs, sides and tummy were quickly growing a bright pink from the tickling traffic of forty fingers, and after nearly ten full minutes the severely sensitive girl’s skin was developing a light sheen of sweat.

“You okay there Maggie?” Cody said when the boys finally stopped their savage assault around the fifteen-minute mark.

Her eyes blurred by tears and straining deep breaths for much needed air, the buxom aunt had never been tickled so much, nor imagined she even could be. With the small gang of cruel country boys kneeling around her, Maggie wrapped her arms around her heaving stomach as she sobbed through her loud panting. Closing her eyes, the helpless older woman twitched and jumped randomly, her entire nervous system rigid with horrid anticipation for another touch. The boys had already gone so much further than Maggie ever thought possible, there was no telling how much worse her situation could become.

“Pleeeease…” Crying her words, the once joyful woman turned tickle-toy looked pitifully around at each of her captures. “…stopuhuh….it’s tortuuure…”

“Torture?” Dean repeated the word, and then fired a sadistic grin at each of his compatriots. “What a great idea!”

“Wh…what…n-no!” Maggie stammered as each of the young men grabbed a firm grip of a limb each, forcing her arms back over her head. “Oh god! Oh god nohooo!”

Tugging weakly at her arms and legs, the curvy city girl began thrashing madly when she felt herself be picked up off the floor. Dangling between the four muscular lads as they stood upright, Maggie struggled wildly, begging with screeching screams as her big bare boobs bounced. Holding her arms and legs tight, the two pairs of brothers began shuffling around the largest couch, walking behind it and making their way toward the back of the barn. Ignoring their involuntary guest’s raving pleas, the sadistic quartet worked their way down a small step onto the dusty floor of the workshop.

Dropping her feet to the cold concrete, Cody wrapped his arms around Maggie from behind and held her in place. Wriggling around between the hunky lad’s steely biceps, the much shorter woman waved her arms below the elbow, slapping at the dark haired boy’s legs to no avail. While the barely clothed redhead winced and struggled to push herself free, Hershel had moved to the far side of the workshop and grabbed a hold of a large hook. The hook, attached to a large chain, appeared to be in place for maneuvering heavy objects. At the higher end of the chain itself, running along the rafters, was a track along which the chain and hook could be pulled to move around the blacksmith’s.

“NoNo! NO!” The poor woman bucked hard against Cody as she saw Dean coming toward her with a small length of rough brown rope.

As Hershel pulled the chain along past the large workbench and toward her, Maggie put two and two together and bucked wildly against the young man with his arms coiled around her. Almost nude, disbelief and sheer unbridled panic swirled in the hyperticklish girl’s mind. Out of nowhere Chester seemed to just appear, grabbing at the screaming woman’s wrists and forcing them to clamp together. Tears anew began welling in the topless woman’s wide eyes as Dean spun his rope around her wrists, pulling it much too tight to escape from.

“I’ll do anything!” Maggie cried, her voice trembling as Dean and Chester grabbed at her now bound arms and began lifting them upward. “NOHO! NOPLEASE!”

His arms around her flaring hips, Cody held on tight as the red faced woman shook violently. Her arms pulled up over her head, Maggie could feel the open air against her painfully sensitive underarms. Hoisting her up slightly, Cody, Dean and Chester dropped the tightly tied wrist-rope over Hershel’s hook. Dropping the much smaller woman, Maggie let out a loud gasp as her arms extended taut and she was forced to stand on the tips of her toes. Swaying a little as she dangled from the chain above her, the fully exposed older woman knew she would soon be driven insane.

“Anything you say?” Dean said, the other three boys taking a few steps back as the eldest circled around their petrified plaything.

“Y-yes!” Hesitating for a split second, the hanging girl considered what the devilish young men might ask of her, and quickly determined nothing could be as devastating as their fingers wiggling on her skin again. “A-anything you want! I swear! J-just no more tickling!”

“Hmm, tempting…” The broadly grinning hunk said as he stopped directly behind his aunt. “The only problem is, you’re so much fun to tickle!”

“OHNO! D-“ Maggie attempted to turn, but before she could even finish her anguished plea Dean had pressed up against her shapely ass, reached around and was spidering his skillful fingertips all over her stretched out underarms. “-AAAAH! NAAHEEHEE!”

Thrusting forward as she burst into frantic giggling, the bound redhead swung right back into her nephew who then held her close. Kicking her legs in the air and attempting to twist around, nothing the forcefully laughing woman did could spare her silky hollows their suffering. From her biceps down to her huge jiggling boobs, Dean ran his fingers up and down with gleeful wickedness. In the light from overhead, Maggie’s sweat-slicked breasts and convulsing tummy glistened as she shook her head.

“Oh aunt Maggie!” Chester said, his eyes fixated on his aunt’s tiny feet which skimmed back and forth across the concrete floor. “Your feet are dirty!”

The youngest of the men was correct, the redhead’s petit feet were black with dust across her heels, soles and tips of her toes. Right though he was, Maggie didn’t care an ounce in the throws of her ticklish woe, nor did she even notice when Chester wandered away from the group. In fact, in that moment it was the five fingers frolicking under her arms that were the tied woman’s chief and only concern. Pressing her attention further, Dean soon dug deep into the creases on either side where the busty woman’s big naked boobs met her supple ribs. Up, down, front, back, poor Maggie could move nowhere that tickling fingers wouldn’t already be.

“And what do we have back here?” Dean said, taking a step back and admiring his aunt’s plump round ass cheeks with the thin pink g-string running down between them.

“Pleaseno! Pleaseno! You’re crazy!” Having no idea what her barbaric nephew was up to, the curvaceous woman squirmed right before his speedy fingers danced across each of her milky white butt cheeks. “Yeeeiieeeheehee! Ohnono! Eeeeheehee!”

Shaking her hips, Maggie threw her head back and kicked helplessly as her barely covered butt was teased. Strangely, it was in that precise moment the red faced woman felt a hot flush of humiliation. No matter how much dignity the mortified city girl thought she had already lost, the four young men seemed to continuously find more ways to strip her of more. Never once had Maggie ever considered her butt, of all places, might be hopelessly ticklish, though it made perfect sense. Of course her ass cheeks would cause her reel with high-pitched giggles, of course she couldn’t possibly get a single break from the never-ending nightmare.

“DEAAAAN! Eeeheehee!” Maggie squealed, twisting and spinning on the spot as she tried to maneuver herself away, only for the brawny young man’s wiggling fingers to easily chase her.

