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The Haunted Mansion (part 6)


2nd Level Red Feather
Sep 25, 2004
Zach and Cat were still hung like mistletoe, and still clad in only their underwear. Ironically since they were blindfolded, they couldn’t see each other. Aside from the brief glance when he arrived, Zach didn’t really get a chance to check out Cat, but was still relieved that she couldn’t see him in his unmentionable undies.

Elvira watched as her cohorts began setting up two diagonal tables that looked like something Dr. Frankenstein would use. Next to that was a thin rectangular table that held several condiments that one would use to make ice cream sundaes with the works. There was also peanut butter, and a can of white frosting. The witch turned to the hanging teenagers above.

Elvira: How we doing up there?

Cat: Get us the fuck down from here!

Elvira: Oh, we will, as soon as we’ve gathered all our special treats. Where is that ice cream I requested.

Zoe: Oh, it’s coming, I sent Frankie to go get it.

Soon, the hulky monster can in with a large pint of strawberry flavored ice cream. He set it on the table which appeased Elvira very much.

Elvira: Ahhhh, good boy, Frankie. Now, would you be so kind to get those two down and help Olga bind them to the tables. And leave their blindfolds on if you please.

Frankie: Okay missus.

The monster undid the shackles that held Cat and then easily carried her over to the bondage tables. Olga did the same to Zach, and copped another feel on his rear, she couldn’t resist.

Zach: Stop feeling my ass, will you?

Olga: Sorry, my ticklish boy, but you’re in no position to make demands. Come now, let’s get you on the nice, comfy table.

Olga set Zach down on the slanted upturned table and then binded his wrists and ankles to the leather straps. Cat was spread eagled as well, in a X position.

Elvira: Very good, now my friends, let us begin.

Holding a pair of scissors, she walked over to both the tables. She sniffed Zach’s feet and wrinkled her nose while fanning herself. Then she sniffed Cat’s feet and held her nose in response. Then she stood in between the two tables and cleared her throat.

Elvira: Trick or treat, you both have smelly feet, soon you’ll be good to eat. I don’t care if you both care, because now-

Elvira stretched out the elastic band on Zach’s cotton briefs and then used the scissors to cut them apart. Then she pulled the elastic out from underneath his rear and admired the sight of naked Zach.

Zach: Yoooow!

Elvira: You both lose-

Then the witch quickly cut away Cat’s rainbow panties off a surprised Catherine.


Cat: Noooooo, I’m nakey! Zach, please tell me you’re blindfolded too.

But Zach was too embarrassed at being in the buff, so Elvira answered for him.

Elvira: No, he’s not blindfolded, he’s just in shock at seeing how lovely you are in your birthday suit.

Cat was speechless, and even more embarrassed now that Zach could see her naked.
And only one thought crossed her mind: “What would Zach think of my body”?

Elvira: Relax, jinkies, he’s blindfolded too, I was just pulling your chain.

Cat scowled at her Scooby Doo reference, because she did look like Velma with her glasses on. Elvira held up both pairs of torn underwear and spoke in front of the group before her.

Elvira: Alright, everyone, here are the trophies for tonight’s main event. Whoever makes Zachary cum gets these adorable undies. And whoever makes the kitty squirt, gets what is at the end of the rainbow. It’s women against the boy, and men against the girl, may the best monster win. Arm yourselves with the dessert tools on the table next to the naked ones.
Elvira, Olga, and Zoe approached Zach. Zoe held a can of frosting, Olga had a jar of peanut butter and Elvira had a can of chocolate sauce.

Olga: Now, since I have a raging foot fetish, I’m going to have Reese’s feetsies.

Using a spreader, Olga dipped it into the peanut butter and then smeared it all along the soles of Zach’s size tens. Zach gulped, as he didn’t like where this was going.

Zoe: Are you sure that you’re not making peanut butter and smelly, Olga.

The zombie and the ogre shared a chuckle at Zoe’s joke. But Zach didn’t find it very funny.

While the female monsters gushed over their boy toy, Vladimir, Mum, and Wolfy armed themselves with whipped cream, tootsie rolls, cherries, and the strawberry ice cream.

Vladimir: Ah yes, what a marvelous body you have, from head to toe.
Wolfy: Yeah, her toes look like little Skittles with that polish.

Cat: Polish, what the fuck, who painted my toenails.

Wolfy: Zoe and the ogre, they thought it would match nice with your knickers.

Cat: Fuck, I very rarely paint my toenails, and I hate having strangers touch my feet. So you stay away from me, I’m feeling very exposed here and I don’t want you perverts molesting me.

Vladimir: Oh no, my dear, we don’t wish to participate in carnal knowledge against one’s will. No, no, we simply wish to turn you into a tasty dessert and then have a taste.

Cat’s eyes bugged out, and she closed her eyes while withering in agony. Oh why was this happening to her, what had she done to deserve this. Why, oh why did she take the caretaker job. But even so, she took comfort in the fact that her best guy friend was in this with her.

