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Tickle Tutor #1: Back to School Special (Part 3/4)


4th Level Red Feather
May 5, 2001
Previously, on Tickle Tutor:

On a seemingly normal Friday afternoon, high school senior Tanya Reid is excited for the weekend, but there's just one small problem -she can't find her best friend Cindy Reid! On the hunt, the curious teen makes her way back to school only to discover the shocking sight of her gal pal tied to the math teacher's desk and tickled out of her mind! Terribly ticklish herself, Tanya tries to make an escape but all efforts are lost as the cruel Mr. Lucas wastes no time tying the terrified girl from the ceiling and tormenting her sensitive skin! Curiously, despite the ticklish torment, it appears Tanya is more than a little turned on by the sadistic teacher's touch and is forced to reach messy climax! As both Cindy and Tanya fear more torture, a group of strange women appear in Mr. Lucas' office and quickly use a strange gas to send both teens into unconsciousness!

Tickle Tutor #1: Back to School Special (part 3 of 4)


By TickleMantis

The first thing Tanya Lowe saw was herself. The suddenly very alert eighteen year old had woken quickly, big brown eyes springing open to her bright new surroundings. Though her head was immobilized, the dark haired girl could see the entire room, a rectangular space not much larger than a prison cell. A prison, Tanya thought as she examined her starkly nude body in the large mirror that ran the entire length of the wall before her, this was definitely a prison. Hardwood floors and white painted walls, an expensive oak door at the far end of the room, and no freedom.

Freedom, something the bound girl was desperately lacking. In the center of the room, where Tanya found herself held, stood a large upright table, the giant cog mechanism underneath it meant for tilting from horizontal to vertical at a moment’s notice. Sitting almost entirely upright, only leaned back at a slight angle, the dark skinned girl was stretched taut across the table’s cold metallic surface. Bound firmly in place by brown leather straps Tanya’s arms were pinned high above her by both her wrists and elbows. Down below the voluptuous girl’s long legs were spread, making her body like an upside down Y. Around her ankles and just above the knees the confused girl was buckled, whoever had imprisoned her even going so far as to fit a strap around her forehead, holding her head in place. To top off the immobilizing bondage, the kidnapper had taken away her ability to speak, as a small hard rubber rod sat between Tanya’s teeth, small chains attached to either side and linking back to the table’s surface.

Thinking back, the oddly wide-awake girl tried to remember what had lead her to this totally powerless situation. Cindy, her best friend, had been there. Mr. Lucas, that mad man, him too, a math teacher turned brutal sadist. He had tickled them both, oh god, Tanya closed her eyes as the memory sunk like a stone through her thoughts, tickling, the endless excruciating tickling. Had it even ended? The buxom teen could barely recall, how long had passed since she had been at the school? Everything after entering the insane math teacher’s office was a mash of his large hands rampaging over her nubile young body, sweat, tears, screaming and unstoppable laughter. But there was something else, a peculiar sensation the captive girl couldn’t quite place, and before she could the big oak door at the room’s end opened wide.

The woman who walked in first did so with a long, meaningful stride. Standing at a dramatic 6’3ft and clad in black leather, a troupe of four younger women followed their forty-something year old leader. The younger girls’ outfits were slightly more modest than the taller Japanese woman, all matching in white full-body catsuits and equally as white plain tennis shoes. Pivoting with military precision, the stern faced older woman, who wore her raven hair in a tight bun, turned to face Tanya directly. Behind the commanding woman stood her four subordinates, an olive skinned Portuguese girl and buxom Italian to the left, while a fiery redhead and diminutive Korean girl stood to the right.

“Hello Tanya.” The slender mistress said, her tone eerily calm as she spoke through full lips that didn’t quite smile. “My name is Jai Lin.”

Ten eyes stared at her completely naked, stretched body, but Tanya could only focus on Jai Lin’s piercing jade gaze. She was terrifying, the steely ark of the sleek woman’s narrow eyebrows framing a look that pierced the teen’s normally stubborn defenses. Whoever she was, why she and her cohorts had the once plucky high school senior rigged up and gagged, it didn’t matter, nothing mattered in that moment, being looked up and down by Jai Lin felt like being sized up by an ancient dragon. Butterflies whirled in Tanya’s stomach, her cheeks blushed red, a tingle ran up her spine, the imposing woman was terrifying, yes, but it was a terrifying beauty.

“Girls, Tanya here is on loan to us from our very good friend, Sam Lucas.” Jai Lin said as the Italian girl and the redhead seemed to visibly twitch when Mr. Lucas’ name was mentioned. “Tanya is quite ticklish, aren’t you Tanya?”

“Hmmn!” Twitching a little herself, the bound girl strained to move anything apart from her hands and feet.

“In fact, I’m told young Miss Lowe rather likes to be tickled.” The older woman said, her sharp glare never wavering from the teen’s ample figure.

“Mnn! Mnn!” Tanya attempted sounds of protests, only achieving incomprehensionable mumbling through the gag.

Jai Lin’s words couldn’t have been further from the truth. Since before she could remember the tightly trapped teen had always hated being tickled, the slightest poke throwing her into a wild and often violent spasms. What on Earth had Mr. Lucas told these crazy women? Surely this was some kind of sick joke, Tanya thought among a veritable storm of panicked ideas. The nervously quivering girl had already been dragged far below the nightmarish depths she ever imagined possible, it couldn’t possibly get worse. Was she truly at the mercy of these strange people, were they really intending on tickling her helpless hypersensitive body?

“…especially on her rather generous bosom.” Jai Lin continued, pivoting back toward the door, Tanya audibly gasping underneath her gag at the mention of her most painfully ticklish area. “But don’t go using any feathers. I’m told Miss Lowe likes those a little too much!”

In another wing of the mansion, Cindy Reid had been awake for several minutes. The busty young blonde had been quick to figure out her location, as the view from the third story window displayed a huge brick building splayed out either side of her, an enormous and lavishly detailed garden, and a patch work of forestry and fields beyond, stretching to the horizon. The eighteen-year-old high school senior didn’t know exactly where this affluent property was, but she knew she was in one of the large bedrooms dressed in a silky pearl white bathrobe, and that it was a considerably better circumstance than where she had been prior to passing out.

The bedroom itself was adorned with ornate wooden furniture, the bed a huge four-poster and sitting a fair distance from any of the other items. The perplexed, and slightly relieved girl, had woken atop a tightly-tucked duvet. After scanning the room and looking out the window, Cindy slipped off the bed and noticed a pair of fluffy white slippers, the colour of which matched her robe, and were no doubt intended for her petit bare feet. Stopping before sliding off the mattress, the suddenly cautious girl recalled the mysterious people who had knocked her out, and instead sat with her legs dangling as she recalled the events from the night before.

