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X-Feathers, a new project


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Dec 6, 2015
Hey Guys

Since I enjoy my victims so much, we had the idea to make a little production to effort new stuff and the gas money from the members.
We think about a tickling livestream and also a booking option "rent a feather" so you can order some of your fantasies like Superman getting tickled and so on :D

Right now I have two male Victims (one Bi and the other straight)
Xtreme Upgrade restis tickling a bit more but if you hit the spot on his feet, side or tight he starts screaming ;D

Any Suggestions?

here is a preview from us :D



We try our best :D New sessions and new victims are coming
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Really nice. Nice to see more /m tickling. Also nice to see a place that has lots of guys feet getting tickled. :thumbsup:
The last night as a free man and a free woman! But what does it takes to be a good groom? Tonight is the night for the bride to test the qualities from her groom and this bride truly has special wishes!In 5 different postion the bride and her maids of honor test the condition from this very ticklish groom and who knows what else he will promise her, if she push the right button...or tickle the right spot? A lovley trip to Spain? Or the expensive earrings? Maybe a very special and romantic song while six mercyless hands bringing the mind from him to insanity?Better tame a men in the first night!

Now Available on


Trailers are on facebook!

We make a few new videos, but this one is a new special costumer Request! I promise tears and sweat haha

Here is the Story:

Daniel never wanted his new stepmother and sister, he despised them and only used them as maids. He wanted them gone as fast as possible and this weekend when his father was away for business he is gonna make his move. He knows a room where Diana must have some secrets hidden since he isn't allowed in there. When he enters he finds her secrets alright, but they are not what he expected...


This includes two evil female ticklers, an athletic male Victim, different positions, teasing and extreme tickling torture :D
I'm gonna assume the answer is no for this but, is there any way we can see Yahara get tickled? I know some people do a "revenge" video so the ticklees get to be the ticklers so I was wondering if that was possible.

Also I have two questions. 1. Where do you get your equipment (tables and x thing)? They don't seem like something you see everyday. 2. Where do you get people to tickle? That has always been something that struck my couricity XD
I just discovered your site and have purchased a number of your videos. I am absolutely in love with X-Treme Up Grade. he is so freakin Hot and I love the way he tickles guys. I really hope there will be many more tickle vids with him tickling guys. I can't get enough of him. Do you think you'd ever do a video of him tickling a huge fan? LOL
I just discovered you over a tickling forum and I’m a fan now! What country are you operating from? Would love for you to break me ( if you can &#55357;&#56841;) Great work! You’re one of my favorites now! All the best!
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