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Ticklish Male Celebrity List (by Reeder)

Langley Kirkwood

Langley Kirkwood (actor, Black Sails, Dominion, will play Captain Morgan in One Piece) is ticklish! After attempting to be quite secretive about his ticklishness, he finally confirmed it on his official twitter page:

Q: Hope you aren't ticklish....Or would you like to find out?

Langley Kirkwood:

@missy95820: @langleykirkwood
Hope you aren't ticklish....Or would you like to find out? ;)
#Dominionno! I'm not! ;) #Dominion

twitter.com/ langleykirkwood/status/497594922179244032
(remove space)

Q: His feet.... bet his feet indeed are ;))

Langley Kirkwood:

@DivineMissL01: @langleykirkwood @missy95820
His feet.... bet his feet indeed are ;)) #Dominion”haha,
how did you guess?

twitter.com/ langleykirkwood/status/497598280390701056
(remove space)

Q: Are you ticklish and, if so, where the most?

Langley Kirkwood:

@MissAmandaRahl I'm definitely ticklish under the old arm-pit! #Laugh4Life

twitter.com/ langleykirkwood/status/577539372347600896
(remove space)


  • Langley Kirkwood 1.jpg
    Langley Kirkwood 1.jpg
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    Langley Kirkwood 2.jpg
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  • Langley Kirkwood 3.jpg
    Langley Kirkwood 3.jpg
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  • Langley Kirkwood 4.jpg
    Langley Kirkwood 4.jpg
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  • Langley-Kirkwood-Feet-6414362.jpg
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Sean O'Donnell

Sean O'Donnell (actor/model) sheepishly admitted he is very ticklish and can't handle being tickled on his official twitter page:

Sean O'Donnell:

I don't care what level our relationship is if you start
tickling me I will drop your ass like a sack of potatoes

twitter.com/ TheSeanODonnell/status/766425797515096064
(remove space)


  • Sean-ODonnell-Feet-5029584.jpg
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  • Sean-ODonnell-Feet-4210242.jpg
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  • Sean-ODonnell-Feet-5553954.jpg
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  • Sean-ODonnell-Feet-5055308.jpg
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  • Sean-ODonnell-Feet-4886388.jpg
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Charles Michael Davis

Charles Michael Davis (actor, The Originals, Younger) is ticklish! He admitted it in response to a fan question sent directly to him on his official twitter page, back when he still used twitter:

Q: Are you ticklish? If so, where?

Charles Michael Davis:

@josephine_amos my armpits. If I get tickled there I go into a violent fit

twitter.com/ CharlesMD/status/217017312086212610
(remove space... only the question appears, Charles' answer seems to have fallen into old tweet obscurity)


  • Charles Michael Davis 1.jpg
    Charles Michael Davis 1.jpg
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    Charles Michael Davis 2.jpg
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    Charles Michael Davis 3.jpg
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    Charles Michael Davis 4.jpg
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  • Charles Michael Davis 5.jpg
    Charles Michael Davis 5.jpg
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Another Chris Ramsey reference in this weeks podcast…

When talking about massages he describes himself as having “very tickly feet”

Also lots of images of said feet on Michael McIntyre’s Big Show last Saturday…
Can you at least ask nicely?

Its a good podcast and worth a full listen…plus the time stamp differs depending on the device you’re listening on…I listened on an Alexa dot and it was about 47/48 minutes in.
Jason Statham (maybe?)

It looks like Dwayne Johnson may have briefly tickled him while posing for pictures at the premiere of Fast & Furious – Hobbs & Shaw, almost four years ago—was it posted already? But I can't tell if it's really tickling... what do you think? Around the 3m38s mark:
It looks like Dwayne Johnson may have briefly tickled him while posing for pictures at the premiere of Fast & Furious – Hobbs & Shaw, almost four years ago—was it posted already? But I can't tell if it's really tickling... what do you think? Around the 3m38s mark:

This may be one of the best finds in a long while!! Thanks for sharing, definitely a great tickle attack from Dwayne and tickle reaction from Jason!!
Stephen Mahy

Stephen Mahy (Australian actor and sing) is ticklish! He responded to a fan question sent directly to him on his official twitter account about a decade ago, and gave a pretty exciting answer:

Q: Are you ticklish? If so, where?

