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  1. Forcing Fits Of Giggles M/F Upper body play
  2. The Two Couples: Road Trip, Part 2 (ff/m, with the slightest bit of m/f)
  3. Second Trips, Then, Welcome To The West Coast
  4. Jeeves and the Ticklish Swindler F/M - also contains some facesitting and humiliation
  5. Story from the Israeli tickling forum - now brought to you
  6. West Coast Winging, Then, Full Circle Home Stanza
  7. Teasing (kinda fff/f, you'll see what I mean)
  8. The Flapper party
  9. One in a Million F/M Part 3 Day 2 Professtional Trained
  10. A Real Workout!
  11. The Box: A Love Story
  12. The Doctor is In (F/M Intense)
  13. First Completing The Road, Replay Homestand, And, Testy Words, And Thoughts
  14. Driving With Vinny
  15. i got a story
  16. The Princess Who Never Laughed: A Scientific Fairy Tale
  17. Jameka's Adventure
  18. In The Woods (Laura Vandervoort/Smallville, M/F, None Consent)
  19. Tenderfoot Part Twenty (Fantasy Tickling Story)
  20. Redux Commencement, Central Callers, And, Recurring Nightmares
  21. The Dungeon Chronicles - Part Two
  22. My next Occult segment
  23. Central Callers, And Callings, Then, Pacific Blue Hosts
  24. Story from the Israeli tickling forum - part 2
  25. Bay Bridge And Western Beach Malaise, Then, Lightning Strikes, In A Good Way
  26. The Princess Who Never Laughed: A Scientific Fairy Tale (New Version, Full Story)
  27. Spy tickle (M/M) part 1
  28. Friendly Revenge
  29. , Special Commencements, Backs To The Wall, And, The Greatest One Of Them All
  30. Spy tickle (M/M) part 2
  31. Party Favor, A fantasy
  32. The Occult: Marge's First Victim
  33. Please help Title Story
  34. (1) Pxl Kristi In: The World Is Ending
  35. (2) Pxl Kristi In: The Idol Of Power
  36. (3) Pxl Kristi In: Revenge
  37. MF/F - Fiction
  38. Brother Whare Art Thou? M/M
  39. Friendly Challenge (the sequel to Friendly Revenge)
  40. Israeli forum story part 3 - MF/F (or maybe not?...)
  41. Friendly Test (a sequel of a sequel)
  42. The Stranger - Pt 001 - Jennifer White
  43. TickleJen Story preview...
  44. Earth 2106; Episode 2 (part 1)
  45. M/M Tickling Website
  46. Winter Celebrations, Spring Aspirations, And, An Aburpt Halt, To The Future?
  47. Mr.Mosquito Rena's Torture
  48. The magic T-Belts........Invasion begins.
  49. Sales (F/fff Nylon)
  50. About my tickle stories
  51. Twist and Pout Part II (M-F)
  52. First Trips, Decent Sojourns, Unfortunate Circumstances, And, Home Dips
  53. Chun-Li falls prey to Morrigan...
  54. She couldn't hold it any longer
  55. Spy tickle 3 (M/M) some sexual content
  56. Paything (Starring TickleJen, MMM/F)
  57. a tickling story written as a screenplay?
