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Someone who loves tickling torture by little crawlers or other similar creative ideas


TMF Poster
Oct 2, 2005
Hi from Arianna. Since from when, a long time ago, one day I was sunbathing at the seaside and a Ladybug flought over my belly and started walking I began to have fetish fantasies about to be tickle tortured by little crawlers. Or other animals. My husband is a tickle fetish addicted like me and helped me to let my fantasy come true.
The question is: "is there someone in this site that shares with me these fantasies? Or I am the only one?
Attached 4 shots from a video clip recorded by me to remember my fantasy come true.
I love artwork and stories that include this theme. It's fun to think about. When I was a kid, I'd convince all my playmates to try games that featured tickling. I'd try to tickle them and even myself using little snails, millipedes, beetles, etc. (basically anything that wouldn't bite or sting us). We found a lot of great spots where crawlers could tickle us.
Theres was a female presenter that had a laughing fit from a snail crawling on her foot to remove a callous or something. Out of curiosity; did those things actually tickle you?
Yes, the snails are very ticklish for me. Also because, to me, soft touches are more tickling than other kind of harder tickling. To be tickled softly with kisses, licks, crawling is more pain for me.
I have been tickled by snails, meal worms, lady bugs and they are cruel and make me laugh a lot
I've had this fantasy myself, usually with ladybugs. Snails sounds like a fun way to go about it too :D
I favor critter tickling myself; there's a fair amount of it in my comic story.

1-4 Chapter 1
5 Chapter 8


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6-7 Chapter 10
8-10 Chapter 16


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