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Tzar of the TMF
Apr 2, 2001
This is a special award of recognition for a member of the tickling community.

Nominations for the Special Recognition award must meet these conditions:

This individual, through their participation with the community should have contributed something special that benefited the entire community in some special way between January 1st and December 31st of this year. This could be by contributing ideas, organization, support, unique experiences and outlook, and so on. Any person nominated that does not meet these requirements will be deleted.

If you are making a new nomination, your post must follow the following format:

The subject line should be:

Person's name

The contents of your nomination post should include a brief summary of why you wish to nominate this person. Describe what you see as being their special contribution.

If you are seconding a previously made nomination all you need to do is the following:

Your post should contain this and only this: "I give my support this nomination".

Posts that fail these guidelines will be edited or deleted.

Questions about these specific rules can be asked in this thread, or back in the general nomination forum.

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Free giver award

I don't know where to make this suggestion, but a member made a post about a clip and made me wonder if there should be an award for the company that makes de best free previews, or shows its commitment to the tickling community by sharing some of its work with the public.

I mean, the audio/video forum is one of the most watched and commented place of this place and in general a member bases his/her judgement on the free previews!

Some of them are very short, some are fairly long, other companies give away entire clips for free.

I think this contribution should be recognized somehow.

Anyway, just a suggestions.
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