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So nice to know more about you finally Myriads!!! :) How have I missed this section?

Oh yeah... another :blondemoment:
It's nice to meet more of you Myr. Or should I say Professor Myriads. I see you have your "DEBT" Doctorate of Extreme Body Tickling?
Thanks for adding me! I appreciate the help. Looking forward to being a part of the community here.
M, I wrote Sci Fi for the US biggest newspaper for 10 years. I was in the Rocky Horror Picture Show in Boston as Columbia for 8 months while working for a comic book store and video rental in it's infancy, the x rated ones I didn't work in the back. Then I found out my boss had a fetish he had all the employees wear stockings! So I was only 19 years old is why I sing songs about time travel space travel and love making on a distant world far from Earth. I'm in my 50s now. Still a bikini model. I've been thrown off of social media or maybe I had the good sense to throw myself off.
Any boyfriend give me trouble...you guessed it, I just add MRS to his last name as my screen name. He ghosted me. I'm forever Mrselizabot.
I want to thank everyone for the views and the replies! I also got some requests which was very satisfying. Seems like when I have to go incognito mode my popularity goes up! And when I want attention, no views.
My pet birds video got over 400 views! On YouTube. So once again I have a lot of work to do, and will be very busy. Just thank you very much and have
All your fantasies come true in 2022!! Stay well. MK
I'm sure there's some creepy conspiracy theory behind this
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