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The Self Referential Thread


Wielder of 100 Feathers
Oct 24, 2001
The purpose of this thread is to talk about this thread. Any comments or discussion about this thread are welcome as long as they are about this thread and not any other thread. At this point I would like to thank the moderators in their infinite wisdom for allowing this thread to exist. It is threads like these that allow us to make threads like these which in turn take up much of our valuable time which would otherwise be wasted by actually talking to people. I would like to thank all those in advance who are going to post in this thread and assure them that my medication is on the way. I know with your overwhelming support we can make this thread an example of what all threads should be. That this thread can be a shining beacon in the darkness of what all future threads can and should be. Thank you...excuse me I think my medication is here.
Hey. This is one heck of a great idea for a thread...;)

Thank you venray and let me congratulate you on being the first to contribute to this thread. I know with contributions such as yours that this thread will be one of the greatest threads ever and might even make it into the annals of thread history. I'm not exactly certain what annals are but I know they are probably a good thing to be in. Once again thank you...excuse me time for my medication.
I should like to ask about your medication, but that would be wrong, because that is not what this thread is about. I should like to wonder about the scent of patchouli in the hallway of my building, but this is not the thread in which to wonder. In the words of Magritte, "This is not a pipe." But were he alive today, and reading this thread, he would say, "This is a thread." You can say "this" and you can say "thread," but when you say "this thread," this is the thread you're talking about. I who participate in so few threads feel pleased and privileged to be a part of this thread, but my pleasure and privilege have no bearing on this thread. This thread is the reason there is a thread here, and that in and of itself is good enough for me.

The man who sets out to carry a cat by its tail learns something that is always useful and which will never grow dim or doubtful. -Mark Twain
Ahhh, inkling it is nice to meet someone who truly understands what this thread is about. I would like to welcome you to the forum but this is not what this thread is about. This thread is, of course, about this thread. For among all the threads on this forum I can definetly say that this is now one of them....hmmm I think my medication is wearing off.
Obviously Kandy, you missed the point of what this thread is all about. Explaining this thread would be on the topic of this thread so I shall endeavor to do so.

this thread is a thread entirely about this thread any other discussion is totally off the topic of this thread as it would not be about this thread and therefor defeat the purpose of this thread which is to comment on this thread and this thread alone.;)

I, once again thank you, venray. You too truly understand what this thread is about. I would like to say that I am so happy that so many people understand and are enjoying this thread. I would be happier about this thread but my medication keeps from getting too happy.
what a pretty pretty thread:D sorry i'm abit loopy...little sleep and too much food:rolleyes:
pardon me...

I would like to take this opportunity to talk about tickling, politics, religion and the weather!

yes, that’s right, I am hijacking this thread!

all further discussion will kindly refer to one of the fore mentioned subjects.

thank you,
Sadly Ayla I don't think you understand the purpose of this thread. The purpose of this thread is to discuss this thread and not any other thread. I am therefore retaking control of this thread so we may get back to the discussion of this thread. It is this thread that is important and I want to see it grow into the thread I know it can be. I hope you can grow to appreciate this thread for all it is and all it can be. Ohhhh..excuse me time for more medication
This thread is about insanity..that is all this thread is about. Without this thread, every thread would be proper, but that is not our problem as this is only about this thread.

Jeffy aka The New and Improved Sarlox
Indeed sarlox insanity plays an integral part of this thread but it is not the thread entirely. Although I would say this thread glorifies all threads because it represents threads in their purest most rudimentary form. Perhaps this thread is like the first thread, the primordial thread, from which all other threads began or perhaps I have drank too much eggnog and don't know what I'm talking about. I do wish to thank you though for contributing to this thread...excuse me I think the eggnog is having a bad interaction with my medication.
kurchatovium said:
The purpose of this thread is to talk about this thread.

OK, I love this thread. I agree with most of the comments made by others about this thread. I think this thread will become a classic. By this I mean that it will not be forgotten anytime soon. Well, I believe I've said enough about this thread for now. :p
I find myself feeling terribly threatened by this thread. As I feel my masculinity is jeopardy.
Thank you amk, the thread is here for your enjoyment. Be one with the thread and the thread will be one with you. Again thanks for choosing to be part of the thread.

Ice do not fear the thread it is only a thread afterall. Although I think it is a really nice thread as threads go. The thread is probably not part of any conspiracy though some might think that this only proves that it is part of a conspiracy. I assure you though if the thread is part of a conspiracy it is not a very big conspiracy but rather a very tiny conspiracy. I would like to thank you for contributing to the thread though...ooops darn I think I've been taking the wrong medication all this time.
Excellent COl NT. Lets set up a meeting with them to discuss strategies and stuff COl NT.
Hey why not stick around for the meeting HDS. THE POST and THE THREAD really miss you and would like to see you. :D :D
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