  58. DREAMLORD m/f 1st person
  59. Part 4: PXL Kristi IN: THE RUN TO D-DAY
  60. Second Travelings, Home Warriors Vs The West, And, Unexpected Eruptions
  61. M/F Tickling-Bf-Gf-Some of This story is true but alot isnt so Its in the Fiction sec
  62. A repost in my archives of most popular story: 4400 + views the 1st time. Teaser here
  63. A certain kind of lifestyle... (M/F) PLEASE DELETE
  64. A certain kind of lifestyle... (M/F)
  65. Police Officer Jennifer White - 01 M/f
  66. Police Officer Jennifer White - 02 M/f
  67. Finally!! One in a Million F/M Part 4
  68. VU Story: Iron-Foot Aiko (F/F - foot)
  69. West Coast Blue, And Blues, Revertion To Hell, And, Escaping, Baseball, And, A Life?
  70. Twist and Pout Part III M-F
  71. Police Officer Jennifer White - 03 M/f
  72. Jennifer Garner and her Meeting with John
  73. Keiko Sakura - Vol 01 - Japanese Chronicles M/F
  74. Communication Shutdown, Free Fall All Around, And, The End Of The Road?
  75. Laurens Experiment part 1
  76. Rotten Fruit And Sputtering Rocket Play, Then, A Return To Stability?
  77. The Best Present (F/F, all over, sexual content)
  78. Otome's Pleasant Morning (F/F [Shizuru/Tomoe], feet, UB)
  79. Calls From Center Country, Western Welcomers, And, Snappy And Snippy Times
  80. Two ideas for a story (please read)
  81. Hyperticklish Fragment, */f, M/f
  82. Sister In Law Teaches him a Lesson F/M
  83. A Small Circle of Friends, Chapter Twelve (F/F Intense)
  84. West Coast Winging, Next Home Stanza, And, One More Year, Or, The End?
  85. Carries nylon tickle suprise m/f
  86. hi wanted batgirl stories
  87. Nymphadora Tonks 6
  88. Tickling Clowns From Outer Space (need male and female volunteers)
  89. 8 simple rules, Part I
  90. Final Road Trips, and Homestands, October, Unattained Goals, And, Gone, Forever?
  91. Silent Winter, Sounds Of Spring, And, No Spring, Upon Answering The Bell
  92. Madonna's Tickle Slaves
  93. Japanese Chronicles - Vol 2 - Cheryl Tate M/ff
  94. Helpless at Home (Jessica Alba */F, None Consent, short)
  95. Revised 8 simple rules.
  96. Sister In Law teaches him a lesson F/M- Installments 1 and 2
  97. Tickler Bonnie & Crafty Clyde (A tickling story for the 21st Century)
  98. The Hunter Part one F/f
  99. The New Adventures of Batman Part 4 Ticklish Boy Wonder!! M/M
  100. Opening And Rocky Roads, Sleepless Nights, And, Home Improvement?
  101. The Price of Luxury. M/f (now in comic form!)
  102. Above Water Trips, Company From California, And, Beginning Battles
  103. 3 Women In Search *New 10/02/07 */f tickling
  104. CSI: Miami f/m
  105. California Complex, Sudden Turnabout, And, Beginning of Deprivation
  106. The World Turned Upside Down (F/M Intense)
  107. BoA
  108. Tickling in the Furniture Store
  109. Tickled from a slide!! twice! FIRST POST, im new here, be nice!!
  110. First Road Circle Completion, Deja Vu Welcomers, And, Toning Down Rhetoric
  111. Of Course You Can - Complete Story w/Conclusion - F/m, M/f, sexual content
  112. Tenderfoot Part Twenty-One (Fantasy Tickling Story)
  113. Princess of Laughter, the prequel to Serum # 24
  114. The hunter Part 2 FF/f
  115. Finally..its Here...fergie Is Ticklishious!!!
  116. The New Adventures of Batman Part 5 Alfred's Betrayal M/M
  117. New Story on my Archive
  118. Requst
  119. #5 in the series, written by my ler :)
  120. #6 in the series, written by my ler ;)
  121. #7 in the series, written by ler, but my reactions ;) and this is f/m
  122. New story in my archive
  123. Nymphadora Tonks part 7
  124. The Land of Odd (*/F, Non Consent, TickleJen)
  125. Feather Points (m/f)
  126. Flamed In The North, Scorched In The South, Then, Frozen Out, In The Islands
  127. Mary-Louise Parker Tickling Please
  128. Eliza Request
  129. Heartowns Hostels, Reprieve From Hostile, And, Moving Forward?
  130. Lois Lane's Comeuppance Part 1
  131. request...