Considering everything that happened after the blue eyed girl had entered Mr. Lucas’ office, and how exhausted she had felt prior to being gassed, Cindy felt strangely energetic as her memory tracked back. Mr. Lucas, the strict yet charming math teacher, the once defiant teen never would have guessed that behind his handsome smile lay a monster. It started so innocently too, in it’s own unusual way, a little squeeze of the knee, a little poke at her side, the shapely girl had giggled and slapped his hands, but then it got too much. Lunging for the door, Cindy had fallen and that should have been it, the large muscular man looming over her, it wasn’t playful anymore, and it only got worse. In short order the busty blonde was running around topless, then bound to the big man’s desk and screaming with unbridled laughter. She had pleaded with him, offered anything for Mr. Lucas’ deftly skilled fingers to stop frolicking over her painfully ticklish flesh.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, staring at the floor as the heavy memory played over in her mind, Cindy realized she not only felt as if she’d just had the best sleep of her life, but she looked considerably less disheveled than the mess she had been previously. By the time Mr. Lucas had stripped his stubborn student of everything but her sun yellow panties, the poor girl’s blonde hair was a matted mess, her face bright red, tears staining her aching cheeks, and near nude body glistening slick with hot sweat. But there, in the fancy bedroom, wearing a pricey bathrobe, the teen’s skin was creamy smooth, her hair cascading tidily down her back, muscles relaxed and not even a mark of red around her wrists or ankles where she had pulled so furiously for freedom against her binds.

“Hello.” A small platinum blonde said as she entered the room with a smile.

“You!” Cindy barked and stood from the bed to face the shorter girl. “You were there last night!”

“You remembered!” The busty little woman said, her smile growing as she closed the bedroom door behind her. “I’m Romey! And you’re Cindy, right?”

“Where am I?! Who are you people?!” Cindy asked, palms open as she looked quickly around the high-ceiling room. “Where’s Tanya?!”

“You’re in Jai Lin’s house, I’m Romey, and Tanya’s in the east wing!” Wearing white short shorts, a low cut short-sleeved white t-shirt and matching lace up running shoes, the slightly older girl’s hefty cleavage wobbled as she walked. “If you want to put your slippers on, I’ll give you a little tour before we go see your friend!”

“Screw your slippers!” The flustered teen stomped a bare foot to the carpet as her wavy haired host stopped at the end of the bed. “Why did you bring me here?!”

“Ohh, I’d put the slippers on Cindy!” Romey giggled through an agreeable smile before glancing down at the teen’s naked toes. “This is the last place you want to walk around bare foot, believe me!”

“Who cares about going around bare foot?!” Clenching her fists, the voluptuous girl’s cheeks began to flush a little. “I want to know why I’m here! I wan-“

“Cindy, Cindy…” The smaller girl said softly, taking a few steps closer to the aggravated teen. “…If the other girls see you walking around with those pretty little feet showing off, the first they’re going to do is pin you down and tickle them to pieces.”

So little of what Romey had said made any sense, Cindy took a literal step back. Furrowing her brow, the blue-eyed teen looked at the smiling older girl and couldn’t comprehend what kind of bizarre world she had woken up to. The peculiar young woman had been there the night before and she looked just as unfazed as she had when seeing two high school girls strung up and tortured by their teacher. An odd duck, was the phrase Cindy thought of as she stared at Romey, the petit creature smiling with what appeared to be a genuinely welcoming attitude. The same petit creature who had placed a mysterious substance over the high school senior’s mouth the night before and forced her into a deep sleep.

“…I guess this all seems a little crazy, huh?” Romey said before sitting down on the edge of the bed and patting the mattress beside her. “Have a seat and I’ll explain everything.”

“I want to go home.” The surly teen pouted, and purposely sat a couple feet away from her curious new companion.

“Don’t worry, you’re not in any danger.” The nubile young woman replied, her cheeks dimpling ever-so-softly as she smiled. “I’ve only been here a couple of weeks, but I’ll do my best to tell you all about Jai Lin’s house!”

“Fine.” Cindy scoffed, reasoning that perhaps some information would speed up her departure.

“Okay, so!” The plucky tour guide began, planting both of her open palms against the duvet with glee. “Jai Lin, you saw her last night? She’s like our…benefactor, I guess? She and your teacher, Mr. Lucas, they go way back from what I can tell, like I said, I’ve only been here a couple of weeks so I don’t really know what their deal is. Some of the other girls who’ve been here longer say he’s the only man who ever comes around the house.”

“Some house.” The attentive teen said under her breath, as she sat listening to Romey.

“Isn’t it something? I mean I guess it’s more of a mansion!” The shorter girl chuckled as she continued her story. “So pretty much everyone except Jai Lin is terrified of Mr. Lucas, but I really don’t know how he figures in. Anyway, most of the girls either work or go to school, but we all live here. Jai Lin’s paying for my college, which is why I’m here…well, that and the fact I’ll get to tickle the heck out of people!”

“You…” Cindy paused, frowning above wide eyes as she examined her odd host’s unwavering smile. “…you want to t…tickle people?”

“Of course silly!” The grinning girl giggled. “All the girls do, it’s the rules! There’s maybe twelve of us right now? But some go and come back, I haven’t met everyone. They’re from all over, I mean I’m from Kansas but some girls are from Europe and Asia and all sorts! Basically you have to like, like tickling, I mean really like tickling, and you also have to be, you know, super freakin’ ticklish!”

Cindy couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Was she Alice, had she fallen down the rabbit hole? Tickling had been a terrible nuisance throughout the doe eyed teen’s life, the idea anyone would actually like tickling someone else, like it to the point where it was no longer just a funny thing to do to a person for a few seconds, it bewildered her. The buxom girl’s mind flashed back to Mr. Lucas and his enormous, glistening hard on from the evening before, could it have been, was her math teacher really some sort of crazed tickle-fiend? And worse still, was Cindy now in a house full of them?

“I gotta get out of here!” The shaken high school senior declared as she stood up from the bed.

“Wait wait!” Romey said, taking hold of her guest’s wrists as she tried to walk by. “If you go out there alone, it won’t end well, seriously!”

“…get off!” Tugging her arm away, Cindy looked down at the insistent older girl, and for the first time saw that her bubbly smile had faded. “…what’s out there?”

“The other girls, Jai Lin, Mr. Lucas…” Standing up and lowering her voice, the long haired blonde spoke softly. “I don’t know where exactly, but they all know I’m supposed to be giving you a tour of the house and if they see you around without me, we’ll both pay for it.”

“I thought you liked tickling?” The taller girl said, giving Romey a sideways glance.

