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  • Things are essentially as good as they can be with everything still under quarantine. I'm here really rarely these days; I just saw your post about your podcast and figured I'd check in and see how you were doing. I will say I miss the glory days of the P&R sub-forum sometimes.
    Heya Teach! Ms. Lily. :) Thanks for the thoughts. I am doing very well, and things for me at least could not be too much better. I hope all is well with you.
    Today Maggie and I were playing Monopoly. She stole my orange properties. I told her stealing oranges is like beating up a Mexican. We lol'd.
    Are you having the NEST follow up radio show this weekend? I might not be able to be online, but I will try to call in to listen. I wouldn't mind talking about it. Thought it might be cool to have a kidnapee explain what kidnapping is like if anyone has ever been hesitant to sign up.
    WOW! I didn't realize you moved. I just sent you a text and it didn't go thru. Oh well such is life. Have a good one!
    ROB! I haven't talked to you in FOREVER! Hope you are well and everything is going good for you! Miss you!
    Week 14

    Thursday, Dec. 09

    Indianapolis at Tennessee 8:20 pm NFL Network

    Sunday, Dec. 12

    Cleveland at Buffalo 1:00 pm CBS - HD (Regional)
    Green Bay at Detroit 1:00 pm FOX Regional
    Tampa Bay at Washington 1:00 pm FOX Regional
    Oakland at Jacksonville 1:00 pm CBS - HD (Regional)
    Atlanta at Carolina 1:00 pm FOX Regional
    N.Y. Giants at Minnesota 1:00 pm FOX Regional
    Cincinnati at Pittsburgh 1:00 pm CBS - HD (Regional)

    St. Louis at New Orleans 4:05 pm FOX Regional
    Seattle at San Francisco 4:05 pm FOX Regional
    Kansas City at San Diego 4:15 pm CBS - HD (Regional)
    New England at Chicago 4:15 pm CBS - HD (Regional)
    Miami at N.Y. Jets 4:15 pm CBS - HD (Regional)
    Denver at Arizona 4:15 pm CBS - HD (Regional)

    Philadelphia at Dallas 8:20 pm NBC

    Monday, Dec. 13

    Baltimore at Houston 8:30 pm ESPN
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