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Venturing in the Wild (F/F). Pt 1

Venturing in the Wild (Finale)

When I woke up, I was lying on the bed in the room given to me at the barn. The moonlight seeped in through the windows. My suit had been changed to loose shorts and a crop top. I lazily pushed my body up from the bed and saw a paper near the lamp. I took it and started reading it. It didn't take me much time to decide, the paper had some set of rules written and if I didn't follow them some of the probable punishments were listed below with each punishment increasing in its limit. I immediately knew what I had to do next and planned my next moves while lying on the bed. I couldn't wait for the upcoming days and somehow I felt that no matter how hard and horrible life was, with the best parents, rosie and Rene back to being my bestfriend, we would definitely be able to satisfactorily live it if not happily.

Surely the punishment came sooner than I could have expected. This time the setting and the environment were more than a few steps ahead but that's a story for a different day afterall.

(I hope you guys liked this one, this is my first ever tickle fic. Criticism, requests, suggestions are highly appreciated. Apologies for spelling errors cause I was high and very horny back then.)


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    Hi everyoneeee!! thank you so much for all the love you guys have showered on my first story...

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