“I like tickling other people, sure! And I mean, really like it! But I can’t take being tickled!” The dimple faced young woman whispered. “It’s like that for all the girls, it’s Jai Lin’s rule. You have to love driving someone else crazy, and I do –but you can’t like being on the other side…it keeps things even…except so far I haven’t tickled anyone. I think because I’m new, you know? So far all they’ve done is tickle me like mad!”

“So why don’t you leave?” Cindy balked, none of what she heard made any sense.

“I told you silly! Jai Lin’s paying for my studies…” The buxom girl’s smile grew back quickly. “…besides, sooner or later I’m actually going to get to dish out some revenge and I can’t wait!”

“Okay, fine. You like tickling people but hate being tickled, I get it!” Taking a step back, the bare foot girl planted her hands firmly on her shapely hips. “I hate being tickled and don’t give a flying rat’s butt about tickling other people, but even if I did I wouldn’t come live in a mansion to do it!”

“Are you sure? Come on, what are you into?” Romey asked, grinning at her guest’s growing frustration.

“Into what?” The frowning girl said back.

“You know like…what gets you worked up?” Looking down the petit girl blushed a little and stroked the duvet cover with two fingers. “Sexy stuff…”

“I…I don’t know! Normal stuff!” Cindy shrugged and shook her head. “Big muscles, handsome guys!”

“Okay well…think about it like this:” Romey said, sitting back down on the edge of the bed. “How many people get to really live out their fantasies? And I mean any kind of fantasy…for as long as I can remember I’ve dreamed about being able to tickle the heck out of people. I never got to do it in my regular life because I was always more ticklish than everyone else, and they’d get me first! But Jai Lin, the girls here, they offer a real chance to actually do the things I’ve spent my whole life dreaming about. I know it sounds crazy on the sur-“

“It is crazy!” The bare foot teen interrupted. “I just want to get Tanya and go home!”

“Okay bossy boots.” Standing up, the wavy haired girl poked her tongue out. “Put your slippers on and we’ll get this tour started!”

Back in the mansion’s east wing, Tanya Lowe was watching herself disappear. To the sound of clunky cogs, the heavily bound teen watched as her nude mirror image fell away, the small Korean girl turning the winch and cranking the cold metallic table backward. Stopping when the table was perfectly level, Tanya lay horizontal, her eyes wandering quickly as she watched the four strangers close in around her. With the stark white ceiling behind them, all the vulnerable girl could see was the faces of her capturers, two either side, leaning in and examining her raw naked body.

“Okay ticklish Tanya…” The Italian girl said, her wavy jet black hair falling over her shoulders. “…we’re all going to take turns giving you a little tickle!”

“Nnnmm!” The strapped-down teen shuddered, fully exposed there was nothing the poor girl could do.

“And then…” Raising her long, well manicured nails purposely into Tanya’s line of sight, the busty older girl wiggled her fingers. “We’re all going to tickle you at once!”

“MMMNNN!” The nude girl shook, wailing into her rubber gag as she watched the Italian girl’s ten fingers slowly lower.

“Tickle tickle tickle!” The Italian girl teased, her long nails flittering up the sensitive sides of Tanya’s bare tummy.

“Neeeheehmm!” Her large boobs jiggling, the trapped girl jerked and giggled, but couldn’t even turn her head as the sharp claws spidered up and down her taut sides.

“Someone’s got a tickly tummy!” In a chirpy sing song voice, the dark haired girl continued a series of rapid strokes across Tanya’s quaking midriff.

Her fingers spread and feet wiggled openly, beyond that the stretched teen could scarcely move a muscle. Looking around as she struggled, the squealing girl felt no end to her helplessness, the three other girls standing idly by with curious little smiles across their full lips. The Italian girl’s teasing only made things worse, Tanya, who had once fought off a star quarterback single-handed, was being reduced to red faced embarrassment by a few childish taunts. Maybe if she could just stifle her schoolgirl giggles for even a moment, just maybe by some miniscule hope the young Miss Lowe could regain a shred of her long lost dignity. Ticklish as the fitful girl was though, the future appeared to hold only humiliation.

“My turn, Maria!” The fire haired redhead said as she stepped closer toward the table. “My turn!”

“Fine, fine!” Holding her hands up in the air before her, the dark haired Italian relented. “Go ahead, Dee.”

“Ohh! Where to tickle?” The freckle faced woman said as she loomed over Tanya, wiggling the fingers of one hand. “Where…to…tickle…?”

“Nnnn!” The bound teen whined through her muffling gag, her wide eyes locked onto Dee’s threatening fingers.

“Such a ticklish little bunny!” Hovering her fingertips less than an inch from the nude girl’s achingly sensitive ribs. “Cootchy cootchy coo!”

“NEEEHEEE!” Tanya screamed as Dee suddenly began clawing at her fully exposed ribcage. “NEEHEEHEE!”

“You’re not going anywhere little bunny!” The redhead said as she clawed viciously at the screeching girl’s supple ribs. “You just take all the tickles!”

Her big brown nipples growing stiff, a shockingly familiar feeling began to return as Tanya was assaulted from both sides. Totally at the mercy of her four captors, teased like a helpless kitten, the normally willful young woman couldn’t help but feel a perverse excitement. Squealing as Dee’s fingertips dug into her soft ribcage, Tanya hated the tickling itself, but being forced into such an extreme state by such an embarrassingly childish fashion sent the eighteen year old’s libido soaring. Flashes of the previous evenings insane events began to resurface in the heavily bound teen’s mind, Mr. Lucas’ large muscles wrapped around her vulnerable body, his fingers running wild across her large bare breasts, the feather, oh God Tanya recalled as she reeled under the red head’s hands, the feather had done things to her she never thought possible.

“Okay, me now!” The slender Portuguese girl interrupted, stepping forward with a big toothy grin.

“Just another minute, Ana!” Dee said, giving their tickle-toy’s ribs a particularly harsh squeeze.

“You’ll get another shot!” Putting her hands on her hips as Tanya screamed into the gag, the olive skinned girl took another step toward her fiery haired friend. “Now lemme have my turn, or I’ll duct tape you to your bed again!”

“Okay, okay!” The slightly taller girl said, immediately pulling her hands back and putting them up in the air. “She’s all yours.”

“Mmm! Mmhmmn!” Tanya moaned, writhing against the leather straps.

“Mmm indeed…” Ana teased as she slowly wandered toward the foot end of the table. “…mmm my favourite…”

“MMMMNNN!” Straining to look down beyond her own softly jiggling boobs, the poor nude teen began wiggling her feet.

“I assume you’re saying ‘please tickle my feet’!” Pushing her fingers back through shoulder length dark hair, the green eyed young woman turned, standing directly before Tanya’s squirming bare soles. “You know little Tanya, all the other girls are so scared of my nails…’watch out for Ana!’ they say! And now you are lucky, because you get to find out why!”