“Hey Chester, where are yeh?” Dean said, pinching softly along the spots where his giggling aunt’s butt cheeks met her thighs. “Aunt Maggie’s got a ticklish tooshie!”

Maggie hated the baby-talk and childish teasing almost as much as she hated being tickled. On the rare occasions Andy would pluck up the nerve to come after his wife, he would never forget to bring a hefty dose of dumb teasing talk along with him. Being reduced to a laughing curled up mess on the living room floor was quite enough embarrassment thank you very much, she didn’t need to be reminded how silly she looked.

The worst had been about five years ago, when the redhead’s husband wouldn’t stop repeating ‘cootchy cootchy coo!’ over and over again. Maggie had been standing topless in their apartment washroom, wearing nothing more than her pink pajama bottoms. Taking her eyes off the mirror for a moment to unscrew a small tub of face-cream, Andy had decided it would be a grand idea to sneak up and begin viciously clawing at her unprotected sides. As expected, Maggie instantly dropped the face-cream, squealed and buckled over the sink. Turning to escape, her husband let the half naked woman run from the room and down the hall, pursuing her as he continued to chant ‘cootchy cootchy coo!’. Yelling angrily at him did no good, as Andy pounced just as she had reached the living room, and spent the next three minutes pinching her tummy. It had only been the hasty agreement of a blowjob that finally made the boisterous man stop tickling, and singing his silly taunt.

“Eeeiiheehee! STOP! STOOOOP! Eheehee!” Maggie cried, dangling from the chain above her head as she danced awkwardly trying to keep her butt away from Dean.

“We’re not going to stop, Maggie.” Hershel said, loud enough for his deep voice to be heard over the fretting woman’s laughter. “We’re going to tickle you out of your mind!”

“NOOO-Eeeheehee!” Intending for a dramatic scream but interrupting herself instead with schoolgirl giggles, the flickering fingers flying around Maggie’s bouncing butt were impossible to ignore.

“Here!” Chester said abruptly, reappearing before his bound aunt with a bucket of soapy water.

“Ohh, good thinking Chester!” Dean clapped his hands together with one loud crack and stepped away from chasing Maggie.

“What do we have here?” Hershel asked, stepping in closer to see two scrubbing brushes floating idly among the mounds of bubbles.

“Scrubba dub dub!” Cody said, and reached down for one of the blue wood-handled brushes.

“Your feet are too dirty aunt Maggie.” Chester said, retrieving the other brush. “Time for a clean!”

“Oh god…oh god nono…” As the boys’ intent dawned on her, the dangling older woman tried uselessly to plant her feet flat on the cold floor. “No please…pleaseplease don’t do that….”

“Get er’!” Dean cheered as Cody and Chester began grabbing at Maggie’s ankles.

“NOHO! NONO!” The bosomy redhead squealed, kicking her legs as she could already feel her soles tensing with harrowing anticipation. “GET AWAY FROM MEEEE!”

“Don’t worry Maggie-“ Cody said cheerfully as he hooked his right arm around her left ankle and pulled her leg up into the air. “-we’ll get you nice and clean!”

“PUT ME DOWN! PUT ME DOWN!” The furiously kicking woman screamed as Chester grabbed a hold of her right ankle.

As her knees bent up before her, the two young men stood either side of Maggie’s legs. No matter how much she seemed to buck or tug, nothing could slip the hypersensitive woman’s ankles free from under Chester and Cody’s arms. Darting her eyes between each of the cruel lads, the distressed city girl couldn’t help but fixate on the brushes in their free hands. The frantic captive starred directly at the thousands of tough fronds protruding from the brush handles, which dripped with warm soapy water. No one should ever have to find out what such ticklish horrors feel like, Maggie thought, not even someone a fraction as sensitive as she.

“Make sure you get under toes real good!” Chester said, his eager grin visible as he turned to his friend, right before running the scrubbing brush up and down the redhead’s bare right foot.

“NNNYYYEEEIIGH!” Wailing like a banshee, Maggie thrashed violently as both lads began vigorously scrubbing her tender soles. “YEEEIIHEE! AAAHAHAHAHA!

Bucking her almost bare ass in the air, the frilly haired woman’s soles wrinkled as she curled her toes. Up and down both of her excruciatingly ticklish feet, Cody and Chester brushed with furious speed. Such silky smooth skin was never meant for an onslaught so intense, the thousands of tiny fronds each stroking through their bubble-slicked playground. In seconds the dust was gone and after a few seconds more Maggie’s creamy soles were a bright shade of tickled-pink. Screaming, wordless laughter roared from the agonized woman, full beads of sweat forming on her furrowed brow.

“NONO! OHGOD!” Maggie gasped when the two devils stopped in unison, crouching down to wet their brushes. “DON’T DO THAT AGAIN! PLEASEPLEASE!”

“I dunno…” Hershel said, he and Dean leaning against the nearby workbench. “…I think I still see a molecule of dirt there.”

“EEEEIIHGGGHAAA!” Her glossy boobs bouncing as she shook, the hysterical girl strained with gut-wrenching laughter when Cody and Chester renewed their forceful cleaning. “YAHAAAHAHAHAHA!”

Had Maggie possessed the cognitive ability in that moment to form halfway coherent thoughts, the berserk woman might have understood her situation could always get worse. It was a lesson the four boys had taught their tied tickle toy several times already, but in her wild state the lessons never stuck. It was for this very reason that when Dean’s hands slid around from the redhead’s back and wiggled his fingertips along the panty line that met her quaking thighs, Maggie squealed with overwhelmed surprise. Coupled with the brutal foot tickling, the inner-thigh teasing drove the poor woman quite mad.

Apparently not content with being the only bystander, Hershel waited barely thirty seconds before he too joined the anarchy. Squeezing his large frame between Maggie’s fiercely kicking knees, the handsome young man wasted no time in dancing all ten fingers directly into her tightly stretched underarms. The crazed redhead’s screeching laughter filled the barn and surrounding area outside, tears dripping from her aching jaw. While the two younger lads focused entirely on Maggie’s exceptionally clean soles with their soapy brushes, their older brothers took great pleasure in working over her entire unprotected torso.

