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OMG! Big show killed kurt!


TMF Master
Mar 22, 2003

LOL that was "Krazy" ,imagine if he comes back with Taker
One word- wow. :wow:

I mean I've seen them do some crazy stunts, but this one tops them all! It was almost shocking, if only because of the played emotion involved. Just how did they pull it off? Thats what I want to know. It just happened so fast. Maybe something broke Kurt's fall half way and then dropped him on the floor where there was fake blood already on the ground where he had to put his head and then bend his leg? It just seemed so fast for all this to be done though in mere seconds. The timing of the fall seemed real enough. In fact, it felt and looked so real that for a few moments I thought it was. But then you come to reason and reality.

Because lets face it, despite how real it seemed this has got to just be a stunt, especially when you never actually see the person fall or hit the ground. You can't just kill someone, or do something that would practically kill them, on national tv. Hell, you shouldn't do it anywhere! :p

Although your idea that he would come back as one of the Undertaker's acolytes is a good idea. Hopefully we'll see that, and more Taker as a result.


And what does this mean for Smackdown? A new General Manager? A new role/gimmick for the Big Show, both, or does this mean the Big Show is fired and the void will be filled by this new wrestler as was hinted in his promo? I forgot his name, but it seems too contrived already. The only good I see coming out of this guy story wise is a confrontation with the Undertaker. One of those classic Light versus Dark things. Otherwise someone seeming like a purist fanatic (thus far) is bound to be a heel. Somewhat akin to the former group "Right To Censor" which was lead by Steven Richards a while back. Someone like that usually makes it a point to get in other people's business, interupt matches, and he's likely to want to take over and control everything (cue the Undertaker).
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they're going to paint him green. Call him big hulk. BIG SHOW SMASH THINGS NOW!!!:eek: :eek: :eek:
I don't watch Smackdown anymore, just RAW brand stuff, but even that was crazy. Last thing Kurt needed was another blow to the neck. Hope he's alright
Man, I can't believe I forgot to tape Smackdown yesterday! Now I have no idea what you guys are talking about!:mad: :(
It amazes me with some of the stunts the WWE has set up, gotta agree with Celtic Emperor on this recent one. They really only had seconds for Kurt to land on something, get him to the floor, lays his head in the blood puddle and position his body just right.
Damn if they didn't pull it off , though.:cool:
I guess Kurt will get sometime off, or they'll set up an Angle/Show match for "Judgement Day", with Kurt returning as a face. He was only suppose to do the GM bit for a few weeks.

However they did it, hats off to them for pulling it off and making it look so damn real! :wow:

As for the end of Kurt as GM, thank God. Kurt is good and all that, but as a GM he doesn't cut it. I can't put a finger on it, but theres was just something unwholesome and un-GM like about him. Maybe its because he has no experience or because he's bald and that stands out when he wears a suit, I don't know. LOL

Who would fill his place? It can't be Heyman because he quit. Stephanie perhaps? There needs to be more femininity on Smackdown as most of the divas are on RAW. And I say this now more than ever because I can't currently afford cable anymore and so had to have it cancelled. It was cancelled the week after Wreslemania (which I didn't watch either because I wasn't sure if it was available to me or not), so all I can do now is read what happened on RAW at the website or in the recaps on Smackdown.

I know alot of people, thousands are in this situation. Before it didn't matter which brand was better or whatever, because I got the entertainment from both. But now I'm once again totally relying on Smackdown to make a comeback. Because lately, RAW has been kicking Smackdown's a$$ (and I've only seen the recaps!)!
Flatfoot said:
Man, I can't believe I forgot to tape Smackdown yesterday! Now I have no idea what you guys are talking about!:mad: :(

To summarize...

Big Show tells Angle and Bradshow if he can't defeat Eddie Guerreo he'll quit...leave the WWE. Then he loses the match...looks stunned, almost ready to cry as he leaves the ring..

Later Big Show is backstage when he overhears Torrie Wilson laugh at another woman's joke. Thinking she was laughing at him, Big Show goes ballistic. First he threatens to strangle her (and she plays the role of terrified heroine to the hilt...I so pissed I was ready to beat Big Show's brains out :D

Next we see Torrie in the parking garage with Big Show close behind...still enraged. He first busts out Torrie's car windows, then her back window, then smashes the windshield. As she pleads for mercy, Big Show then overturns Torrie's car....as she runs screaming for help.
Big Show follows, looking demented and ready to kill.

A few minutes later (just as the show is ending), Kurt Angle is alerted that Big Show has Torrie trapped on a balcony, and is threatening to throw her off. Angle tries to intervene, he and Show scuffle, Big Show grabs Angle by the throat and tosses him off the high platform as Torrie screams. A few seconds later, the cameras cut to Angle lying prone on the concrete floor, a pool of blood oozing from his crushed skull....as Smackdown ends...
vince is the master! they had plenty of time to set that stunt up. doesnt take long to pull a mat out of the way and pour a little fake blood on the floor. ;)
:) I think WWE can't afford any more bad publicity for stunts gone wrong after the tragic death of Owen Hart. I'm sure Vince and the WWE execs as well as the staff has thought of every contingency and made sure everything went smoothly for SmackDown last thursday. :D
And Mick Foley almost killed Randy Orton tonight at WWE Backlash, when he threw Randy on a huge pile of thumbtacks. This was SO brutal, there were tacks covering his bare back and elbows.

Oh man, Backlash was on tonight? Man! I wish I wasn't broke so I could've ordered it! Oh well. I'll catch the highlights tomorrow on RAW. Was it decent?
For the most part, it was a decent PPV, but the Foley/Orton match just overshadowed everything. There hasn't been a match this sadistic since Undertaker/Foley 1998 "Hell in the Cell".

Sounds like the Backyard Wrestling stuff, which is pretty gruesome. I always wanted to enter the world of professional wrestling, but I don't know if I could ever let someone bodyslam me onto a pile of thumbtacks. Imagine pulling each of them out after a match! Ouch! Oh well, wish I could've seen it.
yeah, that Orton/Foley match was good! i dont like Randy Orton, but i have respect for him now. anyone willing to take a bunch of tacks in his skin, let alone get thrown off the stage and have Mick Foley land on top of you with thae tacks still in your skin, earns my respect. i still dont like him though.....

by the way, why dont Canadien fans stop griping about Bret Hart? my goodness, that was Survivor Series 1997. get over it already. the constant chants of "You screwed Bret" grew old about 5 years ago.

as for Kurt Angle. i doubt Big Show really intended to hurt Kurt in "real life". Smackdown is taped, so if it was "real", then we would have never seen it. but that was an amazing stunt for them to pull it off so fast. but then again, the camera was focused on Kurt being on top of the scaffold with Big Show and Torrie long enough for them to set up some kind of safety net for Angle to fall into. if you also remember, they didnt immediately show Kurt on the ground. the cameras were focused on Big Show and Torri Wilson for a little while before they showed Kurt. it was great timing for them to make that stunt look believable. i cant wait to see what happens next week.
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