Though Tanya had no way of knowing, and would have been quite content never finding out, Ana’s long green painted nails were something of a legend among Jai Lin’s girls. With a delicate touch that could put most feathers to shame, the Portuguese immigrant kept her ten talons expertly manicured, a devastating combination for anyone with sensitive skin. Dee, the freckle faced redhead, had found out all about Ana’s storied fingernails one night after leaving a mess on the tanned girl’s bed. A tidy person by nature, Ana had waited patiently until the fair skinned Dee was fast asleep, at which point the darker haired girl had duct taped her friend firmly to the mattress and proceeded to wake her. Upon waking, Dee realized she was face down, her wrists tied behind her back and bare feet exposed and bound to either corner of the mattress. That night the fiery haired girl learned to never mess with Ana’s things as her creamy soles were ravaged mercilessly through a violent storm of screaming pleas and bawling laughter.

“EEEIIIINNNN!” Tanya’s muffled screech filled the room as she felt five sharp nails drag from her tender heels to the delicate undersides of her toes.

The teen’s distressingly ticklish feet wiggled as her sultry tormentor’s nails scribbled around her vulnerable soles. Within seconds tears began to well in the screaming girl’s watery brown eyes, the unseen feeling of her delicate arches being rapidly stroked made Tanya howl into her gag. Fingers spreading wide, the bound young woman’s taut nude body tensed, her bare breasts wobbling as she shook turbulently against the leather straps. As her head twitched only slightly, almost immovable under it’s bondage, the distraught girl’s eyebrows raised and her full lips quivered around the outside of the rubber rod locked between her teeth.

Sadly, though Miss Lowe’s mind wasn’t capable of reflecting on it in that moment, it was obvious why the redhead had so quickly backed down when Ana had threatened her. The olive skinned girl’s dark green nails were no joke, her ten finely rounded tips sliding across her victim’s skin in a gentle onslaught. So light was the European’s touch that had it been a single finger on her shoulder Tanya would never have noticed. Such as it was, with ten nimble nails racing around one of her most helplessly sensitive spots the voluptuous teen felt every excruciating caress.

“Jeong?” Pulling her hands back, Ana eyed the smallest girl who had been standing patiently for several long minutes. “Would you like a crack at our new toy?”

“Thank you Ana.” Stepping forward the tiny girl smiled, her jet black hair bobbing.

Standing a diminutive 4’10ft, her hair hanging straight, nary a single one out of place right down to her shoulders, Jeong maneuvered herself to the head of the table. The soft patter of her feet stopping, the agile girl easily hoisted herself up above Tanya’s trapped head, kneeling over the teen’s upturned biceps. Looking down directly into the bound girl’s teary eyes, Jeong’s cheeks rose as a coy smile crossed her lips. Oddly, though the young woman appeared to have an angelic face, her playful smile told a less than heavenly tale.

“I guess you’re feeling pretty sensitive after all that, huh?” The slender girl said through her shining smile. “You know we’re just warming you up, don’t you?”

“Mmm! Nnnn!” Huffing, her fleshy bosom swelling as a tear shed down her cheek, Tanya cried at the thought of more tickling to come.

“Aww, you’re so tickwish aren’t you?” Jeong teased, her hands resting idly atop her knees as she stared down at the squirming teenager. “Tickwish Tanya! Everyone’s ticklin’ her, and all she does is giggle like a silly girl! Well I’m gonna tickle you too, Tanya! Are you ready?!”

“MMMNN!” Tanya attempted to buck, the tight straps holding her firm as she watched the small woman’s dainty hands hover above her.

“Laugh and laugh and there’s nothing you can do!” Wiggling her fingers, the mini-menace positioned her hands just a few short inches from the sobbing teen’s stretched underarms. “Go on, try and get out! Roll away if you don’t want to get tickled! Maybe if you cry enough we’ll drown! Cry little Tanya, cry cry!”

“NNNNHHH!” Screaming before the cruel girl’s fingertips had even made contact, the busty teen followed up with a high pitch squeal as Jeong’s speedy digits began frolicking around her hypersensitive hollows. “EEEEEIII!”

“Ana thought you were asking for more-“ Jeong said as she spidered her ten fingers from Tanya’s trembling bicep, down the silky tight skin and dangerously close to her jiggling boobs. “-but I think you’re begging for mercy! Oh no, please stop this awful tickling! Come on Tanya, ask me nice! Say please and maybe I’ll stop!”

Her eyes blurred with tears, the helplessly laughing young woman could somehow still make out Jeong’s darn smile. Tanya’s toes spread as her feet wiggled and the backs of her hands slapped against the table top, her only real significant movement that the bonds would allow. Defenseless under the Korean girl’s taunting digits saliva drooled from the corners of the brown-eyed girl’s open mouth, salty tears streaming down her reddened cheeks. Forced squealing spilled over the rubber gag, the tiny tormentor’s fingertips skating freely around the high school senior’s open under arms.

“I don’t hear any begging!” Her words unnoticed by the struggling girl beneath her, the pocket-sized troublemaker continued to tease. “I see tears, but I also hear laughing! Which is it Tanya, do you want my generous tickles or not?!”

“Ohh she wants them alright…” Maria said, stepping in close to the table. “…look at those nips, hard as rocks, just like Jai Lin said!”

“Heeheehee! She loves it!” Jeong giggled, raking her nails up the entire length of the stretched teen’s underarms and receiving a loud screech in response.

“Alright, now then…” Maria said as the tiny girl atop the table finally stopped attacking Tanya’s delicate hollows. “…I think our new friend’s had a pretty good intro, don’t you?”

“So far, so good.” Dee replied as both she and Ana moved closer, standing side by side on the opposite side of the table from their Italian friend.

“Not a bad first impression.” Ana nodded, giving the heavily panting Tanya an unseen wink.

“Good. Now then Miss Lowe…” Taking hold of their whimpering captive’s chin between her thumb and index finger, Maria leaned forward and looked her right in the eyes. “…the girls and I are all going to tickle you now!”

“NNGGGGGHHH!” Tanya screamed, desperately trying to move her head as her eyes darted erratically between the four smiling women.

“Tickle tickle!” Jeong sang, raising her ten wiggling fingers in time with the other three girls.

Her rib cage heaving rapidly, the leather bound girl could feel cold sweat forming as she watched the four terrifying young women raise their forty collective fingers. All grinning as if possessed by a crazed hunger, Dee, Maria, Ana and Jeong moved in unison, slowly lowering their hands toward Tanya’s fully exposed naked body. Her nipples stiff, the powerless teen’s panicked protests translated to incomprehensionable wailing on the other side of the mouthpiece. Their fingertips and long nails barely an inch from her hypersensitive skin, Tanya took a long hard breath, her supple frame freezing as she braced for the inevitable horror. In that split second, right before the gap closed between apprehension and tickle hell, Tanya Lowe felt an unmistakable pang between her thighs.

