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Tickle Tutor: Collateral #2 'Pony Up' F/f


4th Level Red Feather
May 5, 2001
Tickle Tutor: Collateral

A Short Story Collection From The World of Tickle Tutor

By TickleMantis


‘Pony Up’

Nearer to Winchester than Lexington, Foal Sure Farm boasted one of the largest horse ranches in the state of Kentucky. Stretching out to somewhere near three thousand acres, the century-old estate with it’s pristine landscape, rustic architecture and world champion studs made for an imposing locale. Each day saw a constant hive of activity from guided public tours, deliveries, groundskeeping, maintenance and even the occasional celebrity guest. To keep Foal Sure Farm running smooth took no less than ninety employees, the most recent of which was Harper Hill.

At thirty-four years old, almost all of them spent in Kentucky, Harper was quite familiar with Foal Sure Farm. Though she’d never set foot on the grounds of Foal Sure until a fortnight ago the redheaded riding instructor had spent her life around ranches, races and the often larger than life personalities that came with them. It was one of those bombastic type people, and third generation owner of the ranch, Waylon Wright, who’d hired Harper for a couple of reasons. The first was to assist inexperienced visitors in learning the joy of riding horses, and the other – and infinitely more important reason- was to help improve the riding skills of Waylon’s twin teenaged granddaughters.

Aubrey and Nora Wright, indistinguishable to anyone outside of their mother, were far from without experience. The two identical eighteen year olds had been riding since before they could walk, or so said their broad-chested grandfather. And, much like the boisterous patriarch himself, both girls towered over their new instructor. Of course finding people taller than her was seldom ever a challenge for Harper, though the Amazon-like sisters did have a way of being particularly striking. Perhaps it was the fact their large bosoms tended to stare the older woman directly in her freckled face, or maybe it was their matching form-fitting outfits which accentuated every slender curve. Whatever it was, even two weeks into the job, Harper couldn’t help but feel a little intimidated whenever the rambunctious pair were around.

“Late again…” The fiery haired instructor muttered to herself as she entered one of the ranch’s numerous well-equipped tack rooms.

Walking around the heavy hardwood table in the middle of the room, that familiar leathery aroma caught Harper’s sense of smell. Each wall was adorned by saddles, bridles, helmets and various other gear all belonging to the twins. Unlike the other tack rooms throughout Foal Sure Farm, this one was reserved exclusively for Aubrey and Nora. It was also why, unlike the other well-kept rooms, several items were out of place. Rarely did the sisters bother to clean up after themselves or put anything back where it belonged. Stopping beside one long edge of the table, Harper strained to reach up and unhook a halter that was dangling from the great cast iron rectangle above. Fixed by thick chain links to the rafters, the heavy metal rectangle was lined by black hooks meant for temporarily hanging pieces of equipment while working.

“I don’t think that’s going to work, Miss Hill.” One of the twins’ quipped haughtily.

“She’s right you know-” The other said as they both strolled into the room. “You’ll have a hard time making yourself taller that way.”

“Just tidying up.” Said the shapely instructor before giving the halter a good flick off the hook.

“Aw, who left a mess?” Aubrey or Nora said, impossible to tell who was who down to their DNA. At least if one of them maybe wore something slightly different it might have made things easier, instead the leggy pair always insisted on the same black knee-high riding boots, beige leggings and tight white collared shirts. Even their hair was the same, both with long blonde locks that cascaded down their backs.

“A mystery for the ages.” Harper hung the halter back on the wall at the far end of the room, where it was supposed to be.

“Is that sarcasm I hear, Nora?” Aubrey, evidently, said.

“From the help?” Nora feigned a look like she was horribly offended. “I wouldn’t dare think it.”

“You know Miss Hill-“ The sister on the left waggled a finger in the direction of her diminutive instructor. “-we Wrights have ways of dealing with uppity staff.”

Looking down, Harper knew better than to try trading verbal barbs with almost anyone, especially a pair of sneering heiresses. “Sorry.” She said with a sheepishness that didn’t need to be faked. “Won’t happen again.”

“I should hope not.”

“Well now, hold on.” The sister on the right sauntered further into the room. “If we’re addressing issues with Miss Hill’s behavior I think we should discuss the most obvious…”

“Ah yes.” Aubrey parted away from her twin and walked along the other side.

“Harper, dear…” Nora stopped by the corner of the table and shook her head. “What is that you’re wearing?”

Examining her own outfit, it was more or less the same bunch of work clothes the comely older woman always wore. Slip-on boots, tight blue jeans, a black t-shirt which showed off a bit of her freckled and very ample cleavage, and a pinkish-red plaid shirt worn open over top. Perfectly reasonable attire for a riding instructor, even the industry standard one might argue. Harper wasn’t the arguing type, however. Still, no one had ever taken issue with her choice of clothes before.

“I always wear this.” The perplexed teacher shrugged. “Anyway, we should start-“

“Anyway nothing.” Aubrey stood at the opposite corner, both girls’ icy blue eyes looking the buxom woman up and down. “We can’t be seen with you out in the arenas if you keep coming in like that.”

“Really!” Nora smirked and with a purposeful gait strode up her side of the table to the far end, her counterpart following in-step on the other side. As they walked in unison, the two sneering girls quickly tapped their long nails along the smooth wooden surface. “We must do something about this frumpy nonsense!”

“Frumpy?” Harper frowned quizzically, her eyes darting between the sisters as they approached quickly from either side.

“First, the plaid has got to go!”

“Hey! Wait!” Shuffling awkwardly, the much shorter woman took a step away as Nora tugged at the shoulder of her button-up shirt.

“And this hair!” Aubrey appeared at the freckled instructor’s other side and ran her fingers quickly through her bright orange mane.

“Maybe put it up!”

“No no, it needs to be thinned out!”

“Ohh, maybe a bun?”

“A bun? Try pigtails, that would be cute!”

“Girls, wait, what-“ Twisting between the two sisters, Harper wriggled as Nora tugged at her shirt and Aubrey fondled through her thick strands.

“Here we go, let’s get this off.“

“Nono wait-“

“Come on silly!” Aubrey joined her sister and pulled at the other plaid shoulder, the pair of them slipping the whole shirt downward.

Feeling her cheeks turn warm, the kind natured redhead relented. Dropping her arms down straight, she let the twin teens slip the shirt clean off her. “Okay? There we go, no more plaid. Can we start today’s lesson now?”

“Uh-uh.” Nora put her open hands flat against either side of Harper’s face and turned her head to make direct eye contact, squishing the curvaceous woman’s cheeks. “You’re a beautiful lady Ms. Hill, you just need a little TLC!”

“We can even help with these love handles!” Aubrey gently pinched the confused instructor’s pillowy sides.