Stephen Mahy:

@Maggie666 ha ha ha, so ticklish. It's not a question of where but where I'm not

twitter.com/ StephenMahy/status/379067681883713537
(remove space)


  • Stephen-Mahy-Feet-4090299.jpg
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  • Stephen-Mahy-Feet-4090308.jpg
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  • Stephen-Mahy-Feet-4090292.jpg
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  • Stephen-Mahy-Feet-4090289.jpg
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  • Stephen-Mahy-Feet-4090290.jpg
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Ben Barnes

Found a new tickling blog on Tumblr! While some of the information is definitely borrowed from here, there are a few good posts and shares - hot models and admssions - and two amazing posts about my favorite tv 'Dark Lord', Ben Barnes!

Ben Barnes (actor and singer) getting tickled in interviews, tv series, and behind the scenes. While we don't have any confirmation about his feet being ticklish, between these clips and the photos previously shared, it's safe to say Ben has very ticklish lips, neck, side ribs, and armpits! [Note: There is at least one more clip of Colin Firth tickling Ben, it's a very short one from a premiere, where Colin comes up behind him and quickly tickles/squeezes/pokes into his underarms getting a chuckle and a little jump, but the video is no longer available on YouTube.]

tumblr.com/ hotcoolandticklish/714489986377990144/ben-barnes-actor-and-singer-getting-tickled-in
(remove space... the video is great!!)

tumblr.com/ hotcoolandticklish/714319549772759040/stunning-actor-ben-barnes-is-very-ticklish-and
(remove space... photos of Ben being tickled!!)

I've attached the photos below, plus an additional one from a convention last year, where, as per twitter, Ben's giggling and attempt to grab the fan's arm is because his side is being tickled!


  • Ben Barnes tickled 1.jpg
    Ben Barnes tickled 1.jpg
    32.3 KB · Views: 73
  • Ben Barnes tickled 2.jpg
    Ben Barnes tickled 2.jpg
    336.9 KB · Views: 64
  • Ben Barnes tickled 3.jpg
    Ben Barnes tickled 3.jpg
    467.5 KB · Views: 67
  • Ben Barnes tickled 4.jpg
    Ben Barnes tickled 4.jpg
    635.2 KB · Views: 62
  • Ben Barnes tickled by a fan 2.jpg
    Ben Barnes tickled by a fan 2.jpg
    279.5 KB · Views: 66
Not sure if this has been posted before but Will Smith's socked foot was tickled very briefly in one of his vlogs.

www. youtube.com/watch?v=eWwKQjUyoUc (remove space)

The quick tickle is at around the 3:27 mark.
Not sure if this has been posted before but Will Smith's socked foot was tickled very briefly in one of his vlogs.

www. youtube.com/watch?v=eWwKQjUyoUc (remove space)

The quick tickle is at around the 3:27 mark.

Man Will must really have sensitive feet, because those hospital socks are super thick with little traction pads on the soles. My feet are extremely ticklish and I don't think I feel anything while wearing those operation socks.
Joshua Jackson

Joshua Jackson (actor, Fringe, Dawson's Creek) is impossibly ticklish! He was asked to reveal his ticklishness by Andy Cohen during the 'Pillow Talk' segment on Watch What Happens L!Ve, and gave a great reply:

Andy Cohen: Josh, where are you ticklish? We have a lot of tickle fetishists watching!
Joshua Jackson: Yo, really?
Andy: Yeah!
Joshua: Then I feel like I should not answer that question... Cos' the real answer is like everywhere.
Andy: Oh really? Wow!
Joshua: Yeah, impossibly ticklish!
Andy: Ooh impossibly ticklish? Fun!