Not terribly far away in an obscenely large room, Cindy Reid and her unwelcome, but apparently necessary companion Romey, wandered the many halls. Lavishly furnished, Romey had shown her unwitting guest a variety of luxurious amenities from a fully equipped gym to a kitchen that would make the top chefs of Paris envious. Each girl had her own suite, there was even a movie room (with popcorn machine). Though Cindy hadn’t seen it, mention of an Olympic sized swimming pool had come up. The mansion was stunning, all quite over the top and far beyond anything the buxom teen had seen in her short life time, though not quite the second layer of hell she had first imagined. In fact, it wasn’t until the two young blondes made their way into a rather grandiose library that anything seemed terribly out of the ordinary.

“What’s through there?” Cindy said as she watched her cheerful tour guide take the handle of a barely noticeable wooden door that sat almost hidden between towering bookshelves.

“The end of the tour…” Romey smiled, pushing the handle down slowly.

“I don’t want to be tickled!” Distracted by the mansion’s grandeur, the teen hostage had almost forgotten how she found herself there.

“Relax, I’m just going to show you something!” The shorter girl said as she stepped into darkness. “It’s a tour, remember?”

Hesitantly, Cindy shuffled forward, first poking her head through the doorframe to look around. Little light spilled in from the library behind her, the room appeared small, what the apprehensive girl could see of it. Holding the door open Romey’s delightful smile never wavered, motioning her uneasy friend to enter. Shaking her head Cindy refused to take another step, Romey immediately reaching behind the wooden door and flicking a switch. Light filled small area, a rectangular and near featureless white room –the only truly significant feature being the entire length of the opposite wall was clad in what appeared to be a glossy silver, almost glass like covering along it’s upper half. Seeing no immediate threat, Cindy sighed and stepped beyond the door, Romey closing it firmly behind her.

“…Well?” Cindy asked after a few seconds of dead silence, the two girls only standing and staring at one another. “Another movie room?”

“Mm, not exactly-“ Romey replied as she clicked another switch directly next to the lights. “-but it is made for watching.”

At that moment the silver of the glossy wall turned to a clear window and what Cindy saw on the other side made her blood run cold. In a room of equal size to the one the teen found herself in lay her best friend, strapped to a table and completely naked. Though she couldn’t hear anything, it was clear to the appalled blonde that Tanya was in great distress as four women toyed with her ticklish trapped body. Eyes struck open wide, tears streaming down her cheeks, the bound girl shuddered as long nails ran around her wiggling feet, raked along her underarms and fluttered around her heaving midriff. A redhead squeezed Tanya’s knees, a dark haired girl pinched her hips, and around a hard rubber gag the poor young woman’s face was plastered with a horrifying smile.

“Tanya!” Striding forward, Cindy slammed the bottom of her right fist against the window, the glass not even vibrating in response. “They’ll kill her!”

“Oh, I don’t know. I think she’s enjoying it!” Romey smiled, looking out to the young woman being tickled tortured in the other room.

Her bright blue eyes quivering beneath a furrowed brow, Cindy looked on powerlessly as Tanya silently struggled only a few feet away. A glisten of sweat had begun to form on the nubile girl’s nude frame, her face bright red as she was overwhelmed by the eight hands viciously teasing her sensitive nerves. Taking a sharp breath, Cindy placed her left palm open on the glass as she noticed her friend’s swollen jiggling nipples, glancing down the young blonde was dismayed, yet not unsurprised, to see thick clear liquid lust glossing Tanya’s trembling pussy.

“That doesn’t mean she likes it…” The high school senior said, sliding her hand slowly down the glass.

“Part of her does.” The small tour guide said, walking to the end of the room where the large window ended, placing an index finger on another switch. “Would you like to listen in?”

“Can…can she see us?” Cindy said, knocking on the glass with the back of her hand.

“It’s like a police station, there’s a mirror on the other side. Even if she could see us, she probably wouldn’t know we’re here.” Romey replied before clicking the little switch.

“HNNGG! EEEHHNNN!” Slightly distorted wailing followed a tiny click as audio from the other room came on.

Pushing back the urge to cry, the agonized laughter of her friend filled Cindy’s ears. Poor Tanya, the busty teen’s stomach turned in knots, she could barely move, all those straps holding her down. The four girls were insane, all grinning Cheshire cats toying with their prey. Feeling her knees shake the blue eyed girl wanted to run in there, but even if she knew the way, even if she could find the door, what then? Cindy was outnumbered and Jai Lin’s girls would surely over power the busty teen before she even reached her tormented friend. Wearing only slippers, panties and a bathrobe the stunned girl imagined her fate would be no different than Tanya’s, the foursome would surely strip her in seconds.

“Turn it off.” Cindy said, closing her eyes before turning toward Romey.

“You don’t like it?” The smaller woman asked, her head titled back slightly as she appeared to savor the muffled screeching coming from the muffled girl in the next room.

“Turn it off!” The taller girl barked, slamming the bottom of her fist against the glass with little impact.

“Okay, okay…” Romey said calmly, clicking the switch and immediately letting their own small room fall silent.

“You have to stop it.” Stepping forward, Cindy stared daggers at her shapely tour guide as she pointed her index finger. “She can’t handle that, no one can!”

“Mmm…you’re cute when you’re angry.” Biting her plump bottom lip, the bosomy girl took hold of Cindy’s pointed finger and gently stroked down her forearm.

“Let me out of here!” The frowning blonde said, pulling her hand back quickly.

“Nono…tour’s over…” Romey said in a half-whisper as she slowly stepped toward the frustrated student.

“Get off! What are you doing?!” Slapping at the smaller girl’s hands when she reached toward Cindy’s belt, the busty teen took a couple of swift steps backward.

“Come on…don’t you like me?” The suddenly flirty girl asked, her cheerful grin replaced by bedroom eyes.

“You people are crazy!” Cindy said as she felt her back touch the wall at the far end of the room, Romey moving in close with both hands reaching for the loose knot at the blonde’s robe. “Stop!”

“Cindy…” Taking a firm hold of the slightly taller girl’s belt-knot, the older girl tugged at the robe to secure the blonde’s attention.

“Get! Off!” Snapping Romey’s wrists into a tight grip, Cindy tried to pull her away until the buxom woman looked directly into her eyes.

“Unless…you want to end up like Tanya…I suggest you just…let go…” A small smirk growing at the corner of her lips, Romey’s eyebrows raised as she waited for a response.