“Eiiee!” Thrusting forward sharply, Harper squealed and clamped her hands immediately over the offended spots. Her face now free of the one sister’s grip, the surprised riding tutor blushed a pinkish hue. “That-that’s quite alright girls, thank you. Maybe we can leave all that for another time, hmm? For now let’s just focus on your riding…”

“Waitwaitwait…” Nora side stepped to block the teacher’s path as she tried to slip away.

“Ah…ha.” Laughing hesitantly, the buxom woman turned to go the other way only to find the mirror image of the same girl looming over her on that side too.

“Miss Hiiiiill…” Aubrey sang through an eerie smile.

“Now girls…” Harper stepped back blindly and bumped directly into the other sister. “Let’s-let’s get on with our-“

Nora leaned down, her full lips right beside the stammering instructor’s ear as she whispered. “Are you ticklish, Miss Hill?”

“Ah!” Hot breath against her ear, a shiver an up the curvy redhead’s spine and she quickly bought one shoulder up. “N-no! I’m-”

“OoooOOOooo!” The statuesque blonde before her cooed, a broad grin spreading across her well defined features. “I think Miss Hill is a little tickliiiiiish!”

“Th-th-that’s enough!” Harper put her back to the table so the two sisters were at her sides and stomped one foot. It was a rather pitiful display of authority, undermined if not by the dull thud then certainly by the darkening red on the flustered woman’s cheeks. “Now listen to me, we’re not here to…to play around! You’re here to learn, so-“

“Tickle tickle!” Nora spidered five fingers across the bashful instructor’s midriff.

“Eeehee! Stop it!”

“I thought you weren’t ticklish!” Aubrey jabbed a single finger into the fitful woman’s ribs while she was still swiping at her tummy.

“Ahaha!” Harper batted at her ribcage and leaned inadvertently toward the other twin.

“Admit it!” The girl now closest to the giggling teacher pinched just above one side of her wide hips.

“Eeehaha! Nono!” Rocking the other way, the uncoordinated woman stumbled sideways into Aubrey’s wiggling fingers, a dimwitted smile beaming under her wrinkling nose.

“You’re ticklish!” Said the one on the left as she raced all ten fingers up Harper’s mostly bare arm.


“Say it!” Said the one on the right as she danced five fingers into the nape of their tutor’s neck.

“Eiiee! Okayokayokay! Stohop!” Her cheeks now a rosy red, the bumbling woman pulled both shoulders up as high as she could, arms flailing uselessly to knock the blondes’ swiftly moving hands away.

“You have to say it!” Aubrey clawed at Harper’s back and tummy with both hands. “Say it or we’re gonna tickle you for real!”

“Aiiiee! Noheehee!” Twisting quickly, the noisily giggling redhead grabbed wildly at the two clawing hands.

“You asked for it…” Nora held both hands up where she was sure the older woman could see them and squeezed the air in a taunting fashion.

“I’m ticklish! I’m ticklish!” Harper yelped, wrestling uselessly against Aubrey’s fiendish fingers. “Stahahahap!”

Thankfully few people in her life had ever discovered how truly, abysmally ticklish Harper truly was, and even fewer the mortifying secret that came with it. How she was supposed to continue the rest of her workday per normal now, the shamefully titillated instructor had no idea. She might have been able to brush off the feeling from having the Amazonian pair stripping off her shirt, having their slender fingers poke at her however, that was a whole other mess of problems. Without needing to look, Harper already knew that her nipples were beginning to protrude through her shirt and bra both.

“O-okay! Okayeeheee!” Launching out from the handsy sisters’ reach, the buxom tutor stumbled forward, turned and put her back to the same wall where she’d hung the halter. “Enoughenoughenough!” She gasped.

“Rude!” Aubrey pouted.

“So rude!” Nora mimicked her sister’s mock disappointment. “You can’t just tell people you’re ticklish then runaway!”

“You have to let us tickle you!”

They were mad, both of them crazy as spoiled cuckoo birds. There was no way, simply no way Harper could take another moment of the slender lookalikes’ mischievous touching. Even their teasing words alone were making for a frustrating aphrodisiac, the busty teacher’s temperature rising every time they said some variation of the word tickle. Feeling her nipples swell in an unauthorized attempt to call attention to themselves, the furiously blushing woman knew if she was stroked, poked or prodded again it would be her undoing.

“Nope -no- that’s not-“ One hand held up in a sorry attempt at a calming motion, Harper was a rabbit in the eyes of hungry wolves. If she made a dash for the nearest door, or tried to run in any direction, the girls would surely give chase. Outrunning them was impossible, and if the hyperticklish tutor was caught the twins would devour her. Only thoughtful, highly articulate diplomacy would get the unnerved woman out of this dreadful debacle. “You –it’s not- just give me a second-“

“We’re gonna tickle youuuu…” Nora stalked forward with one big, slow step. She hunched her shoulders, bought both hands up and with painstaking, gradual speed began wiggling all ten of her long talons.

“For real this time!” Aubrey followed her sinister sibling’s lead, long legs pacing forward and hands poised for terrible trouble.

Putting her open palms up, the cowering older woman pressed her back hard to the wall, heartbeat pounding rapidly. “You cahahan’t!” Wide-eyed, she stared back and forth between the advancing girls, a big smile fighting against her twitching lips as she fought to suppress it. “Girls! Eehe! G-girls! I’m sssserious! Ehehe!”

“You don’t sound serious...”

“Mmm, you sound like a giggly little girl!”

If there had been an opportunity to flee it was long gone now. Well within arms reach of both sisters, the timid tutor held her forearms upright against her ample chest, hands shaking as her feet shuffled. Spluttering squeaky laughter, Harper’s expression contorted through an embarrassing mix of disbelief, panic and dopily grinning mirth. The two towering hellions were going to tickle her now and there was nothing in the world she could do about it. The thought of her inevitable demise sent an alarmingly indecent flutter through the lowest region of the shapely woman’s tummy.

“Pleheeheease!” Harper winced, trying to make herself as small as possible with the wryly smirking girls just inches away.

“I think we’ll be teaching the lessons today, Miss Hill!”

“Oh I’m sure we’ll learn something too, Nora…” Aubrey shot one clawing hand forward, only to pull back at the last millisecond. “Like how loud Miss Hill can laugh!”

“Eeiiiee!” Flinching one way met the dancing digits of the other twin, neither of them quite making contact, yet causing the bosomy instructor to squeal all the same.

“And for how long!”

“Nohoho! Yiehehe!” Harper jumped again, the thought that one of the unruly vixens could poke her at any moment causing a bewildering anticipation.

“Ohh, how long should we tickle her for?”

“What do you think, Miss Hill?” Nora ran five fingers through the air right beside the freckled woman’s ear. “Ten minutes? Twenty?”