Reaching around from behind, Dean’s fingers slid mercilessly over the thin cotton of the older woman’s panties, tickling her barely covered pussy senseless. From their center position, the handsome farmboy’s fiendish digits could easily explore the tensely flexing inside of Maggie’s thighs, and skitter back to spider along her convulsing lower tummy. A few inches higher, Hershel’s huge paws pinched their way down the poor girl’s ribs, squeezing vigorously before flickering back up to her silky hollows. Before long, the buxom redhead was so overcome with deranged laughter that she couldn’t tell whose fingers were poking around the undersides of her hefty boobs, and whose were kneading into her overworked abdomen.

Deep in the recesses of her mind, the majority of which was a roaring inferno of tickled mayhem, the last few tiny remnants of thought still could not comprehend that her torture could possibly become any more hellish. It was during one of the all too brief moments where Cody and Chester paused to wet their brushes that Dean’s index fingers began flicking up and down across Maggie’s large pink nipples, burning those last few remnants to a crisp. Consumed by the flames of torment, the shrieking girl regressed into a primal state of almost pure instinct as any conscious thought turned to ash.

A prisoner in her own body, her overly sensitive nerves used like a weapon against her, Maggie rocked with unhinged laughter. With nothing left of her mind to steer with, the curvy captive’s body took the reins and began to respond to the excessive, forceful tickle torture in perplexing and perverse ways. As Dean’s nimble fingers continued to flitter around the freckled woman’s nipples, her areoles swelled and grew even more sensitive to the feathery fast touch. Lower down, a familiar warmth began to spread in her loins. The sinful glow was a feeling Maggie never would have put together with being tickled, not in her wildest dreams.

Unbeknownst to the bewildered redhead, her nipples rigid with involuntary arousal, Dean had ceased his reach-around assault. Still far too hysterical from the ongoing scrubbing of her soles, and Hershel’s rough hands clawing up and down her sweat-slicked sides, the helplessly laughing woman had no idea where the fourth boy had gone. Several feet away near the back wall, Dean leaned down and with a bit of heft picked up a medium sized anvil. Maneuvering slowly as he listened to Maggie’s shrill laughter, the muscular young man positioned himself a foot or so to her right and crouched down to gently place the anvil on the concrete. Repeating the action with a second anvil to the redhead’s left, Dean then sauntered casually over to the workbench where he retrieved two separate lengths of white nylon rope.

“That’ll about do ‘er boys.” Dean said, tapping his younger brother on the shoulder with the bottom of his closed fist. “Don’t want her passing out just yet!”

Her sense of time completely destroyed, Maggie had no idea how long their multi-pronged assault had gone on when the sadistic young men finally stopped. Wheezing loudly as she sobbed, the shapely girl trembled as Cody and Chester tossed their brushes aside. Not even able to recall her own name, the dazed woman barely even flinched as the two younger men spread her legs apart, placing the insides of her ankles on the outer edges the well-placed anvils. With her ankles easily held in place, Dean handed Hershel one length of rope and the two hulking men kneeled down beside either foot. Her body hung like an upside-down Y, Maggie could only whimper as the two elder boys looped their pieces of rope around the anvils and her slender ankles, binding them tightly and pulling her curvy figure taut.

Content that their hapless victim was well and truly bound, the four boys stood up and stepped back to admire their handy work. A sorry sight to be sure, Maggie hung limp as she gasped for air and cried openly, mumbling gibberish while her mind hurried to reassemble itself. Along with her inner thighs, almost every inch of her torso glistened a raw pink, the busty woman’s nipples shamefully stiff. Tied as she was to the anvils, Maggie’s lightly reddened soles hung adjacent to the floor, her toes still dripping with tiny white bubbles. Blinking away tears, the confused older woman looked upon her four tormentors and with her first truly coherent thought blurted out the first thing that sprang to mind.

“I…I have to pee…” Maggie said weakly, noticing the pressure in her lower tummy.

To her dismay, the young men gazing hungrily at the bosomy woman’s bound body only responded with oafish laughter. Though she had mostly stuck to non-alcoholic beverages at the bonfire, Maggie had kept a glass in her hand the entire time and never once visited the facilities. It was a wonder she hadn’t already lost control. As the puzzle pieces of sensible thought were quickly snapping back together, the beyond-desperate woman started to see one last-ditch chance for escape. They had to let her pee, they had to, and with even the tiniest amount of luck Maggie would find a window she could fit through in the washroom, or just run like hell.

“Well you go right on ahead, aunt Maggie!” Dean chuckled.

“N-no, I’m serious!” The near nude woman balked with a little more energy in her voice. “I really need to go! I-I’m going to pee everywhere!”

“We still got the bucket.” Hershel said with a smirk. “You pee yourself, go on, we don’t mind cleanin’ ya up!”

“Nono, come on, please!” Maggie stifled a sob as she spoke, shaking what little she could at the chain overhead. “I’m gonna piss myseeeelf!”

“You wanna do the honors, Cody?” Dean said casually, like he was asking his friend to start a car.

“Alright!” Cody nodded, and rubbed his hands together eagerly.

“Aw no! Nonono!” Rattling the taut chain ever so slightly, the teary eyed woman squirmed as she pleaded against the latest in a long line of indignities. “Please! Please! Don’t Cody! Don’t! J-Just let me use the washroom and I’ll do whatever you want!”

“There you go again-“ Dean said as he watched his friend stroll behind their quaking captive. “-offering us anything!”

“I mean it!” Maggie cried, tensing her muscles as she could feel Cody moving close to her back and curvaceous ass. “I swear! I’ll do anything! Anything! Just no more tickling!”

“Anything?” The muscular lad said, stroking his hands around her wide hips and pressing his unmistakably rigid erection into the redhead’s butt. “Would you…suck it?”

“Nnnfff…” Whimpering softly as she tried to ignore Cody’s hands caressing her lower tummy, Maggie swallowed any pride she had remaining. “Y-yes! Yes! I’ll…I’ll suck your cock! I’ll suck all your cocks! Please!”

“Just to be clear…” Hershel said, stepping in a little closer toward the fitful city girl. “If we stop tickling you, you’ll suck our cocks?”

“Yehes!” Maggie giggled as Cody’s nimble fingers wiggled gently below her navel. “Yeeheees! Pleaheease!”

“I don’t believe you.” Hershel said plainly, and stepped back to stand with Dean and Chester.

“Noho! Noho PLEASE!” The poor woman strained, quite willing to bring all four boys to completion, but it was too late as Cody began viciously kneading all ten of his fingers deep into her tender tummy. “NEEEHEE! NOHAHAHA! OHNOPLEASE!”