Speaking of Zach, he now had both his feet covered in peanut butter, while Zoe was spreading white frosting on his stomach. He had no air on his chest, so it was easily for the female zombie to spread it on him. Olga got down to her knees and held Zach’s right foot back and then proceeded to lick the peanut butter off his soles.


Olga: Mmmmmm, I love Reese’s feetsies, yum!

Olga continued to lick and lick, and Zach continued to laugh and laugh.

Cat shuddered when she heard the sound of Ready Whip being sprayed, and then shuddered again when she felt a scoop of ice cream placed on the center of her tummy.


Wolfy: Ha, ha, ha, you’re now a dairy queen, my little beauty.


The three male monsters cracked up, amazed that the cold ice cream was tickling the dark haired teen. It wasn’t meant to tickle her, but it was still a welcome surprised.

Wolfy: Alright, I ordered a strawberry blonde sundae, but I’ll settle for a strawberry brunette sundae, YUM!

The werewolf shoved his face down and like a hungry animal, he slurped and licked all the ice cream off Catherine’s chest. The young girl screamed into a fit of laughter, because not only did his mouth and tongue tickle but his hairy face contributed as well. Cat was brought back down memory lane, when she encountered Wolfy’s ticklish fur earlier.


Wolf: Mmmmmm, you fooled me, my lovely.

He continued to slurp and lick the melting ice cream, causing Cat to laugh again.
Zoe, on the other hand, had finished putting the finishing touches on her human cake. In other words, she was done frosting Zach’s entire chest.

Zoe: There, all done. I even got your nippies too. Wait till my tongue tickles those, he he he.

Zach: You’re really not going to eat me, are you?

Zoe: Hey, I may be a zombie, but it doesn’t mean that I actually eat people. That Dawn of the Dead bullshit is just so fabricated. I bet there isn’t one zombie filmmaker out there who has even talked to a real zombie. We’re just normal dead people, with ten times more strength than the norm. And we eat like regular people, even though we don’t exactly look civilized.

Zach: You’re a nice zombie.

Zoe: Awwww, thanks sweetie. I hope you mean that, and aren’t just kissing my ass to get out of lickage. You’re so handsome and yummy looking, and all I want is a little taste.

Zoe squatted so that her knees were slightly bent, then used her tongue to lick from Zach’s bellybutton, and all the way up to the skin behind his lungs. Zach giggled like a little boy, as this was far worse than the tickling he received earlier. The only thing that made it worse was that he couldn’t see where Zoe’s tongue was going to lash at next.

Zoe: This is the best cake, I’ve ever had, Elvira.

The witch was watching with keen interest, and decided to not participate just yet. She wanted to save her bit for last, and she wanted to win Zach’s underwear and hang it on her wall with the rest of her tickling trophies.

Elvira: Tell me, Zoe, what do you call this cake you’re having?

Zoe: I call it, Zachary Sheet Cake. Want a taste?
Elvira: Well, sure I guess, but just a small one. I want to save room for my dessert.

Zoe: Very well, Olga, what about you?

Olga was about to lick the peanut butter off Zach’s last foot, but then she forgot the peanut butter in between his toes. When Zoe spoke, she lost concentration and then nodded eagerly. All three women surrounded Zach, and he began to get goosebumps when he heard their footsteps come close to him.

Zach: Any chance, I can get a jail out of free card?

Elvira: Sorry, little boy, but this isn’t monopoly. This is a monster mash, and you’re the main course.

Then they all leaned forward and Zach felt three rasping tongues roam his chest. Olga and Zoe licked the icing on his nipples, while Elvira licked his bellybutton. His face burned at the feeling of the warm sensation and then he wailed uncontrollably.


Olga: Oh yes, yummy yum yum!

Zoe: Tasty boy, tasty boy, mmmmm!

Elvira held Zach’s face in her hands and got close to him. Even though he was blindfolded, he still could feel the witch’s breath on him.

Elvira: I’m going to get you my pretty, and your little nipples too, (cackle)

Zach: No, not the nipples!

Elvira: Oh yes, nipple tickling!

Elvira waved Olga and Zoe away and then used her red nails to playfully tickle Zach’s nipples. She clearly enjoyed tickling the boy’s nipples, which even Zach could understand by her thorough tickling. Then he felt her breath go close to his ear.

Elvira(whispering): It won’t be long, soon, I will be tickling you on your other hot spot. Soon, my tickle toy, you and your little girlfriend will be all wet and sticky for me to clean up.

Then she licked his ear and Zach felt his cock grow rock hard, and then heard the three women crack up and whistle. Now, he knew he was in trouble.

Next part 7, and that will be the end of this story segment.
For someone who calls himself modest, you are anything but lol!

Part 7 will be ready when JT SAYS SOOOOOO!

lol, just kidding, it will be soon though!!!
well I admire your enthusiasm, I really do.

Part 7 will be well worth waiting for, and hopefully I'll have it done tonight. If not, then it will be your fault Guy, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait man.
I'll quit bugging you so you can work on it.
I'd love to help you write a story sometime.
I graduated with a degree in journalism, so I'm decent at least.
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