“Oh my goahahad! Neeheeiee!” The clumsily dancing woman shook her head in hapless protest, ballooning cleavage jiggling as she squirmed.

“Well, I’ve got all day!” Aubrey struck one hand straight under the comely redhead’s right elbow and pinched at the cushiony flesh it found there.

“Eeeiiehaha!” Harper squawked, thrust to her left where the other sister’s fingers were waiting to do the exact same thing. “Aahaha! Noahaha!”

Caught in the chaotic middle, the voluptuous woman grabbed for her sides. In the same moment the twins’ free hands both shot around front and delved wickedly into her jostling tummy. Severely outnumbered, there was no way for the much shorter woman to fend off the four-pronged attack, and she doubled over in a guffawing fit of laughter. Curled over the twins’ twenty wiggling fingers, Harper pleaded breathlessly and was barely able to remain standing. Hoping about on the hardwood, the curvaceous tutor’s wanton yearnings were starting to spiral as out of control as the rest of her.

“Where are you going?” Aubrey or Nora chuckled, highly amused by the fact their brightly blushing employee began collapsing toward the floor.

“Uh-uh!” Said the other one as both girls took the fiery haired woman’s weight. “You go where we say you go!”

“Hh! Hhh! W-what?” Her elbows locked in the deviant duplicates’ grip, the gasping instructor was driven forward quickly, her tiny boots barely touching the floor.

“Up you go!”

Hands scooped around the frazzled woman’s shoulders, back and thighs and before she could truly understand what was happening, Harper found herself being tipped toward the table top. Kicking as her boots left the ground, the surprisingly strong girls dragged their captive up onto the polished wooden surface. Though she wrestled both arms and pushed back with her knees, the highly confused tutor achieved little more than a display of fruitless flopping as Aubrey and Nora rolled her over.

“Get her arms! Get her arms!” Of them said far too giddily for the befuddled instructor’s liking.

“Nono! What are you doing?!” Straining to sit up or roll off the table, whatever would get her out of there, Harper tucked her arms in tight when one of the sisters grabbed at her wrists. Sadly, the valiant effort to keep her limbs where they were was instantly unraveled when the second troublemaking teen squeezed the redhead’s flailing legs just above each knee. “EEIE!” She bucked, all focus shooting to her thighs and just like that both arms were yanked straight up above her head.

“There we go!” The twin with their tutor’s wrists pinned both hands up near one end of the tabletop.

“Nooho! No!” Tugging at her firmly clamped arms, the curvy woman rocked her hips desperately as she watched the other sister pounce on to the table top. With a quick swing of one leg, the towering blonde swiftly straddled the tiny teacher, and sat down with her full weight directly over both thick thighs. “You can’t! You can’t, please! Not like this!”

“Oh, but we can, can’t we Aubrey?” Nora said, kneeling over the writhing older woman’s wide hips.

“We can do anything we want, Miss Hill.” Aubrey echoed her double’s sentiment, holding both the panicking instructor’s wrists tight.

“For example…” Gently pinching either side of the freckled prisoner’s shirt, Nora slid the black cotton upward.

“Nnnnno! Nono!” Harper wriggled, held between Nora’s powerful thighs as the milky white skin of her squishy tummy came into light. “Y-you don’t understand! Please!”

“On the contrary…” Nora bunched the bottom of the shirt up just below the busty woman’s ribs, her dreadfully sensitive midriff out in the open. “I think we understand perfectly.”

“Mmhmm.” Aubrey nodded enthusiastically as her sister began wiggling all ten long nails just above the pinned instructor’s bare tummy. “You are very, very ticklish Miss Hill…”

“Neeheeno!” Worming her belly from side to side, the giggling redhead sucked her stomach in as deep as she could. They didn’t understand, they couldn’t, and even if they did Harper wasn’t sure it would have stopped them. “Let me go! Nodon’tdon’t!”

“How long did we say we were going to tickle her for again? An hour?”

“An hour sounds good!”

“NOWAI-Eeeeieheehehe!” Perfectly manicured claws skittered freely over unbearably sensitive skin resulting in a stream of high pitched giggles.

Back of her boots slamming and sliding across the lower end of the table, Harper’s struggling turned frantic. Pulling hard at her arms, the poor tutor squealed one blubbering plea after another as Nora’s razor-edged fingernails glided all over her defenseless tummy. Along the undersides of her heaving ribs, down her convulsing abdomen and flickering above her beltline, nowhere was protected. Compounding the agony of her predicament was the buxom woman’s disobedient libido, which grew exponentially the worse things got. Cruelly betrayed by her own perversions, even being unable to rein her own arousal in turned Harper on almost as much as the ticklish anguish.

“Staaahahahap! Makeherstohohop!” Craning her head back, the loudly laughing redhead glared at the girl holding her arms.

“Make her stop?” Aubrey raised an eyebrow. “I’d be tickling you too if I didn’t have to hold you down!”

Not noticing the strands of her own fiery hair whipping her in the face, the helpless instructor’s neck and forehead were turning nearly as red as her freckled cheeks. Stretched into a broad, open mouth smile she could barely keep away, Harper’s full lips twisted through a pursing, pouting, grinning array of tickled madness. Closing her eyes tight did little to help focus, a flurry of feathery pinches down both sides making the spasming woman stare widely again. Through the blurring whirl of it all were glimpses of the twin’s identical smirks, their own eyes worryingly enthralled by the riotous show.

“What a pretty smile!” Nora crawled her ten pitiless talons from the tutor’s sinfully soft lower tummy, up to the bottom of her supple ribcage and back down again. “You really are such a natural beauty, Miss Hill!”

“So gorgeous!” Said the opposite twin. “I take back what I said about those love handles, they look like enormous fun!”

“Oh, they are!” The kneeling girl lobster clawed into the tender flesh right above the curvaceous woman’s hips.

“Eeeeiiyahahaha!” Harper shook, her large bosoms bouncing as she wailed.

“Dreadful fun indeed!”

“I bet Miss Hill is fun everywhere!” Aubrey’s grip was so forceful the cackling older woman’s arms barely moved from the elbows on up.

“Let’s find out!” Nora’s eyes widened excitedly and she hooked both thumbs under the sides of their unwilling plaything’s shirt.

“Oh! Ohno! Ohgodnono!” Panting heavily, the busty instructor turned one way, turned the other, going nowhere fast as the girl straddling her hips easily exposed more and more creamy, sensitive skin. “Y-you girls stop this! It’s too much! It’s too far!”

“Stop this, she says.”

“Too far, she says.”

“I mean it!” Harper’s voice cracked a little as the shirt was pulled slowly up over her bulbous bosoms, the overfilled cups of her flowery pink bra coming into full view.

“I mean it, she says.” Nora stretched the shirt higher and hooked it around the top of the tutor’s face, her panicked expression now wrapped in tight cotton.

