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The Professor and the Hippies (part 2 FFFM/F)


2nd Level Red Feather
Sep 25, 2004
Five minutes later.......

Barbara laid on the orange couch, in a sitting position with her legs sticking straight forward. Her suit coat, torn blouse, trouser socks, and leather boots laid askew on the floor. Her back rested against Ivy's bosom, as the tall raven haired girl laid against the couch's other arm. But Barbara's arms were stretched out by Violet, who was right behind Ivy and had both of Barbara's wrists in her hands now. Farran knelt by the other arm of the couch, where the English professor's naked size tens rested. The dirty blonde loved how Barbara's bare feet poked out of her dark brown dress pants, the contrast of her dark colored pants and pale white feet was highly erotic.

Barbara found her predictament worse than the previous one. Not only did she have this raven haired Amazon breathing literally down her neck, but her big strong legs crushing down on her own, and her BO was taking its toll on her nostrils. That and Ivy was slowly running her sharp fingernails against her soft hollow armpits.

Barbara: Hehehehehehehe stop teasing me you brute!

Ivy: See, when I tickle someone, dear Barbie, it's too fun of a torture to rush.

Leaning in a little closer, Ivy whispered into Barbara's ear.

Ivy: The slower you tickle, the more goosebumps form on your captive's spine.

Barbara could agree with that, as the goosebumps had come a long time ago.

Ivy: The more clothes you lose, the more open your body becomes for tickle attack. Imagine being in your underwear, with thirty finger turned tickle spiders roaming your body.

She gave Barbara's ear a tiny flick with her tongue, causing the English professor's glasses to fog up.

Barbara: EEEEEK! You keep your filthy tongue away from me!

Ivy: Hehe, that's nothing compared to where my tongue will be, once you're on stark street, ha ha ha!

Her nails tickled Barbara's armpits even harder now, and then they raced up her underarms too.


Barbara began to sweat nervously, would they really go all the way and strip her naked? There's no way they could get away with this, and not face explusion. She would be patient and bid her time, because Monday morning would be the end of their hippie community, as well as their student careers. But then Barbara's thoughts were interrupted by Farran, who was playing with her toes, wiggling them back and forth like they were dancing.

Farran: Say, Barbie, do you like to play This Little Piggy?

Barbara: Young lady, this is no place for childish games!

Farran: Too bad, because I love it.

Grinning wickedly, Farran tugged Barbara's big toes and gave them a gentle squeeze.

Farran: These little piggies, weeeeent to the maaaarket.

Barbara: Heheheheh this is embarrasing! Leave my toes alone!

Ivy and Violet watched with amusement at their professor's discomfort with the silly children's game. While Farran moved onto the next toe and gave it a tug.

Farran: These little piggies staaayed home. Then these little piggies, well, they had a roast beef sandwich.

Barbara: I'm serious! Hehehehe I have just...eeek! about had enough here!

Farran: Then these little piggies, these poor little piggies had none. And these little piggies, what did these little piggies say, any ideas?

Barbara closed her eyes and braced herself, because she already knew the answer to Farran's stupid question.

Barbara: Don't!

Farran: Wrong answer, Barbie, because this little piggy cried WEEEE WEEEEE WEEEEEEEE, ALL THE WAAAAAAAY HOME!

Her ten fingernails attacked both of Barbara's soles while reciting the last line of the children's rhyme, causing Barbara to roar and thrash helplessly.


Farran then had another idea, and got up from her kneeling position. Walking over to a a desk drawer, she pulled out a long stiff feather. Then she padded back towards the couch, holding the feather behind her back.

Farran: Guess what I have for you?

Barbara: Your expulsion papers?

Farran: Ha ha ha, you're too funny, professor. I have my little friend, Mr. Feather, he is just dying to play with your cute little piggy wiggies.

She held up the large feather and Barbara gave a gasp while curling all ten of her toes. Much to the amusement of Farran, who saw the toes curling and chuckled.

Farran: Awwwww, poor little piggies, don't be scared. Mr. Feather isn't going to hurt you, he just wants to play.

Lazily dragging the feather along the five toes on her right foot, Barbara gave a yelp and felt her toes untangle.

Farran: Tickle, tickle, tickle, little piggy toes!

Ivy and Violet were laughing along with Barbara, as they found her laughter and giggles to be contagious. Farran continued to feather Barbara's bare toes, she enjoyed the blonde professor's attempts to scrunch and curl her toes, as if that would protect them from being tickled. She watched as Barbara spread her toes, as if inviting Farran to play with them again. But the dirty blonde hippie had other ideas, and slid the feather in between her big and index toes. Barbara was not one to go barefoot on a good day, and she found out for the first time just how ticklish the virgin spaces between her pale toes really were.


Farran: Oh no, Barbie is really the most ticklish in between her tootsies, yes her is.

Farran slid the feather in between her middle toe and ring toe next, then the space between her ring and baby toes, working her way through. Though Barbara's feet were far too clean for Farran's liking, they were absolutely perfect fortickling!

Farran: Oh silly me, I almost forgot, you still have ANOTHER FOOT!