Purposefully pressing directly against her bladder, Cody grinned as the buxom woman’s almost entirely bare ass grind against the bulging crotch of his blue jeans. Unable to curl forward despite every instinct demanding she do so, Maggie howled with laughter, her freckled boobs bouncing as she felt the pressure to relieve herself reach bursting-point. Her face twisting into open-mouthed misery, the humiliated woman threw her head back as the front of her neon-pink panties grew dark. As Maggie moaned in her defeated anguish, all four boys cheered uproariously at the sight of their bound victim peeing herself. The hot pee dripped to the dusty concrete below, but the pitiful older woman couldn’t focus as Cody’s deftly moving digits dug into her sides.

“Oh, aunt Maggie!” Dean said with mock disappointment. “Look what you’ve done!”

“Not to worry-“ Herschel said, leaning down to pick up the watery bucket. “-we’ll clean you right up!”

While Chester skulked off to go find a couple of sponges, the disgraced redhead continued to fight against the ten fingers prodding into her abdomen. Pleading through her laughter, Maggie was managing to keep some loose track of her evil captures’ activities, right up until she felt Cody’s hot breath against the left side of her neck. Nuzzling his face in between the older woman’s shoulder and neck, the cheeky farmboy began hungrily nibbling right into her sensitive nape. The unwelcome sensation, coupled with the handsome lad’s fingers already wriggling into her tummy, caused Maggie to explode with high pitched squealing. Out of control and thrashing against her bonds, the wild woman’s libido was quietly heating up, the feeling of Cody’s obviously rock-hard erection pressed against her grinding ass only adding fuel to the fire.

Caught up in her ticklish torment, Maggie had no idea that Dean was carefully using a pair of wire-cutters to snip away her sordid pink panties. Clipping one side of his aunt’s last piece of clothing and then the other, the cruel younger man tossed the ruined g-string aside. Now completely nude, the cackling woman screamed as she felt the warmth of two sponges slipping between her thighs. Soaking her smooth pussy with soapy water, Dean and Herschel kneeled down beside a foot each, and slid their slippery sponges down the insides of Maggie’s quaking legs. Sufficiently cleaned of her shameful aftermath, the poor bound woman shrieked as the two men below her forewent their cleaning tools, instead running their fingers up and down between her shaking thighs.

Beads of sweat and drops of water leftover from her brief sponge bath hid the newly formed liquid arousal across Maggie’s bare pussy lips. The curvy woman’s rigidly stiff nipples could not be disguised however, and internally her libido was spiking at an alarming rate. Over several agonizing minutes, the helpless city girl’s tear-filled eyes would occasionally catch a glimpse of Chester who watched on eagerly. From behind Cody’s pulsing cock pressed against her bare ass through his blue-jeans, his lips and teeth gnawing at her sensitive neck while his devilish fingers ran wild over her ribcage. Below her fiercely gyrating hips, Dean and Herschel ran ten feathery-light fingertips up and down the redhead’s thighs, racing behind her knees and raking across her soles once or twice for good measure.

“Chester!” Dean said amongst the chaos. “Get the saddle-horse!”

Maggie, of course, had not heard Dean ordering his younger brother around. Nor did she notice as Chester took his sweet time sauntering to a wall on the far side of the workshop, while the fully exposed older woman suffered against thirty tickling fingers. With all the speed of a Sunday stroll, the youngest of the four boys flicked the brake-levers up one-by-one on each of the four wheels under the saddle-horse. It was an old homemade beast of a thing, solid wood with a wide base that gradually narrowed up to a gently curved top that ran its length. Just big enough to hold a horse’s saddle, the curved top was padded with smooth brown leather. Originally built for mending saddles, it was clear to Chester that his older brother had a far more sinister purpose in mind.

“Unnh…hhh…no…” Maggie wheezed as Dean and Herschel stood up, and Cody released her.

With the latest round of ticklish torment finally stopped, the devastated redhead was able to recognize her now apparently very feverish arousal. Spiraling with no small amount of confusion at the most unwelcome feelings of lust, Maggie’s focus quickly shifted to the frightening contraption behind positioned before her. Rolling the saddle-horse directly up to her legs, Chester and Herschel each pushed down the brakes on either side. Letting out a whimper as she tried to fathom what new horror the sadistic bunch had in store for her, Maggie winced when Dean reached up and pushed her bound wrists up and over the metal hook above. Struggling weakly against impossible odds, the hopeless girl was easily manhandled by her captures. Taking an arm each, Chester and Cody forced their sobbing plaything to bend 90 degrees over the leather-padded horse, laying her torso face down across it’s top.

Once flat across the wooden horse’s cool surface, Maggie’s head and shoulders hung just off the end, her arms pulled down its sheer front edge. At the back, the redhead’s curvaceous ass protruded upward above her wide spread legs, her ankles still securely bound to the heavy anvils and her dripping pussy fully exposed as a result. Despite her efforts to escape, Chester was easily able to bind the slack from the rope around his aunt’s wrists to a small metallic ring along the horse’s bottom edge. The ring was meant for pulling the device, but instead made for a handy way to stretch Maggie’s arms down taut below her. The end result saw the nude woman forced into a position as if on all fours, with her arms and legs pulled straight and large cushiony boobs ballooning out from under her.

“Comfy?” Dean said, and poked their forcibly bent-over captive in the side of her right breast.

“Eee!” Maggie squeaked, feeling herself perplexingly turned on by the unwanted touch, and furious because of it.

How her body could betray her in such a perverse fashion the thirty-two year old could not begin to fathom. Even her husband’s tickling fingers had never caused such a fiery response, let alone four crass hillbillies intent on torture. Maggie hated being tickled, hated the loss of control and the damned involuntary laughter that came with it. It was repulsive, not arousing in the least, especially when bound, outnumbered and humiliated over and over again. For gods sake she had sworn to suck their cocks if it meant not being tickled anymore, an act Maggie would never have agreed to, but now meant it one-hundred percent.

“Ohhh Maggie, Maggie, Maggie…” Dean said as he walked slowly behind the helpless woman. “What are we going to do with you?”

“Unnnh!” The redhead tensed when she felt the tip of her nephew’s index finger slide gently along the inside of her right thigh, she knew there was no longer anything left to say that would end the nightmare.

“If only uncle Andy could see you now…” The cruel boy said, slipping his fingertip slowly across her sopping wet pussy hole.

“Ahh!” Craning her head back and opening her full lips into a wide O-shape, the defeated girl moaned.

“You see that boys?” Dean said, easily finding his aunt’s protruding clit and stroking it tenderly. “Just as I figured…aunt Maggie’s been gettin’ all hot and bothered this entire time!”

