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Repost Request: Mosono (F*/F, feet)


TMF Master
Oct 18, 2002
Repost Request by Mirthgoblin.

Wow this is a really old one. This is back when I used WPS to resize images and it sucked. I totally screwed up the dimensions on this one. So bad that you couldn't read the text properly. Upon requesting this repost poor Mirthgoblin had to type it and came up with "Sasami and kaden tickle Aosona". I was so confozzled trying to find that pic, so I had to have Mirthgoblin to remind me of my crappy dimension resizing back in the day XD!

Also for a different manner, I realize that this involves underage children. Here on out, I do not draw kids any more.



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I have to say, way back when I found this, I could tell it was goofed up somehow and I was always curious what the real thing looked like. And now I know! Awfully darn cute!

I like the hand restraints! Something about having the whole hand immobilized is oddly appealing to me.

Her expression is priceless! The perfect example of helpless ticklishness. From the shape of her eyes, you can tell she’s not resisting on any level. Either she’s enjoying herself, or she’s long since given up.

And her feet are quite adorable as well. Cute toes, long soft soles, and the bristly feathers dancing around her ticklish arches. Fantastic!

An oldie, but a goodie, finally restored to its true glory! Thank you kindly, Kahoshiden! Brilliant artwork as always!
This is really good artwork Kaho ^_^ I like the feet tickles, it's very kawaii :p!
I have no idea who these people are, but it's a good drawing. I love the ferret or otter or whatever it is, and the girl in the sailor suit is well done.
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