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RIP MasterTank1


Registered User
Feb 15, 2007
MasterTank1 died today at approximately 12:15 EST due to complications from urosepsis.
MasterTank1 died today at approximately 12:15 EST due to complications from urosepsis.

I am very sorry to hear this. He will be missed. I always enjoyed his historical perspectives in his stories. Thank you for letting us know.
That is very sad news. My condolences to his family and friends.
I'm very sad to learn of the passing of this fine author, who must have lived an adventurous and creative life, reflected in the richness and passion of his writing. I offer my sympathy to his loved ones.
I am sad to learn of my colleague's death and so I will miss him. My condolences to his family.
I just noticed this... So sorry to hear this! I always enjoyed his stories and perspectives.He will definitely be missed!

Rest in peace,MasterTank1!
I missed this when it first was posted. I knew MasterTank1 in the mid-'70s when he lived in New York. I visited him in his Lower East Side apartment and we exchanged stories. (At that time he tipped the scales at over 400 pounds, hence "Tank".) Just a couple of years later, at a time when there was NOTHING on tickling, he wrote a great article on tickling for a magazine called Brut, under his real name. I always followed his writing at TMF. I often wondered about what happened to him, and, alas, now I know.
Great I lurk online for the first time in years and yesterday I learn that TickledToDeath had passed away last year, who was a good online friend of mine but now I read that MasterTank has been dead for two years.

I was his good friend and would talk to him on the phone almost every day hmm about o in 2007 I believe.

I was browsing the TMF today hoping to read something entertaining since I am suffering from a wee injury and can't do much else at the moment and I find this out, because I had decided to re read some of Tank's stories.

I am in shock..i guess it's like if you don't know the person is dead they still live.
This man was a legend and I know I’m 7 years late but I wanted to give MasterTank1 a shoutout all the same.
If you haven’t read his stories I highly recommend going back through them. They are so painstakingly detailed and thorough and TASTY.
7 years later and I still miss his stories. RIP, big guy.
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