“Nuh-no! Oh! Ahh! G-god!” Maggie squirmed, the massaging of her hypersensitive clit causing her to grind lewdly against the hunky boy’s finger. “St-stop!”

As much as she tried to control herself, the busty redhead was fighting an unwinnable battle. While her thoughts screamed to regain authority, the horny girl’s nonsensical primal side longed for more carnality. Begging amongst her hoarse moans of involuntary pleasure, Maggie’s well-rounded ass jiggled as she clenched her eyes shut tight. Attempting to block out everything around her, the vulnerable woman was so busy wrestling her own demons she had no idea Herschel had kicked off his boots and was swiftly undressing. In fact, it wasn’t until the huge country boy’s hand gripped the back of her hair in a tight bunch and forced her head back that Maggie realized he now entirely nude.

“Ahh!” The struggling woman gasped, looking up with wide eyes to the giant Herculean figure looming before her.

The sight of Herschel’s thick purple cockhead mere inches from her face seized the blue-eyed girl with terror, and simultaneously stoked her unruly libido. Behind her, Dean was unrelenting with his skillful clit teasing and it took everything Maggie had not to open her mouth with another moan. The tightly held girl tried to turn her head as Herschel’s huge erect cock came toward her, wincing as the slick bulbous tip pressed against her pursed lips. Breathing heavily from her flaring nostrils, the comely city girl held her jaw shut tight, bewildered by the fact she could simultaneously be so enraged and so increasingly turned on.

“Mm! Mmm!” Maggie grunted with protest, managing to keep the beastly younger man’s cock at bay, right up until Cody and Chester poked at her from either side. “Eeehee! Ohmffff!”

Giggling before being muffled by the pulsating erection slipping between her lips, the sweat-soaked redhead gagged as she swallowed Herschel’s cock. From each of her completely unprotected sides, Cody and Chester both pinched and poked at Maggie’s heaving torso. Schoolgirl laughter was stifled by the huge shaft filling her mouth, coupled with sporadic moaning bought on by Dean’s continuing clit massage. Evidently sizzling with arousal did nothing to lessen the redhead’s abhorrence for being tickled, as the ten fingers frolicking around either side of her pinkened ribs were just as maddening as ever. Between the anger, helplessness, confusion and exasperating lust Maggie’s already scattered mind was being torn in chaotic fashion.

“MM! MMHHFF!” Heavily suppressed laughter puffed the bound girl’s reddened cheeks out as Cody viciously pinched her left side, while Chester dug deep between her lower ribs on the right.

Not one to miss an opportunity for well-calculated barbarity, Herschel took his free hand and begun wiggling his fingers into the soft flesh between the trapped woman’s bare boob and underarm. With his huge steely cock throbbing comfortably in Maggie’s warm, wet mouth, the brawny nude man groaned as her quietened squealing made the movements of her tongue unpredictable. The constant twitching of his tormented victim’s muscles as she fought to get away made the sensations around Herschel’s erection even more intense. Maggie’s sporadic laughter, though completely out of her control, was causing her blowjob skill to reach all new heights. In the throws of her agony, as Cody boisterously lobster-clawed just above her hips, the fitfully struggling girl hoped pleasing her other three tormentor’s would not be so challenging even though she knew better.

While Cody had reached one hand over her back to get at both sides of the gagged girl’s hips, Chester had done the same to attack her supple ribs. The two boys were savagely working Maggie’s sides over with devastating speed, her full mouth and button nose barely able to keep her heaving lungs supplied with enough air. Herschel continued to let his one free hand roam as well, spidering around her neck and in and out of the redhead’s excruciatingly ticklish underarms. Behind her, Dean had abandoned the ravaged girl’s drenched pussy in favor of dropping to his knees. On the ground with his aunt’s plump butt bouncing before him, the eldest of the four men grabbed a bare ass cheek in each of his large paws and gently spread them apart. Leaning in, Dean extended his long pointed tongue and flickered the wet tip less than a half-inch above Maggie’s asshole, moving upward as he quickly licked between her cheeks.

“EEEENNNGGGHH!” The crazed woman thrashed as she let out a shrill screech, her eyes as wide as dinner plates.

Had Herschel not been clutching her hair so tight, Maggie surely would have shook herself free. Tears streamed from the berserk girl’s eyes as she was barely able to process the mind-cracking sensation coming from below her tailbone. From the lowest point of her back, down to the redhead’s asshole, Dean was ravenously flicking the tip of his tongue, being sure to give the inner sides of her cushy cheeks plenty of attention. So alien was the surprise assault on an area that unquestionably forbidden, it forcibly drew every bit of focus Maggie had to her full attention. In fact, it took several deranged seconds of ear-piercing screams before the busty woman’s mind and body could figure out what was even happening. Descending into the kind of laughter normally reserved for lunatics, the squeezing of her ribs and sides helped to consume her. It wasn’t until a few moments later when the tortured woman’s mouth filled with hot cum did she realize there was more to the universe than unending ticklish torment.

Grunting loudly, Herschel clutched even harder at the cackling redhead’s hair as he thrust deep into her throat. With little choice but to take the giant’s throbbing cock, Maggie swallowed as her bright red cheeks puffed, cum bursting out from the corners of her lips. Her mouth being full of the brawny young man’s pulsating shaft and thick climax did nothing to lessen the disheveled girl’s howling laughter, the force of which caused cum to spurt out from around Herschel’s thick cock. As the hulking lad rode Maggie’s contorting face with great delight, the other three boys were cheering excitedly while ravaging her tender flesh. Chester had moved his vicious assault a few inches upward to exclusively target his aunt’s painfully ticklish underarms, while Cody was now exploring every inch of sensitive skin from her bouncing hips to jiggling bosoms. Behind, and perhaps most terrible of all, Dean was keeping his speedy tongue firmly between Maggie’s butt cheeks while also pinching cruelly at the undersides where her ass met her thighs.

“MMMFF! MFFK-YAAHEEIIGHAHAHA!” The comely city girl wailed, cum dripping from her chin as Herschel slid his huge cock out of her mouth.

“Who’s next?” Dean said, pulling his head back from the trapped girl’s bouncing bare ass. “Cody, how about it?”

“Don’t mind if I do!” Cody said, taking his hands away from Maggie’s heaving sides and quickly tugging his shirt off.

