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Venturing in the Wild (F/F). Pt 1

Venturing in the Wild (F/F) Pt 2

(this one is going to be longer than the previous one.)
A small press of the button immediately started the whirring at my feet but the worst of all was the tickling of my ass and vagina cause it was extremely difficult to explain whether it was tickling or edging or something else. I started thrashing and bucking at the table, the bonds not allowing me to move an inch. This went on for 30 minutes with me howling and thrashing.

After 30 minutes, everything stopped and Rosie first cleaned my belly button. My vagina was already oozing out liquids like it had already orgasmed, my butthole was still moving reflexively due to the continuous ordeal. Another 20 minutes passed before Rosie came towards me with what seemed like small tiny boxes, she opened a part of it and attached them to my nips. I immediately pulled at my bonds and started to get up in order to throw away the boxes and remove the feeling from my body. Rosie pushed me down on the table with one hand on my bellybutton and the other on my head.





All my pleas went unheard for obvious reasons. Once again I realised I would be thrown into another long ordeal of extreme pain and pleasure. I started breathing heavily and was soon engulfed with darkness, no I had not passed out. Rosie put on a blindfold on me. The loud noises and shifting of things made me aware that there was something else going on in the room and I very soon realised what it was after a few minutes. It is also important to mention here that this ordeal was the final and actual punishment, the initial 30 minutes were just warm up and this ordeal the second part had started around noon more or less and ended at midnight of the next day. I passed out for like more than 6 times because the ordeal went on non-stop, there were brief periods where only my bound body was present and only my maniac-like laughter was heard as Rosie was busy with some other stuff. I even got tickled and pleasured on my dreams. Nonetheless getting back to how it started so after attaching boxes filled with crushed ice on my nips, a long rod filled with crushed ice was tied to my hips, another candle was lit up on my bellybutton and my feet, stomach, sides, asshole, pussy was brushed with some sort of thick blue liquid. Once the liquid was spread the latex suit was zipped up and only the area of my vagina was left. A long thick pipe with a medium sized bell jar attached to one of its ends was then brought in by Rosie. She attached the pipe to my vagina after removing the long rod and it immediately pulled inside it most of the skin and tightened around my vagina. I cried out in mild pain and pleasure. Rosie then went on to remove the feathers and placed on a single rod which had a close resemblance to a dildo and literally shoved it up my asshole. I swear i could feel my face turn red and sensing that she just teased me, "dont worry, your secrets are safe with me." I couldn't believe my ears that I had heard this, I felt lowkey glad that she couldn't see my eyes. To make matters worse I felt strong itching and tingling sensations all over my body and jerked out in reflex, what I heard next still runs shivers down my spine.

"That would be the liquid. It would make you feel extremely itchy and ultimately tickle you. However, to give you some sort of relief, I have attached the pump at your vagina and vibrator at your ass. I think it is important to mention that, the pump would keep edging you and leading you to orgasms till this belljar is completely filled to the brim. It is not the biggest size however that would depend on whether or not by the end of this ordeal you promise to abide by the rules I set for you. If you don't then i will have to make you go through the pump with the largest jar. For this jar, there would be approximately 20 rounds of orgasms needed and yes, if you decide to pee in between then the jar would restart the whole ordeal so don't try to play with it and once this pump starts no matter how much you want it, it would stop only after the jar is filled otherwise you might have to operate it. I have added the vibrator to make your orgasms faster, plus the liquid that was spread through your whole body and the change in the way of punishments would help you to orgasm faster. This is actually one of the most important part of the punishment that was carried out on the criminals and I felt this should remain unchanged, because you had requested me for it so dearly. But don't you worry, you would not even feel half of what they felt, cause this jar would be filled before you know it."

And with that, the pump was started, the vibrator humped first at a slow speed and then gradually going faster and then again cooling down, the lit candle heated up my bellybutton, the liquid made me pull at my bonds due to the itching. Right when I was close to my first orgasm the machines briefly stopped for a moment, I whined out in desperation. I felt the zippers near my thighs open and some sort of thing probably liquid again brushed on my skin. I immediately begged Rosie to not put anymore of that same liquid cause it was already tickling a lot. I understood it was probably something else, as I felt tongues sweeping on my sensitive thighs. I was so inside my head that I could never tell the exact count, but there were definitely not less than 5 tongues. The pump immediately started again and the vib started humping again this time at a higher speed. The spikes at the feet were attached again and the tickling intensified to a greater extent. The ice boxes were replaced by the pipes at the nips however the highlight of that moment was the whooping. Surprisingly none of the whoops left a mark even though they surely hit hard, it was probably because of the liquid and the material of the whoop. The whooping started right at the verge of my orgasm, while my whole body was shaking from the strong orgasm, Rosie whooped at my belly. It was the most painfully and pleasurable experience. I would never be able to describe in words what i felt back then even though i was thrashing, pleading, begging when that was happening, now that i am lying on my bed thinking about that moment the urge to experience that again is making me horny once more. The whooping hit on my belly way too hard and the pump pulsating and massaging my sensitive genital skin and the continuous tickling was too much to handle, I exploded like a volcano. I couldn't handle the extreme postorgasm and passed out soon after.

Since then, I kept waking up at different times each time with another experience. One time there were various animals at every point of my body licking the honey mixed with some more ingredients of my body. The blindfold had been removed from my eyes for that brief period and there were feathers up my ass again. The jar was placed right beside my stomach so I could see how much it had filled if I pushed my head upwards. I saw that not even the lower portion of the jar had been filled and I had already had 5 orgasms by then. Tears of mirth rolled down my eyes and my anxiety reached its peaks as I recalled what Rosie had told me earlier. If even after 5 orgasms the lower portion of the jar wasn't filled, it would surely take more than 20 orgasms to fill that. Also the jar was much bigger than what was described by Rosie. There was another time when one part of my body was tickled at a time while the pump went on then another time when my whole body was covered in ice. Only two things were kept constant, the pump at my vagina and the pipe at my nips. I remember that there was a point when nothing was going on apart from the pumping and I could feel the edging at every second. The most intense was however when both animals, machines and the pumping was going on. Half of my body was getting tickled by that evil liquid and the machine, and another half was tickled by the animals. The pump had been then moving at a super sonic speed, while this time candles were attached overhead and the wax was dripping randomly all over my belly while Rosie kept on whooping it. The one on my bellybutton was now increased to a larger size. A thin lining of ice was wrapped around my nips right where the pipe ended and ice was placed both below and on top of my hips. The hot and cold temperature were adding up to my agony and ecstasy. I remember coming hard and fast, and how I almost lost my voice due to the howling I did during that post orgasm torture. I intentionally kept a count of the number of times I was orgasmed and that was the 30th time that day. It surprised me how much I came and there was a point when I felt that I might end up at the hospital but somehow luckily that didn't happen. It didn't take up much time for me to pass out after that.
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