“Nono don’t do this! Nopleasenoplease!” No longer able to see, every nerve ending in the fitful woman’s body went from on-edge to high alert. Only shadowy shapes and dim light could be seen through the black material, the makeshift blindfold making her sense of vulnerability skyrocket to all new heights. Similarly, the bosomy tutor’s libido was reaching levels she’d rarely ever felt before.

“My goodness, would you look at those tits!” Aubrey exclaimed.

“Don’t you just love the freckles?” Said her sister and immediately plunged all ten fingertips deep into the soft spots between each of their captive’s ribs.

“Yeeeeiiiighahahahaaaa!” Harper bellowed, arching her back before rolling sharply left, finding no relief and snapping back to her right. Neither direction offered any respite, the two hands kneading directly around her ribcage. “Pleeeheeheease! Pleaseeehahaha!” She managed to gasp from the darkness.

From the outside looking in one could only see a vague impression of the sightless teacher’s forlorn expression. Internally, Harper’s whole world was now a dark abyss of her own atrocious ticklishness. Unable to hear anything beyond her own frenetic laughter and squealed pleas, the fingers between her ribs and ever-rising titillation were the entirety of the shapely woman’s existence. Without any way to gauge the twin’s expressions all her begging felt as if it were simply echoing into nothingness.

“Where’s that lovely smile, hmm?” Nora plucked the bottom of her tutor’s shirt up over her chin, letting the stretched material catch just under the redhead’s nose.

“N-nomorahahaha!” Before she could get two words out those devious digits were scurrying up and down Harper’s ribs and tummy.

“That’s better isn’t it, Miss Hill?”

“You know, I never noticed before what plump lips she has!” Aubrey’s latest observation went unheard by the madly wriggling teacher. “They look so kissable!”

“Ohh, you’re right!” Said the speedy-fingered blonde. “What do you think Miss Hill, will you give my sister a kiss?”


“Kiss my sister, Miss Hill.” Nora scratched along the bottom of her panting prisoner’s ribs, barely caressing her painfully sensitive skin. “If you’re good enough…maybe we’ll stop.”

Harper bit her bottom lip as a depraved little tingle ran up the insides of both thighs. So far she could have cast off the twin’s actions as a bit of overly playful teasing. Adding a kiss into the ingredients bought everything to a whole new level, a frighteningly erotic level that was equal parts as stimulating as it was humiliating. Every sensible, professional part of the busty tutor knew locking lips with either of the twins was an awful idea. Even the less professional, turned-on Harper Hill knew nothing good was down that road. The pinned down, girlishly giggling puddle of ticklishness however, that version of her was all too willing to do as she was told.

“O…oh…okay…” Her words a hesitant whisper, the voluptuous instructor had her doubts that even the most spectacular kiss of all time would stop the girls from tickling her. As with everything else going on in that moment, knowing she was very likely being toyed with served to arouse Harper further still.

“Hold still now…” Aubrey leaned over the edge of the table, her large breasts pressing against the anxious captive’s outstretched arms.

A shuddering breath escaped the freckled woman’s slightly parted lips. Slowly draping over the outside of the shirt, Harper could feel strands of the slender teen’s long hair as she leaned in close. Hyperaware of every tiny difference around her, the warmth of Aubrey’s nearness made the nervous tutor’s bottom lip tremble. A half inch between them and ready for passionate embrace, the carnally charged moment of sensuousness was interrupted when Nora scribbled five long nails gently just above the seduced woman’s navel.

“Eieeheeheehee!” The curvy woman shook, her poised lips spreading immediately into a goofy grin.

“Hold still, I said!” Pressing her lips on the giggling trainer’s cheek, the taunting girl kissed around in a series of rapid pecks.

“I caeeeheehee! I cahahan’t!” Harper struggled to stifle her laughter and kiss the naughty student back, her lips puckering randomly and demolishing back to witless smiles.

“I don’t know about this, Miss Hill!” Nora danced her wickedly stroking claws in a two-inch wide circle around and around the poor woman’s belly button. “If you can’t kiss properly we might have to tickle you again!”

“Oh, she’s a terrible kisser!” Aubrey planted a big smooch on the stretched t-shirt, right at the tip of the comely instructor’s nose. “She can’t even find my mouth!”

“Eeieheehe! I’mtrying! Ahaeeieehe!”

“Mmm, I don’t think you are…”

“I think she’s mocking us!”

“She IS mocking us!”

“Nohoho! Pleeheeheeieehhee!” Harper descended into a shaking fit of louder giggles when Nora’s five remaining fingers joined the first frolicking bunch.

“Tickle her, Nora!” The would-be lover stood back up and made sure to hold the fitful teacher’s wrists tight while her sinister sister’s fingernails ran wild.

All hope of an amorous end to the exasperating experience utterly dashed, the message to cancel any lovemaking hadn’t reached Harper’s libido. Preposterously turned on, her rigidly swollen nipples were now threatening to pierce clean through her jostling pink bra. It was a fact, even as she rocked uncontrollably through bewildering laughter, that the crushingly sheepish woman knew couldn’t be hidden from her dual assailants. Whether or not the twins recognized how wantonly inclined their plaything had become or not didn’t matter, the panicking redhead was all but convinced they saw right through her either way.

“Alright, my turn, my turn!” Aubrey chimed after several hectic minutes.

“Wait, wait!” Nora took hold of the gasping instructor’s sleeves and slid the shirt over her feverishly red face, all the way up to her upturned elbows. “I want to try one more thing…”

“What…whatever you’re doing, stop!” Able to see again, the freckled faced tutor looked wide-eyed as the kneeling girl’s wiggling fingers began crawling down the undersides of her quivering biceps. The strapping blonde’s targets were clear, and agonizingly ticklish. A new tactic was suddenly, desperately necessary. “You’re grandfather’s going to be very upset about this!”

“You think so, do you?” Halfway to the hopelessly sensitive trainer’s taut underarms, the cruel teen dragged her nails with a snail’s pace. “That’s funny, he didn’t care a fig about all the nannies we’ve driven off over the years.”

“N-nnn-nono…he…heehee he hired meheehee!” Clenching her teeth, Harper did her best to suppress the bubbling giggles. “Mr. Wright he-heeieehee! He-he hired me special!”

“Ohh, don’t fool yourself Miss Hill.” Aubrey leaned in a little, smirking and shaking her head. “All those nannies our dear Pop-Pop bought in were the best in the business!”

“Remember Mrs. Pennygold?” Nora’s deathly nails were within a mere two inches of her tutor’s silky hollows and the poor woman was vibrating like a rocket set to blast off.

“Oh yes, Mrs. Pennygold! Talk about special!”

“She had a laugh like a donkey, but oh boy was she ever ticklish!”