While Cody swiftly disrobed, Chester hadn’t relented for even a second as he continued wriggling his fingers into each of the cackling older woman’s delicate hollows. Herschel was taking a moment, after releasing Maggie’s hair and letting her head drop the brutish fellow took a few steps back and leaned against a shelf. Laughing breathlessly, the conquered girl threw her head back as Dean suddenly raked five fingers down each of her fully exposed soles. Digging in under her tiny toes, the handsome boy managed to produce an explosive fit of squealing from his hopelessly ticklish aunt. Curling her toes as best she could, Maggie’s silky soles wrinkled as she shook her fiery curls in every direction.

Content with his short breather, Herschel wasted no more time as he wandered around to join Dean. Scooting over to accommodate his friend, Dean kneeled before Maggie’s upturned left foot while Herschel crouched down beside her right. In unison, the two young men used their twenty collective fingertips to explore every inch of the redhead’s tiny feet. Sneaking between her toes and dancing along the tops, teasing her heels and spidering across her frantically squirming soles, the helpless woman screamed with laughter. Up top, Chester was drilling deep in between each of Maggie’s supple ribs, her sides red with tickled finger tracks as she thrashed against her bonds.

Kicking his boxer-briefs free, Cody stood stark naked and watched with great enthusiasm at the older woman’s plump butt jiggling up and down. His large erect cock curved toward the rafters, the muscular farmboy barely took his eyes off Maggie’s bouncing ass as he strolled around between her legs. Standing between Herschel and Dean, who were both sporting gleeful grins as they mercilessly tickled her feet, Cody pressed himself in toward the redhead’s behind. Laying his steely-hard shaft in the center of the hysterical woman’s butt, the strapping lad grabbed the outer sides of her ass and squished her plump cheeks around his cock. Holding on for the ride, Maggie’s erratic struggling unintentionally massaged the young man’s swollen erection, the glistening purple head throbbing just above her tailbone.

Internally, the curvaceous slave was perhaps even more of a mess than she appeared from the outside. Lost to the throws of ticklish anguish and utterly conquered by her vulnerable state, Maggie’s mind shattered, the pieces themselves shattering, and those smaller shards cracking too. Onward so it went in a spiraling void of tickle hell. And yet, while the redhead’s consciousness was being teased into insanity, the animalistic recesses of her mind had very much taken notice of the large cock sliding between her ass cheeks. Primitive desire roared within her, Maggie’s thighs dripping with lust while her pussy throbbed depravedly. Wanton desire consumed the tormented woman’s being almost as much as the terrible tickling, the need for release swelling beyond control.

“Unnghh!” Cody tensed, squeezing the nude woman’s ass cheeks as he shot bursts of thick cum across her back.

Reduced to a plaything driven purely by instinct, Maggie let out a hoarse gasp of passion as she felt the hot spurts pump down her spine. Feeling Cody’s rock hard cock pulse between her cheeks, the fiery haired girl’s pussy quivered as she shook violently with squealing laughter. Holding on tight, the young cowboy rode out his orgasm with gritted teeth as Chester lobster clawed the manic woman’s soft ribs, while Dean and Herschel mercilessly tickled her bare soles. There was nothing left of her now, as Maggie’s bright red cheeks stretched and tears streamed down her face, she no longer remembered her own name as hysterical laughter replaced all thought.

When Cody backed away, stepping shakily in his post-orgasmic state, Dean, Herschel and Chester all stopped their various finger-wiggling assaults. Taking deep, strained breaths, the stark naked redhead wheezed and continued to giggle softly. Grinding her hips lewdly, Maggie’s drenched pussy searched for stimulation as she curled her toes and stretched her fingers in wanton fashion. Thick tears flowed freely down her beet red face, curly strands of orange hair matting to her sweat-slicked forehead and neck. From her underarms on down the squirming city girl’s sides were riddled with pink marks, the soles of her feet a similar hue.

Riding the edge of blissful release, Maggie didn’t even struggle when the four boys begun untying her bondage. As they leaned her back, Dean and Cody took a side each, placing their shoulders under the moaning redhead’s arms. Locked between the two young men, the feverishly horny older woman writhed amongst their steely muscles, cooing mindlessly when Chester and Herschel grabbed at her newly unbound ankles. Hoisting the ravished woman’s curvy frame upward, she continued to giggle mindlessly and moan shamelessly as they carried her toward the steel-top workbench.

Laying her down a top the cool table, Chester and Herschel held Maggie’s ankles firm while the other two boys pulled her arms above her head. Locking her hands together, Dean leisurely tied the small length of rope around her wrists once again. As the bosomy girl squirmed, her bare ass pressed against the cold steel workbench, Cody looped the remaining slack of rope through a small metal ring that was wielded just off the table’s top edge. With her hands well and truly secured, Chester and Herschel pulled Maggie’s legs back, walking either side of the workbench and forcing her ankles up beside her head. Holding her trembling legs tightly, the two men made their captive’s knees press into her bulbous breasts, while her soaking pussy was displayed in the open for all to see.

Kicking off his black boots and tossing his white shirt, Dean slipped from his jeans and boxers in one fell swoop. Tanned and rippling with chiseled abs and bulging biceps, the hunky country boy swaggered around the workbench with his enormous erection proudly leading the way. Planting his large palms flat against the tabletop at the far end, Dean easily lifted himself up onto all fours, and crawled toward Maggie’s helpless dripping pussy like a wolf stalking it’s prey. Standing on his knees before her, the eldest of the four lads quickly clasped his writhing victim’s calve muscles in his rough hands. Wasting no time, the sadistic young man gently slid his thick cock head down between the redhead’s soaking pussy lips before thrusting deep inside her with one smooth motion.

“AHHHNNN!” Maggie cried, arching her back as the hunky man’s hard cock pressed against her G-spot.

Sliding back, Dean pressed forward again, the trapped woman beneath him furrowing her brow as she moaned loudly. With a slow and purposeful rhythm, the cruel lad refused to match his aunt’s hungry pace, moving at his own controlled speed against her frantic grinding. Keeping her in a frustrated frenzy, Maggie gasped when every few strokes the dark haired boy would thrust hard into her, only to instantly return to his same intentionally maddening pattern. A broad toothy smile across his face, Dean’s movements rocked the fiery haired girl’s voluptuous frame. Infuriating as the sexual torment was, after a few ravenous minutes Maggie found herself rapidly approaching her well-earned satisfaction. Moaning loudly in anticipation for her carnal reward, the lustful city girl’s passion turned to heart wrenching dread when Herschel and Chester began licking furiously at her upturned bare feet.