Staring a couple of inches down at Romey, the bewildered teen’s hands kept a tight grip around her kidnapper’s wrists. Swallowing deep, Cindy looked away, through the window to the sight of her silently suffering friend. A day ago the then rebellious teen would never have been able to concoct such an atrocious fate, now it was all she could do not to imagine herself facing such terror. Glancing back, looking down to the softly smiling older girl, Cindy closed her eyes and leaned her head back against the wall. As her bottom lip drooped, the busty blonde released her captor’s wrists and immediately felt the fluffy white robe begin to loosen.

“There you go…” Romey cooed, giving Cindy a soft kiss on her full lips as she spread the younger girl’s robe open.

“Unn…” Wincing as she felt her large milky white boobs exposed, the taller blonde squirmed when Romey’s hands slowly slid around her hips.

Guiding the reluctant girl by her sides, Romey pulled Cindy away from the wall and faced her back toward the mirror. Gliding her hands upward, the older girl could feel her guest twitch as she slid the robe from the busty teen’s shoulders. Letting the fluffy white robe drop to the floor, Cindy stood in only slippers and her sun-yellow thong, the mirror glass cold against her bare back. Sliding her hands around the blonde’s slender midriff, Romey reached down and softly squeezed the squirming girl’s well rounded ass cheeks. Squishing her own cotton covered cleavage against Cindy’s naked boobs, the platinum blonde woman bit her unwilling lover’s shoulder softly while she watched the show one room over.

While Cindy stood rigid, her palms flat against the wall behind her as Romey squeezed her ass and began kissing her neck, Tanya was lost to the world around her. In front of the mirror, secretly observed by the petit blonde woman in the other room, the bound Miss Lowe reeled with loud unbridled laughter. Sweat glistened from the dark haired girl’s large bobbing breasts, her brown nipples puffed with arousal. The smallest of the four ticklers, Jeong, sat kneeling over their captive’s outstretched arms, her ten tiny fingers spidering all over Tanya’s taut silky underarms. On Tanya’s left Maria stood, her wavy black hair bouncing in time with the howling teen’s heaving ribs as the Italian’s fingers clawed viciously in between each supple bone. To the right, leaning in close, the redhead Dee frolicked her fingertips around the nude girl’s lower tummy, occasionally fluttering some fingers down between her shivering thighs. Lastly, and perhaps most maddeningly of all, Ana kneeled down at the far end of the table, five long fingernails scribbling carelessly all over the writhing girl’s tender soles.

Though she couldn’t see what was going on behind her, and nor did she want to, Cindy could tell whatever it was had Romey hot and bothered. The shorter girls’ soft biting and tiny shoulder pecks had quickly graduated to hot and heavy kissing near her collarbone. Struggling to remain stoic the topless blonde couldn’t help but fidget as the older girl’s groping intensified, squeezing the near nude teen’s shapely butt cheeks. Caressing her left hand up Cindy’s side, the older girl stroked her nimble fingers along the underside of the teen’s breast, pinching softly at her delicate pink nipple.

“...Stop.” Cindy said quietly, bringing her right hand up to lightly swipe at Romey’s fondling.

“Just relax…” The shorter girl whispered, worming her hand around Cindy’s, and pinching her nipple again.

“Come on, don’t…” Swiping a little harder, the blue eyed teen pushed Romey’s hand down again.

“Don’t…make me…” The once cheerful tour guide turned sinister succubus spoke between wet kisses and she lowered her lips down toward Cindy’s cushy left breast. “…call…the other…girls.”

“Anh!” Her jaw dropping, the high school senior planted both hands flat against the wall as Romey’s lips wrapped around her left nipple while the right was gently squeezed between two fingers.

Fighting back the warm swells pulsing through her nipples, Cindy remembered the terrible threat of horrifying tickle torture when she felt the older girl take hold of her left hand. Willing to follow Romey’s lead if it meant not ending up like her best friend, the bare breasted teen let her hand be guided away from the wall, and clumsily down the front of her capture’s short-shorts. To the young blonde’s surprise it was immediately apparent that Romey went commando, the feeling of her satin soft pussy lips right against Cindy’s fingertips. Having only ever touched herself the moan escaping Romey’s lips gave the taller girl a moment of pause, but when she felt her nipple being licked a second later the topless teen knew exactly what to do. Sliding her fingers down between the older girl’s thighs, Cindy could feel slick warmth as she stroked her index finger upward and lightly stroked Romey’s sopping clit.

“Ahuh!” Romey moaned as she held the teen’s nipple between her teeth.

“Mmnnn…” Trying to stifle her quickening breaths, Cindy tried to ignore her own hardening nipples as thoughts of Tanya’s suffering rapidly lessened.

Feeling the smaller girl’s petit frame tremble against her dripping fingers, Miss Reid quickly discovered there was a limit to how many sensations she could try and fight. Knowing Romey’s shaking thighs and muffled moans were in direct response to her skillful finger work Cindy soaked up the power. Increasing the speed of her clit-flicking, the eighteen year old let out a moan of her own as she felt Romey’s small body tense. With one guard let down the others fell like dominoes, Cindy embracing the hot lips and deft fingers around her rock hard nipples. With her free hand the eager teen slid her hand through Romey’s almost-white hair, clutching a bunch at the back of her head and forcing her face closer.

“Ahh! Ahh!” Cindy cooed, slipping two fingers lower down beneath her tour guide’s shorts and sliding them deep inside. “Touch me….touch me!”

“UHH!” Romey craned her neck back, full lips opening in a wide O as she felt the teen’s fingertips stroke against her G-spot. “OH Gaw…oh gawh Cindy!”

“A-hem!” A loud mock cough suddenly broke the moans and heavy petting, the two blonde’s separating, hearts racing as they both stared at the open door.

“M-Maria!” Romey stuttered as she could feel hot lust dripping down the inside of her thigh.

“Having fun are we?” The dark haired woman said, the tight white cat suit revealing every crease and curve of her voluptuous body.

“I uh…we were just-“ The stammering girl straightened herself, quickly stroking the back of her head as she stood next to Cindy.

“Oh I saw.” Maria said, shaking her head as she let the door close behind her. “You’ve been naughty Romey...”

“I just…I saw what you guys were doing and…” The sheepish young woman spoke softly, glancing back to see Tanya still in the throws of ticklish agony in the other room. “I couldn’t help myself…”

“Well then…” The dark haired woman slowly walked forward, each step swaying her shapely hips as she raised her hands like lobster claws. “…maybe I can’t help myself!”

“Noho!” Romey squealed and darted around Cindy, the Italian girl’s slowly squeezing claws intent more than obvious. “Maria! D-don’t!”

“Too late for that…you had your fun…” Maria said, a devilish focus in her eyes, following the cowering girl along the entire length of the room as she backed away. “…now I get to have mine!”

