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The Tale of Reunion (g/g, pt1)

The dimly lit bar was as expected overcrowded. Sophie made her way inside it alone, clueless what to do next on a random Wednesday evening. It was a snow break from university and everyone was supposed to be at home. However little did people know that a 25 year old young professor had no one to make her feel at home. She sighed and made her way into the crowded bar. She reminisced about her first day at the bar, even though nothing much changed throughout her journey of months spending time here that day was still different. The only thing similar to that day was that she was alone back then and was alone now as well. However it didn't matter to her, she had been accustomed to being with herself. She knew she had no one who cared if she ate or was living. She was happy just being there for herself and with the few people here and there. She was contended with them if not full but to some extent.

She took her seat at the usual place and ordered her usual bourbon. She started staring into the crowd and drawing conclusions and making inferences a pastime she had developed and mastered since childhood. This was one of the peak reasons why she felt psychology was totally her A game but back then her parents refused to fund her education and she had no other option but to comply with them. Thus the first chance she got of escaping, she seized it and ran faster than Ussain Bolt and shifted to a completely new place far away from her parents' noses. A good three hours had passed before something interesting caught her eye.

Who do you think you are huh??”
Not all women here are trying to get into your bed!!” A loud slap.

The sound of the slap didn't astonish Sophie as much as the voice did, was it really the voice of the person she thought it was? Her feet were moving faster than her mind as she stood behind the commotion.

The lady in front of her had long blonde hair, the hair looked smooth as it was left open. The hair was long enough to lie straight on the woman's shoulders. Her jeans hugged her butt tightly and the curves were pretty distinct all over the woman's body. She immediately shifted her focus to the commotion when she realised she was checking her out.

The commotion had already pulled in the manager and other known figures and before Sophie knew the blonde was staring straight into her eyes as the crowd started to disperse and everyone went back to their mundane lives. Sophie could have sworn she was not breathing out there for a second as she intently stared into those hazel eyes. Those eyes.

10 years back those hazel eyes were the one which made her addicted to everything she hated. She was willing to go to any extent just to catch a glimpse of that person with the hazel eyes. Prim. Was this the same Prim Rhodes standing in front of her? Her Prim Rhodes? Her childhood bestfriend whom she never got a chance to confess before she went away forever? Atleast it felt like forever before this moment to her.

“Sophie is that really you? Cause I swear no one had more plump lips than yours.” Prim spoke up as loudly as her voice would allow. She was tired after the heated verbal conflict but she seemed to be in a daze as she stared into the most magnificent blue eyes on the most beautiful auburn haired woman ever born, Sophie Downes. Her childhood bestfriend whom she always secretly loved. She felt she might be able to forget her love for her when she left her 10 years back without a goodbye, but with time her love for Sophie only grew and in the end she visited their hometown of Texas in search of her only to be greeted by sorrow and regrets. She couldn't believe she was standing in front of her bestfriend.

“Can I-I hug you? Yo-you a-a-are Prim right??” Sophie couldn't control her emotions, somehow she felt so happy yet tearful at that moment. She felt like she was both in hell and in heaven, her body and soul divided between the two.

“Now, now I-I am totally sure you are my Sophie.” Prim couldn't control her voice from cracking either, she embraced the girl in front of her and didn't let go before she was sure it wasn't another of her happy dreams.

After what seemed like 3-4 minutes they tore their embrace and both of them spoke up together,

“Let's find a seat!” – Sophie
“We need to talk!” – Prim

They both laughed at their antics and got back to Sophie's place. They chatted and ordered food. They talked about everything, their past, their present, their future. They stripped vulnerable for each other and allowed each other to be enveloped in the familiar comfort of friendship. Time carried away and it was not until an official text that popped on Sophie’s phone were they reminded of the time,

“Oh shit, it's 3am??” Sophie was quite surprised to look at her own energy.

“Ah we need to call it a night then, when does uni start tomorrow?” Prim asked, trying to hide the disappointment in her heart.

“I don't have uni tomorrow. They have declared a holiday. I am gonna be free the whole week and have just one class next week Mon. Wbu? Tell me your place and I will drop you.” Sophie started picking up her essentials and fidgeted to book a cab on her phone.

“Um, actually sophieee…” Prim dragged on.

Sophie immediately looked up from her phone and stared into those eyes before saying, “okay you got five minutes to tell me what you have messed up this time before I dump you in the trash.” Sophie stated sarcasm and fun laced in her voice.

“Got-yu, I would cut this straight. Could you let me stay at your place for like the next 2-3 days? You are also on a holiday right, also i will pay you rent and also help you with anything, I just need a room that's it. But like could you manage? It's my second day at Southampton and I am leggit living on the streets.” Sophie opened her mouth to say but was interrupted with, “I promise I am gonna look for a place and shift immediately! As soon as possible but like can I crash for 2-3 days??” Prim said while giving her bestfriend the pout she knew she could never deny.

“Okay, first off. I want to state something.” Sophie replied seriously. Prim suddenly felt very nervous. Maybe she crossed her boundaries? Maybe a lot has really changed between them amidst these years. She nodded at Sophie to continue.

“After leaving my parents in Texas, to repay and cut them off, I started working part-time as well. In Fact even after I got the job at uni, I kept doing some of them so I had quite a few savings from there. I actually bought a small house with that. Nothing too extraordinary, just a simple house but it is quite spacious.” Sophie looked towards Prim to make sure she was listening to what she was saying, cause she felt nervous about what she was going to say, she ultimately decided to pour her heart out and said, “I have been living alone there for a long time. To avoid the lonely feeling, I often end up working late or stay here at the bar, if you don't mind, would you like to share this house with me?” Sophie looked intently towards Prim. She was absolutely clueless as to how Prim would react to such a proposal, after all living with someone for sometime and for nearly forever until some circumstances arise are two different things right? However to her surprise, she got a tight hug instead of an answer,

“OFCOURSEEE I WOULLLDDDDD. ARE YOU KIDDING ME BABE!! I AM YOURS, AND YOU ARE MINE. OFCOURSE M’GONAA LIBE WITH YOU.” and with that Prim placed a sloppy kiss on her cheeks. Sophie could swear she felt her knees go wobbly and take the floor, however she remained calm and composed and diverted her attention towards the phone. She realised there were much more things to do and she would find time to obsess about that later. Prim on the other hand, called for the waiter to clear off the rest, so that they could leave.

The two bestfriends left the bar, but they chatted throughout the night and only when it was dawn did their voices finally get some rest. The next 3 days were spent in helping Prim set up and getting her accustomed to Southampton life.

((for once, i wanted to develop the characters and give them some proper introductions so here we go, if you are looking for a quick glance at the climax, skip to page 3-4, and if you want to hold in your anxiety and get the ultimate pleasure, i love you, happy readinggg!! :redheart: ))
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