“NOOOHOHOHOOO!” The poor woman wailed with strained laughter as her focus was ripped away from the pleasure between her thighs.

With Dean’s achingly hard cock still deep within her, Maggie shook violently as she desperately kicked against the three men holding her legs up. Spreading her tiny toes wide as Herschel and Chester gnawed at her tender heels, the cackling redhead could feel herself just seconds away from orgasm. Fighting for her attention, Dean began to push harder, pounding back and forth as he grunted and the city girl’s big boobs jiggled. Almost there, Maggie braced herself and put every ounce of strength she had into pushing back the feeling of long pointed tongues slipping between her toes, only for Cody to dance five fiendish fingers all over her stretched out underarms.

“NYAAAHAHAHA!” Maggie shrieked, keeping her well-coveted orgasm agonizingly out of reach.

The two sides of the redhead’s mind were in full-blown combat. As tongues swirled around her delicate soles, flickering fingers raced across Maggie’s underarms and Dean’s throbbing cock pressed into her with unstoppable strength. Instinct demanded orgasmic release, while her tortured conscious howled with screaming laughter and the two met like equally powerful forces of nature. The resulting clash was a super-storm of sensory chaos, a mad expression of deranged glee on the bosomy woman’s face. Her tongue dangled from one corner of her mouth, Maggie’s eyes were so wide the whites could be seen all around her irises and her eyebrows were raised as high as they could go.

Delirious cackling tore from the city girl’s lips, the four young men desecrating their overly ticklish toy. Inside and out Maggie’s entire existence was pandemonium, an ever-swelling tsunami of pleasure barely held back by a few wiggling fingers and speedily licking tongues. Somehow during all the chaos, Dean was able to slide his left hand down, snuggly slipping it between his steely lower abs and the backs of his aunt’s thighs. With precision only a devil could manage, the Herculean lad nimbly stroked a single finger just above his fiercely thrusting cock and zoned directly on to Maggie’s helpless clit. The sudden shock sent lightening coursing through the redhead’s nerves, bursting deep in her lower tummy and crackling up her spine.

Curling her toes and wrinkling her soles, the violently shaking older woman threw her head forward as she clenched her teeth hard. Shutting her eyes tight, Maggie strained with a loud animalistic growl as she tensed every major muscle. A severe white heat pulsed out from her core, rushing across every inch of her voluptuous nude frame over and over again. Just as the orgasmic bursts seemed to be lessening, Dean’s own rush of carnal ecstasy let loose, his sudden forceful thrusts and tightening of his grip causing Maggie to explode a second time. Howling with overwhelming pleasure, the ransacked redhead drenched herself, the table and Dean’s lower half as she squirted uncontrollably.

The busty pet that had once been Maggie dropped her jaw as the hot wet rush of orgasmic glee turned to an intense tingling all over her body. Sending a shudder up her spine, the trapped creature gasped as her blissful few moments were beginning to subside, and the cruel reminder that Cody, Herschel and Chester had not stopped tickling her came crashing back. Her gasps turned to squealing, and then full blown belly laughter as the realization set in that in her post-orgasmic state made the sweat-soaked girl far more sensitive than she been before. As Dean pulled out, even the last comfort of his huge cock disappeared, especially when he too began sadistically dancing his fingertips all over Maggie’s bouncing butt cheeks.

Within seconds of her newfound hysteria, the primal side of the bound woman’s being showed it was far from done with her. Though Maggie no longer had the pleasure of a vigorous pussy-fucking or skilled clit-massage, her treacherous sense of lust seemed all too happy to get its delight from the torturous tickling alone. Every tiny nerve ending raw and exposed, the unhinged redhead could barely let out a moan as a third raucous orgasm erupted over her. Playful fingers and devilish tongues explored every crevice, under her toes and behind her knees, Maggie soon descended into a near silent, squeaking laughter as yet another tickle-induced orgasm engulfed her soul.

How long it was exactly the four boys continued to toy with her, Maggie had no idea. At some point they had set her legs down, but most of the memory was a blur of evilly dancing fingers and mercilessly licking tongues. More orgasms had followed, breaking her silence with shrill screams, especially when Dean had tongued her distressingly sensitive clit, or when Cody flickered his fingers across her rigidly stiff nipples. Her ribs had been worked over again of course, the breathless redhead unable to even register how deep into hell she had been pushed as they never just focused on one spot at a time. Her underarms were tormented and toes were teased, boobs squeezed and tummy poked, all the while Maggie thrashed and kicked until, eventually, darkness came.

Whether she had passed out, or the young men and stopped tickling her and she had then fallen asleep, the exhausted captive never found out. The memory of frenzied fighting against their rough hands simply faded to black, and reawakened still nude sometime later a top the workbench. Murmuring softly as she regained her senses, Maggie tugged lightly at her arms, which were securely bound over her head. Strangely her movements seemed even more restricted than before, as the bosomy woman attempted to move her legs, only to find her ankles locked in place at the tables far end. Raised up slightly, the tautly trapped woman’s bare feet were shackled about a foot apart. More troubling still, was that each individual toe had been tied back, the small lengths of string stretching her feet out smooth. Ten pieces of string, each tied from a toe to her ankles. The metallic shackles, clearly homemade, were secured to the tables end by vice-like grips on either side.

“Uhhnn…?” Maggie winced, staring over her large bare breasts to the sight of immoveable feet. “Oh n…ohno…”

Her suffering apparently endless, whatever brief rest the redhead had managed was at least enough to regain some sense of the world around her. Bound so firmly she was barely able to even wiggle her hips, Maggie glanced around and saw only the inhospitable surroundings of the workshop. Through the back window it appeared to still be dark out, and she could hear indistinct sounds of some show coming from the TV in the barn’s front hangout area. Pulling fruitlessly at the rope around her wrists, Maggie tried to keep quiet as now and then, over the course of several minutes, she could hear the odd low voice muttering something from the other room. Mercifully she had not come-to with the boys already nearby, and knowing they were one room over started to give the trapped nude girl a very small and very dangerous sense of hope.

“Unnff!” Straining a little harder as some energy returned, the humiliated city girl just needed to loosen that damn rope, just a little and she could run like hell.

“Awake already?!” Dean said, appearing at the step separating the workshop and bar area, now fully clothed in his black jeans and white t-shirt.

“W-why am I still here?” Maggie whined, her voice a little hoarse. “I did everything you wanted! I made you all…god, I made you all cum!”