youtube.com/ watch?v=f_tn_FN7ejU
(remove space... starts at 3:04)

Here is the tweet WWHL shared:


Joshua Jackson admits that he’s “impossibly ticklish” all over his body.

youtu.be/ f_tn_FN7ejU

(remove space)


  • Joshua-Jackson-Feet-3777896.jpg
    349.7 KB · Views: 44
  • Joshua-Jackson-Feet-3639016.jpg
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  • Joshua-Jackson-Feet-3630016.jpg
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  • Joshua-Jackson-Feet-3349663.jpg
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  • Joshua-Jackson-Feet-6425941.jpg
    629.5 KB · Views: 46
Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan (Australian singer/YouTuber) is very ticklish! His ticklishness has been confirmed on a few occasions over the years, and he has been tickled on video, but he recently stated in a Chinese magazine when asked:

Chinese Q&A (with Troye Sivan)

Q: Please share us one little secret you never revealed before.

A: I am quite ticklish.

(Scan of the interview attached below)

The excellent Ticklish Male Celebrities tumblr page also has an entry to Troye, completed with the video of fellow YouTuber Tyler Oakley tickling him after being asked who of them is more ticklish (Answer: Troye):

- During the boyfriend tag video back when he was 18, the question asked who was the most ticklish and Tyler Oakley & Troye agreed it was him. Troye tried to avoid getting tickled but it didn’t stop Tyler.

tumblr.com/ ticklishmalecelebrities/182805915977/during-the-boyfriend-tag-video-back-when-he-was
(remove space)

On his Twitter page, Troye also suggested he might be too ticklish to get a physical from his doctor:

Troye Sivan:

I'm getting a physical at the doctor and am nervous they're going to a) poke me with something b) make me bend and cough

twitter.com/ troyesivan/status/902251506195243008
(remove space)

Attached below is also an image of Tyler Oakley tickling Troye after the two of them had their makeup done by a professional makeup artist. The only question remaining is: are Troye's feet as ticklish as his upper body?


  • Troye-Sivan-Feet-6936254.jpg
    336.3 KB · Views: 31
  • Troye-Sivan-Feet-6906786.jpg
    1.2 MB · Views: 31
  • Troye-Sivan-Feet-7286100.jpg
    222.8 KB · Views: 29
  • Troye Sivan QA.jpg
    Troye Sivan QA.jpg
    275.9 KB · Views: 32
  • Troye Sivan tickled in makeup.png
    Troye Sivan tickled in makeup.png
    577.9 KB · Views: 29
Steven Dehler

Steven Dehler (model, actor, dancer) is crazy ticklish! The handsome hunk revealed it on his official twitter almost a decade ago while responding to fellow model Todrick Hall's comment about how torturous being tickled is:

Todrick Hall:

I HATE being tickled...just food for thought

Steven Dehler:

@toddyrockstar: "I HATE being tickled...just food for thought" me too! Mostly cuz I'm extremely ticklish. #embarrassing

twitter.com/ StevenDehler/status/228364662255783936
(remove space)

@toddyrockstar EXCEPT if the other person is too, then I can fight back at least. U better be ticklish @Tabitha_Ellis

twitter.com/ StevenDehler/status/228373398231851009
(remove space)

@Tabitha_Ellis: @StevenDehler U better watch out now that I know ur ticklish !” eeeek 😳

twitter.com/ StevenDehler/status/228369271242252288
(remove space)

Later on, Steven Dehler responded to a fan question sent directly to him, admitting even more details about his ticklishness:

Q: What makes you laugh & are you ticklish? If so, where?

Steven Dehler:

@josephine_amos thank u! And I am! And practically everywhere ha

twitter.com/ StevenDehler/status/369194174358106112
(remove space)

Don't know about anyone else, but I'd sure love to see him get tickled by the likes of Casey Cooper!! Especially since Steven claims to be so embarassingly ticklish all over...


