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  1. P


  2. Nuciferyne

    2016 :: Commissions

    Read here for more information~ http://nucicoms.deviantart.com/art/2016-Commission-Information-581721130 Thanks for your interest! Feel free to contact with any questions. ^_^ Contact: [email protected] (or simple PM here!)
  3. kd8lmno

    Taking Commissions!

    I don't know if this is the right category to put this in. But I digress. I am currently taking commissions and holding a summer sale! $8 DISCOUNT on fullbody commissions and up that involve my characters! BUSTS ARE BUY TWO, GET ONE FREE! 10% OFF FULLBODY COMMISSIONS! 15% OFF MATURE/PORN...
  4. G

    Anime commissions from Bebob4999

    These two were done for me by this artist. http://bebob4999.deviantart.com/gallery/ The first one is from an anime called Girls und Panzer. The woman being tickled is Ami Chouno. She drove a tank over the principal's car. The second one is from a Russian and Japanese anime called First Squad...
  5. Oblivion


    So I've been on a bit of a commission frenzy. I'll be posting them up as they're completed. First up! I don't know if any of you are Magic: The Gathering fans but if you are, you'll recognize these three. By Dr. Random or Dr-Williard on deviantart, a one page comic of Chandra, Liliana and...
  6. shynsmall310

    Looking for tickle story commissions

    As the title says, I'm looking to commission a writer for a tickle-themed story. I'd like a simple M/F story, please - particularly with a write who likes to focus on feet, perhaps a bit of foot-worship and isn't afraid to write a bit of F/M. Though I'd like the focus to be M/F. If interested...
  7. Iggy0921

    Gifts, art trads, and commissions

    Here is some artwork, from some of my friends on DA, CheshireCaterling, pabuluz, Darkspeed7, Mununsah, and PHI9BO enjoy.
  8. Redscript


    Hello, haven't been here in a while. I have some free time, as far as drawing is concerned, and I was wondering if anybody would like to commission me? This is what I've lately done.
  9. Tom Tickle

    Open for commissions

    Hi guys As many of you know, I have been posting my tickle art on this site via my Fox Sisters adventures for a few years and I have received many compliments and made some lovely and very encouraging friends. In recent months I have felt that my colouring technique has at last caught up with...
  10. F

    Sketch Commissions OPEN

    My place of work has decided to go with quantity over quality and I need money for key necessities.... specifically beer, tacos and fuel. So for the time being, i'm opening up to sketch commissions. Can't really do color right now because it'd swallow too much time. But they're legit sketches...
  11. F

    Commissions + a Pic!

    Well, it's finally happened. I'll be taking commissions. Fully inked and coloured, any picture you like (within reason). If you're interested - pm me and i'll give you details! Or note me on DA http://deadpooldisassembled.deviantart.com/ I'm starting a brand new way of doing pictures for me...
  12. grippedchimp1

    Now taking commissions!

    Right, this has been something that I've been meaning to do for quite a long time now, but now I'm finally getting round to it. I am currently taking commissions. So, if you would like to book one, let me know. There are a pre-determined number of slots a month, but more can crop up depending...
  13. T

    Story Commissions

    Sorry if this is the wrong category, or something is wrong with this post, idk... but, does anyone on here take story commissions? Because Ill literally pay someone to write a story about my idea... PM me if youre interested
  14. I

    Do you know any hentai artists who take requests (not commissions)?

    You know, free requests. Because I noticed that there is little-to-no barefoot artwork of Metal Gear Solid girls out there, and that is an injustice which must be righted! Mostly, I'd like to see the feet of Meryl, Naomi, Rosemary, and (young) EVA.
  15. Redscript

    Commissions and a pic

    I've decided to start doing commissions. Details can be seen on my devart page, but it's basically 5 to 20 dollars, via paypal, and the email is [email protected]. And here's a quickie:
  16. AiritheDestoyer

    Story commissions now open!

    I moved from Ohio to Texas a little over a month ago to be with my boyfriend Trey aka Blue Mage. Finding work is hard so I'm a bit strapped for cash at the moment. I know story commisions aren't as popular as art, but I thought I would give it a shot. I mostly write F/F stories: Amelia's...
  17. I

    In need of commissions

    My gallery: http://istesla.deviantart.com/gallery/ My commission information: http://istesla.deviantart.com/journal/38883190/ Sale: Free sketch with every purchase until I replace my tablet pen.
  18. Feather-Meister

    Feather-Meister Commissions

    I put this on my DA, but I wanted to spread the word here as well, in case there was any interest If you're interested in commissioning artwork from me, send me a PM after you take a gander at the following info: Price List: Sketches $5.00, 2 Characters max (i.e. a 'ler and a 'lee, or 2 'lees...
  19. SteelJaw

    Taking commissions!!!

    I havent been able to do commission work for a while now, but i really wana get it up and running again. So for anyone interested B/W $5 Color $10 Add Background +$5 add Character +$5 My work for ref http://steeljaw33.deviantart.com/
  20. Ilohnoh1

    COMMISSIONS (info & non-private commissions)

    COMMISSIONS: OPEN! I have updated the commission rates, but am primarily doing commissions from my dA account. Please check the following link for more information: http://illionore.deviantart.com/art/COMMISSION-RATES-191066055
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