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Venturing in the Wild (F/F). Pt 1

The peril I was in couldn't be more obvious. Why? Well here we go, the mere description of what state I am in right now would be enough to make you understand why I am saying this.

I am tied to what seems like a hollow wood carved in the layout of a human being. I am given a latex suit to be worn. The most shocking thing is how I was completely oblivious to this room. Rene left a few days ago, we had a complete plan sorted and we both convinced Rosie to come to the barn in the winter break so that we could get our revenge from what Rene's friends did to her. They needed to be taught a lesson. The rest of the vacay passed more than good, rather it was amazing and when Rosie said that she was willing to carry out the punishment round that was left over the last time I was over cloud nine but I guess I had forgotten about Rosie's past.

After that weekend at our home, Rosie told me about her childhood and the barn. She said tickling was often used both as a family bonding activity and also as a punishment depending on who it was carried out. She belonged to a dignified and respectful family in her childhood thus her family often was given the responsibility to carry out punishments to the people who committed crimes and those were often done in a particular room in the Barn. Rosie had given me subtle hints about the room but I never believed or could have imagined it like this, lying on this carved wooden table wearing a latex suit I was feeling both anxious and extremely excited.

I am lying in a normal position, just like we usually lie down on bed. My hands are shackled by wooden rods inside the hollow table on my sides. The wooden table spreads in a 'V' from below. The heat from the wooden covering and the latex suit is making the cold weather seem hot, sensing that Rosie lowered the temperature of the AC. My capacity to move has surprisingly not been stopped by the bondage but something completely different and unbelievable to me. A few minutes back, Rosie pulled open the zipper of my latex suit near my pussy. I am completely naked from inside as that was what was instructed to me by Rosie. I wanted to experience how it felt for those who got punished and Rosie had promised me to give me an experience even better than that and I knew I could trust her with this. Rosie soon brought what seemed like a long rod with three round soft fuzzy stuff attached to it, at specific distances and the first one being the smallest and the sizes growing an inch from the other as it passed. After the three fuzzy things there seemed to be what liked some kind of long slender paper like stuffs attached at some distance. I was not fully immobilised thus I was trying my best to pick my head up to check what would happen next. Rosie fixed the rod with another rod attached with a trolley below and pushed and placed it right in front of my zipped pussy. Rosie pulled open the zipper and pulled out what seemed like a small wooden table with two long wooden rods attached below, she placed the table right above my hip region and with the rods at both side, fixed them on my labia majora and stretched it from both sides. I immediately led my head back, allowing the pleasure filled pain engulf me. I never in any of my lifetime could explain the feeling I encountered the very next moment. Loud moans escaped my mouth as my body jerked and reacted wildly to the sensations, if the rods weren't holding my pussy from both the sides it would surely have led to a disaster. Rosie pushed the rod inside me and I felt the first fuzzy thing enter my vaginal hole, the second was right above it and in between the clit and lower part of my pussy, the third one was on top of them, and then she removed the rod and tied the whole thing with a soft rope, the balls pressing inside me and covered the whole pussy with the rest of the slender paper like thing from the rod. I was eternally and honestly grateful that she wasn't planning to zip up the suit, cause that would have been even more edgy. Before I could process the next thing, Rosie opened the zipper of my bellybutton, nipples and removed the socks from my feet. I understood from her swift movements that this time, everything would be processing and happening too fast and most probably without breaks.

Rosie put some sort of small glass pipes on my nipples which immediately started sucking on it. She next went on to place a small soft wax candle on my bellybutton. She brought a few more handcrafted machines and kept on attaching them to various places. Two machines with what seemed like long, pointy rods placed near my feet, she spread the wooden table below my ass and stretched my butt thus opening my butthole. She placed what seemed like four feathers placed at small distances in a line on top of the rod. I could feel one of the feathers extremely inside my ass and the rest on the lining of it. I was extremely aroused by the whole situation and was now desperately waiting to get released, because obviously I couldn't expect Rosie to lead me to an orgasm and everything was edging me too much. As if sensing my situation Rosie left me after just saying that she would be back. I lied there for what seemed like an eternity and I could swear she did that intentionally because she came back after 15 minutes and acted like nothing had happened. I realised this was also a part of the ordeal the prisoners had to go through. She didn't wait a single second once she came back. She tightened the clamp at my nips, and went on to light the candle at my bellybutton.


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