“Cindy! Help!” The wide eyed girl said as she looked over the clawing woman’s shoulder to her half naked lover.

“She knows better!” Lunging forward the buxom Italian quickly wrapped her hands around Romey’s sides and immediately began rapidly squeezing.

“Eeeiiiieee!” The platinum blonde squealed, turning her back to her attacker only for Maria to bear hug her midsection from behind. “Eheehee! Noneeeee!”

Her nipples still quite erect, Cindy watched as Romey fought fitfully between the taller woman’s arms. For a brief moment the aroused teen felt sorry for her, the tiny girl’s pitiful giggling filling the room, but that empathy quickly died the second Cindy remembered the threats that had lead the two blonde’s to fool around in the first place. This whole place was tickle-mad, Tanya was still being tortured in the next room, they had to get out of there. Crouching slowly, the sly teen reached a hand down, her back sliding against the wall as she aimed for her discarded robe. Suddenly, pivoting in their wrestle-dance, both Maria and Romey turned in unison, the latter’s knees buckling as she dropped to the floor.

“Don’t even think about it missy!” Maria said, locking eyes with Cindy as she continued to goose the sensitive sides of the flailing girl beneath her.

“Cindy! Eeeheehee! Cindy help!” Romey squeaked as she was pushed downward, her elbows quickly giving out, pressed face down to the ground while the Italian’s fingers clawed into her lower ribs. “Heeieee! Stohohop!”

Forced to the floor, her fleshy cleavage bulging below the white cotton shirt, Romey slapped awkwardly behind her as Maria straddled the blonde’s curvaceous butt. Kicking her running shoes against the ground, the poor girl seemed even more helpless than Cindy did when tickled. Distressingly ticklish though she was, Cindy thought to herself as she stood awkwardly in the corner, at least there was a little fight in her. Romey appeared to have none of it, the second Maria’s fingers had poked the outsides of her t-shirt the curvy girl was a giggling mess, any resistance little more than uncoordinated thrashing.

“This is what you get Romey!” Maria teased as she hiked the squirming girl’s shirt up and ran all ten of her long nails up and down the exposed bare skin.

“Eeeheehee! Nopleeheehe!” Almost breathless with girlish laughter, Romey shook her head, the stark contrast of the confident blackmailer turned helpless tickle-victim not escaping Cindy’s notice.

Reaching repeatedly to try and catch Maria’s hands, any time Romey managed to get close the dark haired girl would easily slip away. When the squealing girl did manage to get a grip, it was so weak there was scarcely any point to it. Even attempting to pull down her own shirt was a fruitless affair as the platinum blonde would let go a second later in favor of batting at her attacker’s hands. Her baby faced cheeks blushing a rosy red, the hapless college student couldn’t even roll away as she shook between the buxom tickler’s strong thighs.

Looking back and forth between the squealing girl on the floor and her bound and gagged best friend on the other side of the glass, the young Miss Reid stood frozen. Tanya soaked in sweat, her big brown eyes shimmering with madness as the three remaining young women ravaged her naked body. On the floor the once cheerful girl Romey squirmed as her face contorted between playful smiles and the furrowed brow of powerless frustration. Over several minutes Cindy noticed, every now and then, the squeaking girl pinned to the floor would dart a desperate stare toward her before succumbing to higher pitched giggling. These girls weren’t just insane, the near nude high school student thought as she swallowed her fear, they were well-practiced at what they do. God help her, Cindy thought, these people knew how to tickle like it was some sort of learned skill. She had to get out of there.

“Hold her arms!” Maria barked, causing Cindy to jump.

“Uh…I…” The confused blonde stammered as she watched the buxom Italian wrestle Romey’s noodle-weak arms over her head.

“Quickly or it’ll be you down here!” The dark haired girl said, leaning forward as she pressed Romey’s elbows to the floor. “And bring your belt!”

“No! No please Maria!” Seeing Cindy slip her robe’s belt loose from the ground, the pinned young woman wriggled and tugged at her arms as she realized the Italian’s cruel intent.

“There! Hold her!” Maria demanded, snatching the belt from Cindy.

“Cindy! Cindy please don’t let her!” Romey shook as the taller blonde held her wrists high above her head. “I’m sorry!”

Holding firm, Cindy weighed up the threat of being in Romey’s position versus the guilt of helping torment her, and the threat won by a landslide. With her pleading growing more strained with every panicked sentence, the trapped girl squirmed erratically as Maria snagged either side of her shirt and forcibly pulled it upwards. Slipping under her bulbous boobs, Romey felt the cold hard wood floor press against her now bare boobs before she was momentarily blinded. Within seconds the thin cotton t-shirt was hiked over her head, over the begging girl’s arms and tossed aside. Snapping her arms down the second Cindy let go, Romey tucked her elbows in.

“Grab her!” The domineering Italian girl ordered as she pried the topless young woman’s right arm from her side with both hands.

“No Cindy! No don’t!” Her voice cracking, Romey’s face flushed bright red as Cindy and Maria forced her arms behind her back, holding her forearms just below her shoulder blades.

“Hnnf!” Maria huffed as she used one hand to hold the wriggling girl’s arm down and one to loop the soft white robe-belt around Romey’s forearms. “You know who-nnff-taught me this trick, Cindy?”

“Uh…” Finding herself lacking words, the dumbstruck teen shuffled back on her knees as the busty older girl secured a tight knot.

“My first week here…” The dark haired girl said as she slid back, straddling Romey’s thighs while the half naked girl struggled against her makeshift bond. “…I was so cocky, so full of myself. I’d managed to go nearly...five, six days? None of the other girls had got their hands one me, but I’d got them. I’d got them good!”

“M-Maria, I’m sorry! Please! J-just let me up I-“ Romey squirmed as she felt the older girl’s hands stroking the back of her short-shorts. “I’ll help you get Cindy!”

“If you don’t let me tell my story missy, I’ll have Cindy help me!” Maria snapped, grabbing the beltline of the pleading girl’s shorts before continuing her tale. “…it was a while ago, long before this mouthy little kitty got here. I mean, I was on top of the world, y’know? Felt like I owned the place. So one day, I’m getting out the shower, put on my robe, walk into my room…”

Sitting on her knees in only slippers and panties, Cindy was barely listening as she could hear Romey whining softly while her shorts were tugged back. With nothing underneath, the tied girl’s big round bare ass came into view when Maria pulled the shorts down, stopping right at the crease where smooth white butt met thick thighs. Nonchalantly the darker haired girl placed her hands on her own knees and continued talking, while a quick look at Romey’s face told a different tale, one of utter dread for what she knew was coming.

“…And there’s your Mr. Lucas, just standing there.” The shapely Italian shook her head slightly at the memory. “I knew who he was of course, I’d seen him around. God, part of me, I mean, I honestly didn’t think, and I don’t know why at the time, but it didn’t even occur to me why he was there or what he was going to do. I bet you can guess though, can’t you?”