  • Steven Dehler 1.jpg
    Steven Dehler 1.jpg
    152.1 KB · Views: 44
  • Steven Dehler 2.jpg
    Steven Dehler 2.jpg
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  • Steven Dehler 3.jpg
    Steven Dehler 3.jpg
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  • Steven Dehler 4.jpg
    Steven Dehler 4.jpg
    1.4 MB · Views: 27
  • Steven Dehler 5.jpg
    Steven Dehler 5.jpg
    96.3 KB · Views: 27
Bernardo Silva & João Cancelo

Bernardo Silva & João Cancelo (Portoguese footballers) are both ticklish! Although neither of them has verbally confirmed his ticklishness, they have both been caught on camera tickled by teammates. In fact, tickling seems to be the best weapon against Silva:

Manchester City's Raheem Sterling tells the world how to stop Bernardo Silva

How do you stop Bernardo Silva?

It’s a question that almost every Premier League defence has been asking themselves over the past 12 months, yet there still seems to be no answer.

Fortunately for opposition managers, the secret to stopping Silva is out there. Rather than watching hours of footage or partaking in scouting missions, Premier League bosses just need to check Raheem Sterling’s Twitter to learn how to halt the Portugal international.

Unfortunately, it seems the only way to stop him is illegally, and we suspect some tickling is involved too, judging from the photo.
[attached below]

Sterling jokingly posted on Twitter an image of him standing over his teammate, revealing the "best way" to stop the midfield maestro.

footballfancast.com/ premier-league/manchester-city/manchester-citys-raheem-sterling-tells-the-world-how-to-stop-bernardo-silva/
(remove space... story from Aug 27, 2019)

From Raheem Sterling's official twitter:

Best way to stop that lil portuguese wizard 🙋🏾*♂️

twitter.com/ sterling7/status/1166027173272215553/photo/1
(remove space)

Bernardo Silva's ticklishness seems to be a favorite weapon of his teammates, as this twitter exchange and photo [attached below] show:

#ManCity are back… and so is @BernardoCSilva. 😭😂 @ManCity

twitter.com/ mcfc_talks/status/1633246777754132481/photo/1
(remove space)

Looks like the tickle monster is after him😂

twitter.com/ J_Davidson2004/status/1633248621259808770
(remove space)

While Bernardo Silva appears to be a common target for tickle attacks from his teammates, he also appears to enagage in being the tickler from time to time! Silva and other teammates gang up on João Cancelo for a tickle session during practice, as captured by GettyImages [attached below]:

Manchester City's Portuguese defender Joao Cancelo (C) is tickled by his teammates during a team's training session at Manchester City training ground in Manchester on October 10, 2022, on the eve of their UEFA Champions League group G football match FC Copenhagen.

gettyimages.co.uk/ detail/news-photo/manchester-citys-portuguese-defender-joao-cancelo-is-news-photo/1243865208?adppopup=true
(remove space)

If anyone has it saved, there was also a short - 3-4 seconds only - fan footage of Silva and Cancelo tickling each other while sitting on a bench before or after a match. In it, Cancelo grabs Silva's side making him jump, and in return Silva quickly tickles him under the arm, before both pull back laughing.


  • Joao Concelo and Bernardo Silva.jpg
    Joao Concelo and Bernardo Silva.jpg
    203.6 KB · Views: 57
  • Bernardo Silva tickled 1.jpg
    Bernardo Silva tickled 1.jpg
    89.2 KB · Views: 58
  • Bernardo Silva tickled 2.jpg
    Bernardo Silva tickled 2.jpg
    343.8 KB · Views: 54
  • Joao Cancelo tickled 1.jpg
    Joao Cancelo tickled 1.jpg
    437.2 KB · Views: 59
  • Joao Cancelo tickled 2.jpg
    Joao Cancelo tickled 2.jpg
    411.6 KB · Views: 54
Must be a thing they do at Manchester City!

youtube.com/ watch?v=vybO41SUoac (remove space)
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