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What happens when...


1st Level Yellow Feather
Apr 11, 2014
What happens when Jeff or the other owners of this Forum die or if the code to this website becomes obsolete and it can't be updated or supported anymore?

I guess what I'm saying is do we have a back up plan? I'd hate for this place to end up just like Tickle Theater.com. :(
Two questions here.

The first about software obsolescence is something we are working on now. We have a donation option that is tagged for buying upgraded software, and as we hit the marks we will and update. It's pricy, and will take a bit to get to, but we should make it before this platform becomes totally useless.

The question about people is a bit more nuanced. Jeff is the owner of the forum and it's IP in toto. As an asset I always have assumed that it will be handled in his will, and will be given to another person to take care of should something happen. But odds are that is a long way off.

If I was to die or retire, someone else would simply step in and do the things I do. There is nothing overly special in my tasks here, and many could easily fill my shoes.

In general as long as we are wanted we'll try to be about.

I hope it s okay if I respond, Myriads./ My intent is only to contribute in what is intended to be a sincere and positive manner.

Myriads and Jeff are far from old, as they are around the same age group as I am. (51)

While we know anything can happen to anyone at any time, especially given the dangers of Covid.

My hope is that both Myriads and Jeff are both alive and well for many years to come.

As to what would happen if one of them was to decide to retire, or did not want to run the forum anymore.

I'm sure that they would discuss such a scenario, and make the best decision for both their situation, and the situation of the lives of the members of the forum.
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