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May 4, 2014
I'll post various scribbles and sketches in this thread, including some WIPs or just plan old doodlin'. XD No use in making new threads for these.

One of my OCs Anais. I was just doodling her without her armor and slapped colors on to get the full concept out (since I've never actually colored anything with her -- oops). I really like how she came out, though! (Eee- those freckles >w<)

Another sketch of her, I'm trying to finalize a design of her armor. Not sure this one's gonna work out but here anyway because I like her face and yay effort?

...now I'm curious what her face would look like if her husband were trying to tickle her. Anyone else would be broken LMAO

And two more OCs practicing yoga because YAY character development and also body practice:


I do have a sketchblog, if you like this sort of thing. ^^
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Love 'all' your drawings/sketches! Way to go! :happy:

Thank for sharing - a LOT!
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