“Mm, actually, that’s not true-“ The cocksure lad grinned as he skipped down the step. “-I got my end off, I remember that. Herschel and Cody were, ha, very satisfied to say the least…but poor ol’ Chester…”

“Fine! Fine!” Her bottom lip quivering and her breathing hastening, the trembling woman watched as Dean sauntered toward her. “Just-just get him in here and I’ll-I’ll do whatever, I’ll suck him, he can fuck me, anything he wants!”

“Yeaaaah…the thing about Chester is, and you may recall this-“ Dean said, wandering slowly along the tables right hand side. “-he has a bit of a fascination with ladies feet.”

“No…noho…” Maggie began to sob a little. “Y-you’ve already tickled me so much! I-I’ll be your fuck-slave! I’ll-“

“-See, the thing is-“ The muscular young man interrupted, stopping at the head of the table and looking directly down at his pleading aunt. “-Chester’s proclivities are a little less traditional than the rest of us. He ain’t really interested in all that. All the boy ever really wants to do is…well, I’m sure you can figure it out.”

“Ohmygod…ohmygod NNNNOOOO!” Shaking violently, the poor buxom girl screamed when she noticed Chester begin making his way into the workshop, with a barstool hanging from one hand.

“One other thing…” Dean said, reaching under the workbench. “Me and the boys’ve had quite a night, so we’re gonna try and get some shuteye while Chester here goes to work…”

“Nono! Nononono!” Ignoring Dean, the terrified redhead’s focus was locked securely on Chester, who had put the stool down at the far end and was making himself comfortable beside her bare soles.

“…which means-“ Dean continued, and pulled a thick black leather gag out from under the table. “-you’re gonna have to be quiet.”

“NOHO! NOHO PLEASE!” Maggie cried and clamped her lips shut just as the large lad looming over her began pressing the rough leather against her mouth. “MMM! MMMNN!”

“Chester?” The handsome boy said, shooting a quick glance at his brother.

“YEIII!” The redhead let out an involuntary yelp as Chester gently slid a single fingertip along the balls of her taut left foot, giving Dean the split second he needed to shove the gag between her front teeth. “MMFFF! MMMFFFHMM!”

“There’s a girl.” Dean smirked, and easily tied the two ends together tight behind his furious aunt’s head. “You two have fun now. And don’t worry aunt Maggie, once the sun’s up we’ll give yeh a ride home.”

Watching Dean lazily wander out of the workshop, Maggie continued to scream muffled pleas at him until he disappeared. Reluctantly, the wide eyed woman turned her attention back toward Chester. Sitting directly between both her outstretched bare feet on his barstool, the peculiar young man glared up at his aunt from under his brow with a strange little smile at one corner of his mouth. Without so much as a whisper, the only sound coming from Maggie’s quickening breaths, Chester raised both his hands and began slowly wiggling all ten fingers in the open air. Closing the gap, the sinewy boy took his sweet time moving his devilish digits toward the redhead’s excruciatingly ticklish soles, increasing the speed of his fingers with every inch.

In a valiant effort to garner some control, Maggie lay her head back and shut her eyes tight. Tensing herself almost to the point of pain, the fearful woman tried to control her breathing as a single tear rolled down her cheek. It was the last truly conscious decision the gagged girl would make for quite some time, as seconds later Chester’s fingers made their landing, and anarchy followed. Suppressed squealing filled the workshop as the young man’s fiendish fingers ran wild, and the buxom nude woman thrashed what little she could. Perhaps most cruelly of all however was not Chester’s skillfully torturous touch, but the fact Maggie’s own body began to stoke the flames of arousal barely thirty seconds into her latest nightmare.


True to his word, Dean did eventually drive Maggie back to Andy’s parent’s place. The boys even dressed her, as by the time Chester had finished his fun she was in no fit state to stand, let alone put clothes on. Some story or other was spun about his aunt getting horribly drunk and she would certainly need time to sleep it off. There was of course no mention of the torture, the sex or the fact during her time alone with Chester, Maggie had cum several times from the foot-tickling alone. The exhausted city girl had even cum on the bumpy ride back, squashed in the back seat between Herschel and Cody who apparently couldn’t help themselves from poking at her sides.

Uncharacteristically, Maggie was rather quiet over the next couple of days. When pressed by her husband as to what bothered her, the somewhat dazed woman simply claimed to not feel terribly well. He seemed to take that as reason enough, and didn’t even question much at all why his wife seemed so intent on staying near the house, or why she continued to say very little on the ride back to the city. In fact, it was three days before Maggie really showed any sign or returning to her usual bubbly self, a fact Andy was delighted to see when he arrived home from work one afternoon.

“I have to tell you something.” Maggie said sheepishly, standing in the bedroom of their apartment with a pile of half-folded laundry on the large bed. “It’s about what happened at the party.”

“With Dean and the Werner boys?” Andy said, leaning against doorframe in his casual work attire.

“What?” The confused redhead said softly, standing in short-shorts and a sleeveless yellow shirt. “I…how-how do you know I was with them?”

“I mean…they’re my nephews darlin’.” Shifting his eyes to one side, the dark haired man spoke as if it was plainly obvious. “Dean told me all about it. Hanging you up, tying you to the table, the whole bit.”

“He…he told…he told you…?” Maggie took a step back, bumping into her beside table. “And-and what? Y-you’re FINE with this?!”

“Well baby, from what I heard-“ The strangely calm older man said as he stood upright and took a step into the bedroom. “-you’ve been holding out on me. Dean says you enjoyed yourself, very much indeed.”

“Oh-oh my god that’s-that’s not what happened!” Clearly distressed, the voluptuous girl shook her head. “They fucking tortured me!”

“Mm well-“ Andy walked slowly around to the same side of the bed as his agitated wife. “-apparently you rather like getting tortured!”

“What?! Have you lost your mind?!” Shaking as she held her open palms out, the bosomy woman couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “I hate-HATE being tickled! You know that!”

“Maybe I do, maybe I don’t.” Andy teased as he raised his hands into pinching claws, and began taking long slow steps toward his buxom bride. “Only one way to find out!”

“Andy! Andy no!” Maggie screamed, slapping at her husband’s broad shoulders as he began viciously squeezing her sides. “NOHO! EEIEHAHA! Andy! ANDY! ANDYYYYY!”

The End.​
You’ve truly made a triumphant return with this story. Hey, are you still selling The Price of Luxury as a comic by the way?
I read this so fast the first ti.e, I came back and savored this again today!
Great stuff!
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