The deviant hippie giggled as Barbara futilely tried to cover one bare foot with the other, the normally in-control blonde begging for mercy.

Barbara: Pleeease! My toes are too ticklish, I can't stand any more of this!

Farran gleefully repeated the process on the other foot, as Barbara continued her laughing frenzy. Ivy went back to tickling Barbara's armpits, while Violet still clutched the laughing professor's wrists, watching her twisted plan unfold to perfection.

The fact that Barbara was being tickled on her feet and armpits at the same time was more than she could bear...any pretense of composure was long gone. Her laughter soon went from low pitched giggles to high pitched squeals that echoed throughout the dilapadated house.


Ivy: Okay, I'll stop tickling you, so I can work on those underarms again.

The raven girl did so, her sharp nails scratching up and down Barbara's horribly sensitive underarms. Tickling an older woman might be the most fun I've had all semester, Ivy thought yo herself. She could get used to making Dr. Kensington squeal like a schoolgirl..


The girls were having so much fun, that they didn't bother to notice their friend Alan, enter the conversation pit. He had been watching for awhile now, but decided to make his pressence known.

Alan: Hey girls, what's shakin?

He knew they were tickling a female, but he hadn't gotten a good look with Ivy in the way. But when he saw who it was, he was both dumbfounded, delighted, and shocked all at the same time.

Alan: Fuck a duck, it's Dr. Kensington, the most righteous English Lit Professor ever. far out man!

Barbara had Alan before, he was a B student, and a nice boy. A little weird but a very nice boy. If she played her cards right, perhaps he could be her ally and save her from this madness.

Barbara: Hehehe...t-thank goodness you're here Alan...they're torturing me! Please, call the police!

Alan: What a minute, this isn't consented, did they kidnap you, Dr. Kensington?

Ivy: Of course we didn't kidnap her, you fool, kidnapping is a Class A Felony.

Alan: Wow, Ivy, I didn't know you were studying Criminal Justice.

Ivy rolled her eyes, he was such a moron sometimes. But Alan could see that there was something wrong here, he walked over to the front of the couch and eyed the barefoot professor.

Barbara: Please, they won't let me go! Talk some sense into them, would you?

Alan: Gosh, I must apologize for my friends, they've never done this to a teacher before.

Barbara: T-they've done this before? This is going to be the LAST time they pull anything like this on a teacher!

Alan: I've certainly never done something like this to a teacher.

Barbara smiled at him, her charm school best. But there was a weird gleam in Alan's eyes, something that made her feel quite uncomfortable in her predicament..

Alan: But it doesn't mean that I've never thought about it.

Then the smile faded, and Barbara had an awful feeling forming in her stomach.

Barbara: Oh no, no! Stop staring at my f-feet like that Alan!
She struggled with a new desperation, wondering how on earth she had walked into the only house on campus packed with tickle fetishists. Alan dropped to his knees besides Farran and took the feather from her. Holding the quill part in his hand, he used that end to tickle her arch. If Farran's feather treatment had been bad before, this was a thousand times worse.


Alan: Groovy, I didn't know this part of the feather could be as effective. I stand corrected now, though.

Farran bent back Barbara's toes on her right foot, making them go taut. Then she ran a single nail on the undersides of each toe. Barbara had never been able to make it through a pedicure without giggling like a damn fool...now this future dropout Farran was getting her jollies playing with her sensitive toes.

Ivy grinned and continued her tickling assault too. First she tickled the hollow pits, then the underarms, then back and forth while Farran and Alan tickled the hysterical professor's bare feet.

Barbara was in tickle hell, now she had three people tickling her, she didn't know how much longer she could last. They had to stop *sometime*, didn't they?


Alan: That was harsh, Doctor.

Farran: Hey Alan, ignore her and try playing tic tac toe with the point of that quill.

Alan: Right on, dudette!

He did so, and poked each toe with the point of the quill. Barbara found it more annoying than the piggies game, which said a lot. It was utterly humiliating, having her feet as the playthings of her own students! She began to sweat from her forehead, her blonde hair an unrecognizable blur as she thrashed back and forth. Every forced laugh and gigglefound her throat getting hoarse. The girls and Alan tickled her for another fifteen minutes (though it might have been fifteen years to the tickle-mad professor), and then stopped when they realized she had passed out.

Farran: Wow, Ivy, we really got her good!

Alan: She's out cold, wow, and we didn't even need chloroform.

Ivy: We got her good, but I know we can get her even better, once she wakes up. Help me get her off the couch, time for a change of scenery.

Violet: Are we taking her to the Playroom?

Ivy smiled and nodded.

Violet: Goody good!

Alan and Farran pulled Barbara's body forward, allowing Ivy to come out from behind her. Once she was standing, Ivy scooped up the sleeping professor and slung her limp body over her shoulder. The tall raven haired hippie enjoyed the sight of Barbara's khaki clad rear up close. Feeling a little frisky, she gave the professor's bum a nice playful pat and a squeeze for good measure. After all, Barbara was in not state to object or stop her from doing so. Ivy headed toward the basement door with her minions following closely behind. Alan was the last one to walk down the steps and closed the door marked PLAYROOM beind him.
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