“And she always wore her hair in this ridiculous bun, like an old schoolmarm!”

“Her mouth always looked like she’d just eaten a lemon!” Both girls chuckled while the trapped woman beneath them held her eyes closed.

“Not by the time we were done with her though!” Aubrey grinned, all shining white teeth. “That stupid bun and sour look on Pennygold’s face were all gone!”

Nora paused, her ten unforgiving claws spidering at the very edges of the trapped trainer’s underarms. “We tickled her everywhere, Miss Hill. And she screamed when we tickled her feet! They were her real weakness, you know?”

Harper could sympathize, and it was only then that the reality of both terrorizing teens getting near her excruciatingly ticklish feet began to sink in. Had she the presence of mind to do much more than focus on her underarms, the wincing older woman might have screamed herself. Screamed for help, screamed for mercy, screamed from the sheer horror at the idea of anyone touching her lethally sensitive soles. Curling her tiny toes inside her socks, the busty instructor could feel a rush of lewd fluttering swirl between her thighs, and the shameful dampness of her panties.

“Y’know Nora, I think we should give Miss Hill here the Pennygold Treatment!” Said the girl holding her teacher’s wrists.

“That-“ The straddling sister scribbled every one of her devilish digits down into Harper’s smooth underarms. “Is a wonderful idea!”

“EEEIIIIEE! EEEIIAAHAHAHA!” Thrusting upward with enough force to lift Nora slightly off the table, the shrieking redhead thrashed.

The twins’ last few words echoed in her rapidly breaking mind as she howled, harrowing thoughts keeping the madness company. They were going to keep tickling, they were going to tickle her feet, there would be no way to hide her arousal then. Harper yanked at her arms in a frenzy, fighting both the unendurable strokes in her hollows and the ominous thoughts about her immediate future. If what the sisters said was true, Nora and Aubrey had done this before, and by the sounds of Mrs. Pennygold they’d done it to women with a lot more resolve than their redheaded riding instructor. Fixated on her torturous present and ominous future, the curvaceous tutor fought hard, and achieved nothing but crushing defeat.

Bolder by the moment, Nora’s nimble fingers explored the full length of her pinned captive’s underarms. From top to bottom the teen’s fingernails moved up and down, pinching, raking and dancing over tragically unprotected skin. Spiking Harper’s wailing laughter at random, the blonde’s ruthless claws raced down to the bulging sides of her wobbling bosoms, skating along the rims of the straining bra. Each hand moved out of sync with the other, no telling where one would go next as they jabbed at the woman’s crazed ribs, scurried to her hollows and prodded again at her jiggling breasts.

“The Pennygold Treatment?” Aubrey’s tone was brimming with hopefulness when her savage sibling eventually halted.

“Let’s do it!” Nora clapped both hands together excitedly.

Breathing quick, short breaths the exhausted woman was in a befuddled daze. Her underarms now littered with pink marks, Harper barely blinked as Nora climbed from the tabletop and both girls came to stand either side of her. Feeling as though she could pass out at any moment, and rather hoping she would, the desperately panting tutor squirmed feebly when the twins grabbed at her arms and legs. A brief attempt was made to wriggle back inside her t-shirt, only for Aubrey to whip it away completely. Instead of speaking, Harper wheezed helplessly as the sisters began turning her about on the smooth, polished wood. Though she was beginning to catch her breath a little, any composure regained wasn’t anywhere near enough to stop them from taking hold of her wrists all over again.

“…no…no…” Was all the fumingly horny instructor could squeak between gasps, shaking her head weakly at whatever the girls had planned.

“Now, now.” Nora said from somewhere near where the halters were kept. “You don’t even know what we’re going to do yet.”

“You might even like it!” The Amazon pinning the freckled teacher’s wrists down rolled her eyes thoughtfully up toward the rafters. “On second thought, maybe not…but we’ll have fun!”

“Mrs. Pennygold sure didn’t!”

“Oh yes, she was very upset!” Aubrey nodded in the affirm. “We thought we’d seen her get mad before, but nothing made that old witch as angry as being tickled!”

“You’re not angry at us, are you Miss Hill?”

“P...please! Pleasepleaseplease!” Harper mewled, far too fearful, lustful and humiliated to have any room for fury. “I don’t want to be tickled anymore! I can’t!”

“Well, that’s going to be a problem.” Nora appeared at the top of the table beside her sister, the long handle of a lunging-whip tucked under one arm. Between her fists the smug duplicate held a few inches of thin black leather, a small sampling of the much lengthier lash.

“Wh-wh-what’re going to do with that?!” Wide-eyed, heart racing, the shirtless redhead dragged her boots hurriedly against the spot where her head had been just moments before.

“Relax…” Aubrey frowned as her counterpart took the business end of the whip and began draping it around their captive’s wrists. “We’re not going to hurt you, obviously!”

“N-no! What then?! Wh-“ Harper paused, glaring upward as the leather spiraled tighter and a atrocious realization sunk in. “You’re not…you’re not serious…you…you can’t!”

“It’s the Pennygold Treatment!”

“How else do you think we kept her under control?” Nora sneered, winding the whip around and around.

“You can’t do this!” Her voice breaking, the voluptuous trainer let her distress be known. “You’re crazy! You’re both crazy!”

“Miss Hill!” The whip-wielding girl balked with pretend offense, then reached up and fed the handle through the heavy black fixture hanging above.

“You’re insane!”

Rarely, if ever did Harper feel the need or even have the courage to be remotely confrontational, being tied up however seemed like an appropriate time for bravery. Carrying on her barrage of shock-induced aspersions toward the twins’ sanity, the buxom instructor began twisting and pulling furiously when Aubrey let go of her arms. Nora meanwhile took a few steps back, pulling the whip handle with great effort and heaving the lash over the large iron rectangle overhead. Jerking in the opposite direction, Harper strained and rolled to keep her arms from rising higher and higher. It was right around the time her shoulder blades started to lift off the tabletop that the distraught older woman felt the other teen menace grab her right ankle.

“Get off me! No!” The outnumbered woman kicked, the younger girl’s grip as inescapable as the leather bound around her wrists.

“We have to, Miss Hill.” Aubrey quickly spun a lead-rope around the forcefully struggling redhead’s ankle. “It’s not fair otherwise!”

“Tying you up’s –nff- the only way!” Nora hauled further back, whip and freckled arms both moving further from the table.

“This way we can both tickle you at the same time!”

“Noooooo!” Harper thrashed.

Despite her manic attempts to break free, the busty trainer couldn’t prevent the girls from achieving their wicked goal. Once she was sitting upright, arms stretched directly upward, Nora strode forward and kept tension on the whip. From right behind the frantically writhing woman, the teenage terror whirled the whip-handle around the taut lash several times over, eventually knotting it just above Harper’s hands. In the same flurry of begging chaos, Aubrey had snagged her lead-rope firm around the curvy teacher’s ankle and fed the other end off one far corner of the table where she secured it tight to a metal ring meant for hanging rags. In the space of one panic filled minute, the two diabolical sisters had their startled captive sitting restrained atop the table, all but her right leg unbreakably trapped.