“…I guess…” Cindy replied softly, cringing as she remembered the feeling of Mr. Lucas’ muscular arms wrapped around her.

“He walked over to me-stop that.” Maria said, interrupting herself when she noticed Romey trying to caterpillar-crawl away. “He put his hands on my shoulders, and so slowly pushed the robe away. I stood there, I’d never been so afraid…so naked. He was gentle at first… moving me to the bed, I lay on my stomach, he put my arms behind me, just like we did to Romey…and he put the belt on. Tied it, and sat down, just like I’m sitting now. He wasn’t gentle for long after that, a couple of little strokes and pokes to get me paranoid…then he went to work.”

“He’s a monster.” Before she thought, the words had slipped from Cindy’s mouth.

“Heh!” The older girl smiled and, to Cindy’s surprise, nodded. “I’d never been tickled like that…you have to understand, I came here on purpose. I knew I’d be tickled at some point, but I knew I’d get to tickle as well. I really thought I had it all figured out, but I had no idea tickling could be like that. It was…”

“Hell.” The blue eyed blonde said, recalling her time tied to the teacher’s desk, howling with laughter as his fingers used her nubile young body for his amusement.

“Mmm…” Maria nodded again, before beginning to wiggle her ten long nails a couple of inches from Romey’s protruding cheeks. “…and now it’s Romey’s turn!”

“Ohno Maria dEEEEIIIEE!” The bare assed girl bucked as she felt the Italian’s skillful talons flutter across her hopelessly sensitive behind. “Eeeheeeieee! Nohoheee!”

“I bet Romey didn’t tell you what a ticklish little tooshie she has!” Grinning ear to ear, the older girl’s nails scribbled all over the squealing girl’s bouncing butt.

Bucking her hips up and down, the red face girl’s hair flew in every direction. Maria’s ten tickling fingers wiggled along the small of Romey’s back, around the dimpled sides of her flexing cheeks, along the fleshy bottoms and danced merrily around the tender tops. Almost wordless giggling peeled from the helpless girl’s full red lips, her large milky boobs ballooning as they squished against the floor. Within seconds it was clear the bold Italian knew exactly where and when to touch, especially when she’d glide her sadistically light touch along the very edge of Romey’s crack, the banshee’s screech that followed Maria’s clear intent.

“EIIIEEHEE! MARIAAAHAHA!” Romey screamed, her back arching before collapsing into wildly wriggling giggles once again.

“You know the best thing about this, Cindy?” Maria said, fluttering five fingers around the laughing blonde’s tailbone. “Romey’s a horny little thing!”

“Heeheeieehee!” Aahaheee!” Rolling side to side what little she could, the shortest of the young women squealed breathlessly below.

“Tickle her for long enough, she can’t help herself!” The cruel dark haired woman said, continuing to frolic her ten terrible nails over Romey’s jiggling ass. “And you already got her worked up! I bet if we took a look between her legs she’d be all gushy!”

At that moment, to a gasp of relief from the bound blonde, Maria stood on her knees, grabbed either side of Romey’s short shorts and slid them clean off. Panting on the floor, her butt a light shade of pink, the tied girl lay completely nude save for the running shoes still laced around her feet. Of course Maria wasn’t about to let her helpless tickle toy do any actual running as she wasted no time turning around and straddling the back of Romey’s calves. Not quite aware of what was going on behind her, the struggling girl seemed to focus on catching her breath, an effort that ended the moment she felt Maria take hold of her right shoe.

“OH NO!” Romey screamed, rolling herself as far on one side as she could, the girl’s big stiff nipples and sopping wet pussy coming into full view. “Nono! Maria no!”

“Something you two have in common I hear…” The devious woman smirked as she easily popped Romey’s shoe off, revealing a thin white ankle sock beneath. “…very ticklish feet!”

“M-Maria!” The nude girl kicked, staring wide eyed at the sultry older woman’s back. “Please no! Nonono!”

Her voice cracking, Romey’s knees jerked harder as she huffed and puffed, but the Italian’s straddling position was well practiced, and held firm. Kneeling only a few short feet away Cindy closed her eyes briefly, she didn’t want to watch this, her attention snapping back when a startled gasp signaled the other shoe had been removed. Poor Romey, the buxom young blonde thought as she sat there in her yellow thong and fluffy slippers, sure she was a blackmailing kidnapper but in that moment, seeing the sheer sense of desperation in her bright blue eyes, Cindy couldn’t help but feel her pain. She felt sorry for the bound and begging college student, she really did, knowing how agonizing it was to have her own feet tickled, knowing further still how infinitely worse it was when you were completely powerless to stop it.

“Not my socks!” Romey squeaked, tugging at her legs forcefully while her petit feet tried to cover one another quickly.

“Oh yes, no sock tickles for you!” Maria said, pinching the tips of both the nude girl’s socks and sliding them clean off.

“Noho! Noho!” The now completely naked young woman sobbed, her eyes watery as she felt small room’s air caress her buttery soft soles.

“Is she crying?” The older girl said, turning her head to Cindy as she raised both hands high in the air and began slowly wiggling all ten of her long devilish nails. “I love it when she cries…”

“Maria!” A voice called from behind, just loud enough to cover Romey’s frantic pleas.

“Can’t you see I’m busy?” Maria said, turning further to see the redhead Dee, the tiny Korean Jeong and the sultry Portuguesa Ana all huddled in the doorway.

“Mmhmm, but Jai Lin wants them moved.” Dee replied, signaling two fingers at the blonde’s and their dark haired bully to get off the floor.

Keeping silent, Cindy complied, if she saw an opportunity to run she was going to take it. Tanya, poor Tanya, still strapped to that awful table on the other side of the glass, the young teen could see her friend, what had they done to her? The bound girl’s large boobs raising rapidly, dripping with sweat as she wheezed for air. Drool and spittle around the gag, her eyes closed and lashes soaked with tears. Torso tracked with red marks, her braids frazzled and frayed. Cindy would come back for her, she couldn’t rescue her now, there was no way, but she’d run, run in only her panties, she didn’t care, she was going to escape and come back with a damn army.

Ana walked into the room and took hold of Romey’s arm, Maria standing up with a sigh and grabbing the other. For a moment it appear the stark naked girl wasn’t going to play along, but good sense must have got the better of her as she stood up, albeit a little shaky in the knees. Eyeing her robe, Cindy thought better of it, turning to give one last look at Tanya before she followed Jeong and Dee back into the library. With Romey being lead along behind her and the other two girls in front there seemed little opportunity to run as they worked there way through the mansion’s halls, but Cindy was keeping an eye out and ready to dash.
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