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The Haunted Mansion (Complete Story)


2nd Level Red Feather
Sep 25, 2004
I figured with Haunted Mansion 2 nearing it's climax, this would be a good idea to post the first story to those who haven't read it yet. Part one is below the links.

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The mint green Cordoba pulled up into the open gate of the Westchester Mansion.The rest of the perimeter was surrounded by a 20 ft brick wall, to keep trespassers out.

Or was it built to keep someone from getting out.

Zachary Kidman carried his luggage up the steps to the Westchester Mansion. He was nineteen years old, thin, clean cut and handsome. Zachary, or Zach as he liked to be called also had short dark hair and stood about 5”9”. Today, he was dressed in khaki pants and a blue button downed shirt with brown dress shoes. He and his friend, Catherine Osborne were going to be house sitting the mansion, due to the fact that the place was vacant because Julian Westchester had died three months ago. Therefore until the house got sold to new owners, it was going to be taken care of until it did. That and they were being paid good money too, which wasn’t bad for a couple of minimum wage college kids. Both were each getting paid three hundred dollars a week, which wasn’t so bad because they were living rent free and not required to do much. His friend Catherine, nicknamed Cat, was trailing behind carrying her luggage as well, which was mainly filled with books as she was an avid reader. Zach, he was a film buff, and he had plenty of DVDs that he had recently purchased off Ebay. And in mint condition as well. He found it humorous that his DVDs were feather weight compared to Cat’s.

Cat huffed and puffed as she trekked up the steps. She was 5”5”, with chestnut long hair. and almost as thin as Zach. She was eighteen and waiting a year before starting college. Cat wore a Green Day hoodie, blue jeans, and her Converse All Stars. This job was the best thing that could happen to her at this juncture in her life.

Zachary: Cat, you are aware that this place has a library, right?

Cat: No shit, Sherlock, but I’m sure it’s a little outdated.

Zachary: So what, it might be good for you to read some old books for a change. Ever hear of the Dewey Decimal system?

Cat: Yes, and if there’s anything older than Stephen King, then I’m not interested.

Zachary: Duly noted, now come on, keep up will ya?

Cat: Bite me, Metro.

Zach grinned, he liked the nicknames Cat threw at him.

Once they got to the front door, the real estate lady and proprietor of the mansion met them in the hallway. A middle aged woman, named Janet Malone. She wore a gray pants suit, had strawberry blonde hair and was medium built.

Janet: Welcome, Zachary Kidman and Catherine Osborne, I presume?

Zach: That would be us, although I’m not so sure about her.

Janet: Great, now if you’ll follow me, we’ll head inside.

Cat smiled at Janet and then gave Zach’s leg a tiny kick when her back turned.

Zach: (Rubbing, his ankle) Sure, that’d be great.

Cat: (whispering) Don’t be a pussy.

They went inside, through a short hallway and into what looked like the lobby of a hotel, minus the front desk and bellhop. Janet took them on a tour of the ground level. She showed them the living room, the library, the music room, the billiard room, the ballroom, the kitchen and two bathrooms.

Zach: Why do I feel like I’m playing Clue right now.

Janet: You’re not the first person to say that, Zachary.

Cat: So, did this guy have an art room by chance?

Janet: Not to my knowledge, but feel free to explore the cellar if you wish.

Now, they were at the back of the house, and they exited behind two French doors, leading them out to the patio and lawn.

Janet: Out here is the greenhouse where Julian maintained his plants. And he had the hedege maze built in next to it.

Cat: Interesting, I take it he was a fan of The Shining.

Janet: No, he thought it would be a nice area for jogging. Eccentric type, I know.

She lead the two teens back inside and

Zach: Does this place, have a Wi Fi connection?

Janet: Not at the moment, I’m afraid, but I will be sure to call Comcast.

Zach: Okay, well, thank you for that?

Janet: My pleasure, young man. And if you ever have any problems, just call me at the number on my card, which I give both of you before I leave. Now this is a fairly easy job, all you have to do is maintain the staff which are on a sheet next to the phone downstairs. It’s a babysitting job, with the house being the child.

If you’ll follow me, I will give you a tour and show you to your rooms.

The two kids nodded and followed Janet as she lead the way through the big house.

Chapter One: Bad Dreams and Pie

Cat awoke from her slumber and sat right up in her bed. The young girl had a nightmare and was quite shook up. Sliding off the bed, she found her slippers and placed her feet into them. Then she put on her purple robe and walked downstairs to the kitchen. When she pushed open the twin doors, she noticed Zach sitting at the table, eating a piece of banana cream pie.

Cat: You’re up, late.

Zach: Likewise, oh and nice slippers by the way.

Cat smirked, as her slippers had Sigmund Freud on them. It was a mock present from her Secret Santa when she worked at Barnes and Noble. Cat knew of his work, and thought that he was nothing more than a dirty old man with critical acclaim.

Cat: Thanks. It’s pretty ironic that they make Freud slippers, being that he had a foot fetish and all.

Zach: Really, I did not know that, good for Freud.

Cat: Got any more of that pie?

Zach: In the fridge, there’s plenty of desserts in there. Janet said the cook really misses Old man Westchester, and has been baking all his favorites to honor his memory I guess. Janet had to take some to the elementary school because there were so many.

Cat: Well, I’m going to suggest that she not do this

Cat helped herself to the pie and joined Zach at the table.

Cat: Did they say how he died?