“Please let me go! Pleeeease!” Her voice warbling with fear, the voluptuous woman tugged fruitlessly at her well-tied wrists.

“We will.” Nora loomed behind, her ample bosoms brushing the bound redhead’s upper back. “When we’re done with you!”

“No plEEEEIEEEAHAHAHA!” Harper exploded into deep belly laughter when the girl reached around and raked five long nails down both fully exposed underarms.

One leg flailing, the bosomy woman’s upper body swayed and turned, her big round denim-clad butt bouncing on the hardwood. As Nora’s formidable claws pranced across the bobbing flesh that ballooned out the sides of each bra cup, Aubrey shot around to the other side of the table. Woefully caught up in her underarm havoc, Harper could only give the tiniest fraction of her attention to the capture of her last free limb. While nails ran riot into her hollows an intense wrestling match began, the other sister snagging the cackling trainer’s ankle and holding on for dear life.

“There!” Aubrey jumped victoriously after binding the left ankle, the fully restrained teacher’s legs now spread apart to opposite corners of the tabletop. “My turn!”

“Have at her, sister…” Nora stepped back and gestured to the whimpering instructor like she were a fine feast to be devoured.

“Mmm…” Putting one palm flat against the table, the slender Amazon purred as she crawled up and into the space between Harper’s wide-spread legs. “Where to start, where to start…?”

Saying nothing and breathing fast, the debilitated tickle-toy’s bottom lip quivered as she watched Aubrey slowly stalk closer. Moving like a lion set to pounce, the striking teen’s long hair dangled around her shoulders, pacing on her hands and knees with an unnerving glint to her eye. Once face to face, the cruel young woman pushed herself upright and slid both knees right between Harper’s thick thighs. Feeling the teen’s kneecaps press just inches from her undoubtedly lust-slick loins caused the freckle faced woman to cringe, her undisciplined libido sending tingles popping up the back of her neck.

“…no…” The fiery haired tutor uttered a trembling whisper when Aubrey pinched the front-clasp of her bra.

“Time to let these ladies out!” Said the nimble fingered teen, and with a skillful snap of her fingers let the over-worked clasp burst apart.

“Ah!” Harper gasped when her bra sprang open, both large freckled bosoms spilling into the open air. Her swollen pink nipples free, the newly half-naked woman’s mouth opened wide.

“Very nice Miss Hill!” Nora leaned casually against the left edge of the table.

“You made her work up a sweat!” Aubrey swiped one fingertip along the underside of the topless woman’s left breast.

“Eieeha!” The bound trainer squealed as the teen’s ticklish touch slid easily along her glossy boob. “Please! Y-you don’t get it!” She whined, using ever ounce of willpower to keep from lewdly grinding her hips. “You have to let me go! You have to!”

“You keep saying that!”



“Because…because…I…I can’t, I can’t!”

“If you don’t tell us-” Aubrey hooked her fingers around both shoulder straps and slid the redhead’s bra all the way up her forcefully raised arms. “We won’t stop!”

“I can guess…” Nora raised a single suggestive eyebrow.

“Miss Hill…you’re not just…the teensiest bit…excited…” Said the devilishly alluring teen knelt upon the table as she tucked the bra firmly down between the sheepish trainer’s hands. “Are you?”

“What? N-no! NO!” Harper squeaked, each word less convincing than the one before it. “Excited? How could anyone be excited?! This is torture!”

“Suuuure…” Aubrey flickered two razor sharp nails around the outermost edges of one puffy, pink areole. “But I think these lovely little nubbins might disagree!”

“Aheeieieaha!” Shaking wildly to keep her nipples out of reach, the buxom prisoner’s hefty breasts bounced. “Stohap! Staheeheehe!”

“Admit it, Miss Hill!” Bringing her other hand into the fray, the teasing teen’s impish nails chased the fitful woman’s bare breasts from side to jiggling side. “Admit you’re just a horny little tickle slave!”

Other than the Wright twins, exactly two other people in Harper’s life had ever figured out her most devastating of secrets. There was her roommate in college, Juniper, an athletic and broad shouldered black girl, and an ex-boyfriend and great bearded bear of a man named Dale. Though both Juniper and Dale had taken occasional advantage of the hopelessly ticklish woman’s involuntary arousal, neither had ever been so wicked as to make her confess it aloud. The very idea, along with being tied up while tickled, was so inhumane the poor kind-hearted trainer could hardly belief it was happening even as she giggled madly in the thick of it.

Positively drenched through her panties by now, the savagely twisting older woman spluttered hoarse pleas as rouge fingertips swiped the tips of her rock hard nipples. Evidently every bit as well-practiced as her identical sister, Aubrey’s flying fingers easily pursued the two apocalyptically sensitive bosoms. Grazing the redhead’s areoles, the giddy teen danced her digits down between each boob, stroked playfully along the crease between her ribs and breasts, and ran five nails unimpeded up the fleshy outer sides. Lost to the hectic struggle of laughter, Harper’s face contorted between agony and hysterics, her arms and legs flexing desperately all the while.

“Has she admitted it yet?” Aubrey squeezed at the curvy woman’s sides. “I can’t understand a word she’s saying!”

“She won’t admit it!” The other sister stood with her arms folded and shook her head. “I heard her call you a dumb blonde though!”

“She what?!”

“Noho!” Balked the topless tutor, her cushiony belly heaving as fingers buried deep into her flesh. “Pleaeeeeheehese! Eiiehaha! Ididn’t! Ahahaaaa!”

“Now she’s calling me a liar!” Nora threw her arms down and began striding toward the back end of the table.

Logically, somewhere back in what was left of the sensible parts of Harper’s mind, she knew there was no winning. Driven almost entirely by instinct, however, the breathlessly laughing woman continued to beg and protest in earnest. Admitting her perverse nature wouldn’t stop the twins, nothing would, yet the hyperticklish panic that overwhelmed her made sure she kept pleading and fighting through every hellish second. Unfortunately even forming those useless words became next to impossible the moment Nora began clawing viciously at the buxom woman’s ribs from behind.

“NEEEIIIYYAAHAHAH!” Harper rocked violently, assaulted from both front and back between the two domineering sisters.

Within seconds the loudly screeching teacher couldn’t tell whose hands were roaming where. From her bucking hips on up, twenty poking, prodding and speedily spidering fingers explored every squishy, flinching and explosively ticklish inch of bare skin they could find. While one girl scribbled around Harper’s underarms the other flickered across her nipples, four hands felt like forty as they jabbed her marshmallowy tummy, dug deep into the tender spots between each rib and wiggled up and down her sides. A few more seconds and the shapely captive’s bouncing breasts weren’t the only parts of her slick with sweat, her forehead, chest and stomach all drizzling with steamy hot beads.

