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Ticklish Male Celebrity List (by Reeder)

Does anyone know if Chandler Riggs is ticklish? Seen a lot of barefeet photos of him and I'm curious.
Asked him on cameo - 'Are you ticklish? If so, where?' - but he ignored the question. He was very nice though, just talked about everything except the ticklish bit!
James Scott

James Scott (actor, "Days of Our Lives") was reported having extremely ticklish feet by fellow Days actress Ali Sweeney, on her twitter page:

Lauren K just discovered that James' feet are extremely ticklish.... he's in trouble now. Hee hee hee!!!!!

In an older interview, James hints his feet may not be his only ticklish spot:

You've also gotten to play EJ's grandfather, Santo DiMera, and so for that, you had to take on a different accent and you had period costume. What was that like?

It was a challenge. The mustache was very ticklish, which is never very fun.


Update, 2011: Here's a fun little article, where James Scott mentions how during his hospital scens on "Days of Our Lives" Galen Gering (who also has ticklish feet!) used to tickle him under the covers:

As for James Scott, the sexy actor tells Soap Opera Weekly that he has hated being in an onscreen coma because Galen Gering would tickle Scott under the covers during their scenes. “He’s quite a joker,” laughs Scott.


Here are a couple of videos of him getting tickled on "Days of Our Lives" (all are f/m)

http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=E73b-WNLxGE&feature=related

(remove space...starts 7:13)

http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=CDcuPK-SXs0
(remove space... starts at 0:25)

http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=sIMMf-km4zI

(remove space... starts at 26:57)

http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=S53mde7ctyE
(remove space... starts at 2:40)

He clearly is super ticklish from head to toe!

Couldn't find this posted anywhere. I hope it's a new find...

Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 1.58.18 AM.png
What an amazing find, thanks for sharing!! James Scott's ticklishness is legendery at this point and his reactions are always priceless!!
Curt Mega feather tickled in stage production Spies Are Forever. Pretty sure it's a staged reaction but still a believable one. Makes me wish he did more tickling scenes! It's an older video so apologies if it's already been shared before.

Time stamp:2:11
Pro Wrestler Marcus "Buff" Bagwell is extremely ticklish on his feet! His wife filmed a video of him getting a very tickly pedicure, and Buff posted the video on his social media accounts Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (X). His arch is his weak spot! I sure do love big, tough, ticklish guys. I want to tickle his feet so badly. :devilish:


An older pic from 2019 of what I'm assuming was from an Instastory of Dylan Minnette's face while getting a pedicure. I tried finding a video but I can't seem to locate one so I'm not sure if it's a screenshot or just a picture. If anyone has access to a video of it, please feel free to share!


  • Dylan Minnette.jpg
    Dylan Minnette.jpg
    77.1 KB · Views: 65
Singer Stephen Sanchez is ticklish he did a q and a on his insta and even tho he didn’t confirm it. He didn’t deny it either. His face looked like he was definitely ticklish. But I don’t know yall tell me
The photos right here


  • IMG_4180.jpeg
    1.5 MB · Views: 59


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    chrome_screenshot_May 28, 2024 8_52_51 PM EDT.png
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    chrome_screenshot_May 28, 2024 8_51_26 PM EDT.png
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Wow what an amazing find!! Thanks for sharing, nothing I like more than finding out a celeb is ticklish by seeing them get tickled!! :D
Chris O’Donnell. Not sure if this was posted before, it's 7 years old. But it's quite the definitive proof. He admitted on Conan that he gets violent when tickled, because he used to be tormented by his family as a kid.
Here's a link to the video—the title is quite descriptive...
https:// teamcoco.com/video/chris-o-donnell-will-punch-you-if-you-tickle-him
Michael Carter-Williams - NBA Player - Gang/M

He posted this on his official FB channel

Was this in the actual series? I remember looking for it in the episodes and not seeing it!
Got this off Tumblr.

Anthony Padilla (Internet Personality)(Smosh) is extremely ticklish. Love this


  • Screen_Recording_20240621_040954_Tumblr.mp4
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  • Screen_Recording_20240621_040907_Tumblr.mp4
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