Zach: Not really, only that he had become a recluse the last eight months and never came out of the house after raiding the stock shelves at Sam’s Club and buying a year’s supply of food. I mean, I know he was a writer and all, but damn. Anyway with his JD Salinger syndrome, he had a mild heart attack and fell down the stairs, breaking his neck in the process. That’s what the coroner’s report said.

Cat: That’s too bad, poor old dude.

Zach: Yeah, they said he was a nice guy, but didn’t have a close family aside from his staff that he sent on a six month vacation. Nobody knows why he did that, but it’s an unsolved mystery now.
(finishing his pie)
So, is everything okay, just can’t sleep?

Cat: No, I could sleep okay, but I had a nightmare and it freaked me out. I was dreaming that I was being chased by a giant wolf through the woods. And not being able to outrun him, I climbed a tree. I was wearing these Freuds too, but they came off while I climbed the tree and the wolf tore them apart. Then my robe got snagged on a tree branch and it came off, leaving me in my bra panties. Then the wolf looked up at me and licked his chops. I couldn’t tell if he thought I looked sexy or tasty.

Zach: Well, maybe he was thinking both lol!

Cat: Very funny, Zach!

Zach: Still, it could’ve been worse, ya know.

Cat: How so?

Zach: You could’ve been in skin city.

Cat: Yeah, I bet you’d like to see that, wouldn’t you horny boy?

Zach: Bitch please, if I want to see a naked woman, I’ll phone a call girl.

Cat: Sure, that’ll be the day.

The two talked some more until they felt tired and then parted ways to return to bed. Then for the three days, they hung around the house, Cat worked on her sketching and mural paintings, and Zach worked on his screenplays. The staff came by three days a week to clean the place and maintain the grounds. Zach was writing a horror film about himself and Cat, and their current living situation. He threw in some fiction about the house being haunted by it’s owner and his three wives that he had over the years. Still though, he got blocked at the middle point, and couldn’t put his finger on how to continue. So for the next two days, he just did what any other writer would do, and searched for inspiration in books and movies.

Chapter Two: Halloween

Zach walked from his bedroom after dressing from his shower. He wore a green sweater, blue baggy jeans, his green socks, and a pair of brown leather shoes. Then he walked downstairs to the living area, and popped in a DVD. The film he was going to watch was a 1974 film called Death Wish, starring Charles Bronson and Vincent Gardena. It was a great cult classic about a man who goes on a vigilante rampage after his wife is killed and his daughter is raped by muggers. He watched

Then Cat came down the stairs, wearing a black leather jacket, purple tee shirt underneath, black Capri pants, and a pair of ankle boots. Her hair was in a ponytail and she decided to wear her glasses instead of contact lenses for today. Noticing Zach was watching a movie, or film as he called them, she wandered over to see which film it was.

Cat: Who’s that?

Zach: That’s Charles Bronson, he was one of the original tough guys in cinema. He was a good shot, he only killed bad guys, and he had a take no shit kind of attitude.

Cat: Zachy, it’s Halloween, why aren’t you watching any horror movies.

Zach: Because that’s all I’ve been watching the last couple of nights, it’s a little past it’s due if you catch my drift.

Cat: I’ve never seen any of his movies, what else has he done?

Zach: He did The Great Escape with Steve McQueen and James Garner. He did Ten To Midnight, Murphy’s Law, The Evil That Men Do, Forbidden Subjects, and The Mechanic.

Cat: Okay, I’ve never heard of any of those flicks.

Zach: Well, that’s because only film buffs like me know about them. Hell, these movies all rule.

Cat: He’s sorta cute, but I don’t see any sexy appeal.

Zach: Hey, Death Wish is a great movie about vigilantism. If the streets had guys like Bronson cleaning up the streets by shooting muggers, the world would be a better place and the cops wouldn’t have to work double shifts.

Cat: True, but what’s the point of having laws if one man goes and breaks them.

Zach: Because they gave up the right to be protected by those laws after raping, killing, and mugging people. Then of course, you have the bleeding heart liberals, who just have to preach about how the poor guy needs to be corrected in a nuthouse where he can learn to be a good boy again. Ha, Bronson showed those bleeding hearts when he disguised himself as a doctor in Death Wish II, so he could kill the leader of the gang who murdered his daughter.

Cat: Great, now that you gave away the ending for the second movie, I guess I don’t have to watch it, but I will sit through this one with you. But only this one, savy?

Zach: Duly noted, now shut up pay attention, you’re missing important plot points.

Cat rolled her eyes and joined Zach on the couch. He could be so cute sometimes, but other times she just wanted to pounce on him and give him nuggies until he cried like a baby.

Meanwhile down in the cellar….

A group of shadowy figures moved through a glowing light from behind a brick wall. There were twenty of them, and they murmured amongst themselves.

Tonight is the night, Halloween, the night of Sam Hain.

Indeed, and the festival will begin tonight.

Yes, and we shall have our fun!

That, and it sounds as if we have some outsiders roaming around upstairs.

Ooooooh, they will provide great entertainment for the evening.

I saw them through the peephole upstairs, they look young and refreshing, a boy and a girl.

Are they dressed up in costumes, like all humans are supposed to be on this day?

No, they are not.

How can they not be wearing costumes, have they no respect.

Well, we shall teach them respect tonight, and dress them up if they do not partake in wearing costumes. And then their laughter shall appaise the lord of the dead, for laughter is the key to all our souls!

Ha ha, pun intended!

Shut up, Wolfy, now listen up, here is the plan…..
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