For as much as the wailing woman sweat, nowhere across her curvaceous body was hotter or wetter than the pulsing sauna between her spasming thighs. Titillating tingles sparked like fireworks through the redhead’s lower tummy, goosebumps raising the tiny hairs on her arms. Had she not been laughing so hard, Harper would have moaned, her hips gyrating wantonly of their own accord. Never had she fought harder for freedom and never had she been so far from it, all the worst tickling touches she’d previously endured before that day now feeling like a walk in the park by comparison. By that same token, prior to the twins’ terrible torments the raving instructor had never felt so overcome by arousal without surrendering to climax. Somehow, someway, the onslaught of so much invasive tickling was propelling Harper to new heights of lust without the much needed release or orgasm.

“Uh…uhh…guhee…” Long red strands matting to her neck, shoulders and aching cheeks, the stupefied trainer blathered incoherently after many long minutes.

“Are you enjoying the Pennygold Treatment, Miss Hill?” Aubrey teased, massaging the mumbling woman’s nipples between her thumbs and index fingers.

“Why did we start calling it that?” Nora wiggled her nails up and down the writhing redhead’s sides with strokes so light they barely made contact. “Mrs. Pennygold wasn’t the first person we ever tied up!”

“Nfff…ehee…ahmm…eehee…” Harper squirmed, the sensuous fondling of her nipples contrasting cruelly with the feathery tickles at her sides.

“No, but she was the most fun…” The kneeling girl snaked one hand around the maddened woman’s back and took a fistful of hair. “Until now.” She pulled gently at the handful of messy locks and forced the grimacing older woman’s head back. As her sister continued to flick nails up the topless tutor’s sides, Aubrey pinched and pulled at her nipple while leaning in so close that their lips caressed while she whispered huskily. “You see, Miss Hill…Harper…Mrs. Pennygold didn’t start getting turned on until we broke out the vibrator she thought was so well hidden at the bottom of her panty drawer…”

While the sultry teen spoke, the panting prisoner moaned, her full lips mouthing to be kissed as she giggled.

“But you…” Aubrey continued, her hot breath on the half-stripped teacher’s lips, keeping just out of reach for full contact. “You got all fired up right away, didn’t you?” She pinched the disheveled trainer’s nipple a little firmer and received a particularly raspy moan in response. “I bet you’ve been waiting everyday for this to happen…because you love it, don’t you? You wanted us to tie you up…you want us to take all your clothes…and you want us to tickle your feet!”

“Nnmmff!” Harper tried to protest, instead her words were muffled when the bewitching young woman forced their lips together, tongues intertwining.

In no fit state to fight back, the buxom instructor melted into submission, returning the kiss as her swelled nipple was lovingly squeezed. Completely unaware of anything outside of the blonde’s seductive embrace, the carnally subdued woman had no idea that the other twin was making her way to the lower end of the table. Eyes closed and moaning softly, it was only when she felt a tug at her left boot did Harper try to pull back. Startled, she wriggled her petit foot, a new bout of resistance once again muted by Aubrey’s commanding kiss.

“Mmm…mmn-no…mmMMmmno…” Caught firmly between the erotic rapture of one twin and the horrifying threat of another, the moaning, struggling plaything was torn between ecstasy and misery even as she felt one boot slide from her nervously shuffling foot.

“I don’t think we’ll be needing these…” Nora pinched the tip of the bound tutor’s white cotton sock and dragged it slowly off her foot.

“MMMFF-Eiiee!” Harper jerked sharply, slipping from the kiss as she felt her sock sliding over the torturously sensitive skin of her sole.

“Ohh, Aubrey, you’re going to like this-“ Said the standing sister as she tossed the now empty sock aside. “Miss Hill’s feet even look ticklish!”

“Pleeeheeheease nooo…” Wriggling her tiny toes, the poor woman giggled from the mere thought of having her nightmarishly sensitive feet toyed with.

Suppressed by another long, impassioned open-mouth kiss, the alarmingly vulnerable woman didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as her one remaining boot was plucked free. A single tear rolling down one freckled cheek, Harper had no choice but to do both, cooing lustfully, tittering with laughter and grunting tumultuously as her other sock was taken away. Now completely barefoot, the comely woman almost wished she could go back to just moments before when both teens were mercilessly tickling her upperbody. As Aubrey began to pull away, crawling back the same way she’d came, the forlorn riding instructor moaned woefully for the loss of amorous lovemaking, and the excruciating torture to come.

“Ohh, you weren’t kidding!” Said the leggy blonde as she slid from the table. “These little tootsies DO look terribly ticklish!”

“Pleheeheese….I’ll dieeheeheehee…” Harper stared bug-eyed down at her naked feet, bare breasts jiggling as she giggled.

“Oh, you will not!” Nora waved dismissively. “It’ll be much worse than that!”


“It’s going to be really bad, Harper…” Aubrey grinned. “I would die, for sure!”

“So would I.” Nodding almost empathetically, the two blondes looked at one another in agreement.

“But you can take it, Harper!”

“Or maybe you can’t. Either way-“

And, as if they’d rehearsed it, the teenaged twins spoke in unison. “You have no choice!”

“We told you, you just need a little TLC…” Nora stood at the right hand corner of the table where the redhead’s defenseless left foot was doing it’s best to lay flat.

“Tickle.” Aubrey stood beside her sister, one hand tracing up the rope to Harper’s helpless right foot.



“Ohpleaseohnohohoho! Pleasepleaseeeheehee!” Babbling without so much as a single breath, the half-mad woman watched as slender fingers crawled nearer, both girls caressing the makeshift bondage.

Which of them was first to make contact, Harper never knew. Light strokes flickered across the center of one buttery soft sole and frantic pleas turned to instant, berserk howls. Five frightfully sharp nails scampered over the other ballistically ticklish foot and the buxom woman thrashed maniacally, her tiny toes curling tight. Down to her appallingly tender heels and up her wrinkled arches, the twins gleefully ran their fiendish claws through an all-access tour. From the balls of her feet to tapping swiftly along the tips of her toes, Harper shrieked and squealed with a force she’d never have been able to achieve voluntarily. Tears fell freely down the crazed tutor’s freckled cheeks, and her libido reached a fever pitch.

Teetering on the very edge of orgasm as she roared with laughter, the poor woman’s subconscious must have decided she hadn’t suffered quite enough. All but mindless in her tickled insanity, Harper’s mind forced forward tragically clear memories of times she would much rather have forgot. There was Juniper back in college, the first to ever discover the comely redhead’s debilitating weakness. Something about a much-loved bear, a stuffed-toy belonging to the far stronger girl. Harper had fallen asleep on the fluffy thing one afternoon and Juniper’s idea of punishment was perhaps the worst thing she could have come up with; tickling the smaller girl’s bare feet. Recalling her ankles trapped firm in the crook of her fellow co-ed’s arm, the screeching woman remembered every painstaking stroke, floundering in nothing but a nightshirt and panties for minutes on end.

In the same swirl of calamitous thoughts, Harper saw her ex-boyfriend, the hulking bearded man she’d lived with for a spell in her mid-twenties. An otherwise charming and sweet natured guy, Dale’s discovery that his girlfriend could be driven to climax by tickling her feet hadn’t been the reason they broke up, but it was a factor. More boyishly amused than outright cruel, Dale’s ignorance to the tiny girl’s suffering meant he’d get his wiggling fingers on her feet a lot more often than Juniper ever had. In college having her feet tickled became more of a threat, rarely acted upon as long as Harper followed her roommate’s rules. At home with her boyfriend however, it was a near weekly event. In both instances the curvaceous girl would be held down, ankles pinned or held, never able to escape as fingertips danced upon her hypersensitive soles. Neither Juniper nor Dale ever stopped once they started, not until their petit companion cried out in a show of carnal turmoil.

With those memories thick at the forefront of her mind, the bellowing older woman could feel herself about to burst. Infinitely more sinister than either of her old friends, Nora and Aubrey each used one hand to pry back Harper’s toes, stretching her silky soles taut. Unable to move her dainty feet even a quarter inch in any direction, the hysterical trainer spasmed wildly, the sisters’ free fingers delving beneath her toes and raking relentlessly over her insteps and devastatingly delicate arches. In her fervor she prayed for orgasm, for an end to the stroking, dancing, wiggling fingers, inescapable as she dangled over the precipice of lustful release. Nerves on fire with firecracker tingles, Harper longed to cum, she needed to cum, yet as the twins drew countless tracing lines around her soles the feeling of sweet, merciful climax was just a hair’s width out of reach.

Aubrey let her bunch of captive toes loose and switched to using all ten of her savage nails at once. Along top and bottom of the unhinged tutor’s foot the cunning teen flickered up and down, no position be it side to side or back and forth able to escape the girl’s pitiless fingers. Keeping her own pack of five tiny toes bent back, Nora continued grazing her talons speedily over Harper’s sole, occasionally sliding slowly from balls to heel in a gradual stroking descent that caused nothing but mayhem. A creature now of pure primal impulse, the deranged trainer’s mind was entirely devoid of coherent thought, even her torturous memories had faded in fear of the terror at her soles.

Finally, finally, Harper felt a surge of pulsating warmth rush between her inner most thighs. Arching back as much as her well-tied restraints would allow, the topless woman’s fingers curled around the leather lash between them. Her mouth contorting to a wide O-shape, a hoarse cry broke through the lunacy of her laughter as a hurricane force orgasm took hold. Every fiery tingle across every nerve ending sparked alive, cackling cries interjecting into the thrashing woman’s unbridled moans. Toes spreading wide, the teens’ spidering fingers did not cease, their sadistic teasing keeping Harper company through every shuddering howl of climax. Throwing her head back, eyes clenched tight, the mindlessly hollering woman soaked clean through her jeans as she came, pussy throbbing in the sopping deluge of arousal.

After several minutes of laughing, gasping conflict the busty teacher’s orgasm began to subside, and so too did her moans. Strangely, defying all expectation built from previous awful experience, her laughter only increased. The two young women racing their long nails around Harper’s bare feet were not following the rules. They were supposed to stop. The orgasm was done, they’d tickled her all the way through it. Every nerve across the exhausted woman’s voluptuous body was more sensitive than ever. More ticklish than ever. Now was the time, the orgasm was the time. Juniper and Dale always stopped. The twins had to stop too. They had to stop now. Stop. Now. They had to.

“That was BIG one!” Nora scribbled ten nails along the half naked trainer’s left sole.

“Miss Hill, you saucy little minx!” Aubrey drew swirls around the wailing woman’s heel with one hand, the other chasing the tips of her over stimulated toes.

Thrashing at a level of ticklishness Harper never imagined possible, she heard none of what the sisters were saying. With her eyes so wide the entirety of her irises were surrounded by white, the unblinking instructor felt every one of the twins’ thousands of unbearable strokes. Each tiny swipe was a torment unto itself, the effect driving her out of her mind and sending a new riot of wanton jolts directly to her libido. With an unending stream of tears flying off her aching jaw, belly and freckled bosoms both bouncing as she shook, Harper felt a second unwanted orgasm crash warm waves throughout her loins.

“There she goes again!” One of the girls teased, digging eagerly under the lewdly moaning woman’s toes.

“How many do you think she’s got in her?” Said the other, all the while drawing figure 8s around the curvy tutor’s arches.

“I don’t know…let’s find out!”

Though the sisters did eventually relent at some undefined point, Harper continued to giggle, pant and writhe for a long while after. As her shattered mind clumsily pieced back together, the ravaged older woman barely recognized that the twins had found themselves a pair of scissors each. Responding only with squeaking twitches and muttering nonsense, there was nothing to be done as Aubrey and Nora sliced their limply hanging plaything’s jeans to shreds. Doing the same to Harper’s pink, sodden panties, the nefarious pair of smirking blondes easily rendered the poor woman entirely nude, her shapely bare ass and fiery red bush all out in the open.

“Wh…wh…” The baffled prisoner stirred, blinking tears from her eyes when she felt hands snaking around her ankles.

“Oh, Miss Hill, there you are!” Aubrey cooed.

“We thought we’d lost you for a while there.” Nora added.

“Wha…what are you…doing…?” Harper’s voice was a raspy whisper of what it usually was.

“Who, us?” Said one of the girls, both of them stood either side of the table with their backs to the bound woman and a hand each on either of her ankles. “Oh nothing, we just wanted to see how many times we could make you cum.”

“We counted two so far.” The second sister grinned.

“Maybe three.”

“True, yes, maybe three.”

“Anyway, our fingers were getting tired.”

“So we got these!” Both teens held up their other hands, each holding a brush meant for scrubbing horsehair.

Harper’s toes wiggled and her heart skipped a beat. She tugged feebly at the leather around her wrists and the ropes binding her legs. A shuddery breath stammered through her lips and the buxom redhead stifled a sudden sob. To keep Foal Sure Farm running smooth took no less than ninety employees. The twins raised their brushes and began scouring countless fronds across the bottoms of the naked tutor’s feet. As she screamed and her libido stirred once again, Harper understood why, of the ninety employees, those who worked closest with Aubrey and Nora never stuck around for long.

The End​

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