  132. Lois Lane's Comeuppance: Part 2
  133. Western Weariness, And, A Breath Of Fresh Air
  134. camp tickling
  135. Tickling Ann Coulter
  136. North Central Nights, Last Weekend Hurrahs, And, The Ultimate Last Hurrah
  137. soles of a spy
  138. A Batgirl story
  139. Parties In The Cold Season. Then, Before The Real Season, A Stunning Turn Of Events.
  140. The Occult: Marge's First Victim (part 2)
  141. Nymphadora Tonks 8
  142. Feather Points part 2 (m/f)
  143. The Hunter Part 3 (F/f genital tickling)
  144. The Vampire Chronicals Part 1 In the Begining...
  145. The Vampirer Chronicals Part 2 The Rite of Passage F/M
  146. Tickling Clowns From Outer Space (Prologue, MUST READ!)
  147. Tickling Bonnie & Crafty Clyde (part 2, INTENSE)
  148. tickling clowns
  149. Need two more volunters for Tickling Clowns From Outer Space
  150. Initial Road Lessons, Harsh Visitors Outcomes, And, A Much Needed Homecoming
  151. Quite a Pair (F/ff nylons)
  152. We Dream. F/M
  153. Second City Trips, , A Far More Serious Problem, And, A Break, From Forever?
  154. First Among Equals (*/F)
  155. Another CSI:Miami Story f/m m/f
  156. Weary In The West, Silence For Duration, And, Silence For Forever, For A Marriage?
  157. New Tastes M/F (Erotic)
  158. Invisible Ink's Halloween Special - F/m M/f ( Intense bondage, tickling torture)
  159. Help decide the future of the "Hunter" series.
  160. The Warlord And The Warrior Queen; a hysterical historical by Mastertank1
  161. Mid Atlantic Completions, RoundAbout Starts, And, Thoughts Of Another Life
  162. Bogus News Article w/photo
  163. Nymphadora Tonks 9
  164. You decide Don Turtelli's victim (here we go again)
  165. CSI: Miami: Calleigh and Speed again
  166. Vannessa Hudgens meets her biggest fan...
  167. Apples With Worms, HotLanta, And SpaceTown Sojourn. Then, A Bad Wind In The Tropics
  168. Tickling Bonnie & Crafty Clyde (Part 3, INTENSE)
  169. My wife's meeting (fiction, multiple f/ff)
  170. a delicious dark dream (intro) no tickling (yet)
  171. Edmund And the Night Visitors (old story, FFF/M)
  172. Story Request: My Dream Request
  173. A new story in my archives; enjoy.
  174. Central and Cyber Couple Clashes. Then, In Person Clashes
  175. About Tickling Clowns
  176. Str8 guy tickled til he submits MMM/M
  177. Tickling Clowns From Outer Space (Hot For A Libarian)
  178. Golden State Goings, Mid Country Comings, And, Peace, Or Wars?
  179. The New Office Politics (w/photos)
  180. Why Eames left Vice (m/f ; a Law & Order story)
  181. Mistress de Marque, Tickler of Chanttre F/F
  182. New writer with a Gardenia fic! (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
  183. Final Road Trip, One Last Brief Homestand, October, And Monsoons
  184. New Freak Show: 20 years later (part 1)
  185. Extract from an "adult" JAG fancfiction
  186. My Sweet 'Lee - How Can I Say "I Love You"?
  187. Hayden Panettiere Tickle Tortured by Don Turtelli (as voted by you!!)
  188. Freak Show Reloaded: part 1
  189. Freak Show Reloaded: Part 2
  190. Halloween Party
  191. The Hard Way (MF/M Intense)
  192. Suffer the Winter, Praying For The Spring, And, Hoping For A New Spring
  193. Hell Hath No Fury Like A Sister Scorned (sneak preview)
  194. Hell Hath No Fury Like A Sister Scorned (FF/M)(sneak preview)
  195. Debauched Dreams
  196. Freak Show: 20 years later (part 2)
  197. Plaything (Starring TickleJen) MM/F, bondage, abduction
  198. Starting The Road, Thoughts Of The Home, And, The Ultimate Home Goal?
  199. F/F Frost
  200. A repost of an older story and a teaser here with the archive link.
  201. another repost and again thanks to tooticklish4u for the inspiration.
  202. Central Comers, Western Welcomings, And, Restless Thoughts, About Baseball, And Life
  203. Tied up for my wife.
  204. Jessica Simpson
  205. Freak Show: 20 years later (part 3)
  206. My first story
  207. Western Wars, And Woes. Then, Personal And Team ILLS, In More Ways Than One
  208. Ticklish shoe torment
  209. Batman: Case of The Mad Tickler (M-F, F-FF) Part II
  210. Trip To The Waterways, Then, Creating Waterworks, For A Community, And A Marriage?
  211. The Possibilities Are Endless...
  212. Janice and the chase...mmm/F
  213. Eva Longoria tickled to give over the Turtelli necklace
  214. Continue the Turtelli Story....
  215. continue turtelli (forgot poll on other one)
  216. tickle goo...magical tickling (a take off of a request)
  217. Rotten Fruits, And Rockets, Sojourn. Then, A Clearer Future, Or, A Future In Doubt?
  218. Camping Fun (F/F, feet)
  219. Pushing Forward, Pushing Back, Then.. Pushing Away.. Each Other.. Forever?
  220. Meeting a mistress and part 1 of my first session (f/m)
  221. My first session part 2 (f/m)
  222. Fitness Tickle Club II: new opportunities
  223. The Ticklish Fugitive (m/f)
  224. Turtelli tickles Alba and the "son" shines bright
  225. Breaking Brittany
  226. CaliforniaTravelings, Shouting From Afar, And, Silence, For A Marriage, Forever?
  227. My love of feet...
  228. Can anyone help me find a tickling story?
  229. Devil Island Part 1 Warden Zendar
  230. Camping alone - M/M
  231. Looking For Story
  232. A Tacit Declaration. An Ultimate Celebration, And , Implementation, Or, A Revision?
  233. Three WWE divas tickled by Ron Turtelli (mm/fff) and Don learns about his son (m/m)
  234. avril lavigne (m/f)
  235. A new story and my lee thought it was "Perfect." The teaser is here and so is the lin
  236. My wife's real/fictional story
  237. Ink Presents: Hi-Tech Heels (Superheroines+bondage+tickling+forced nudity+violence )
  238. Hunter part 4 Revisting Old Friends. */FFF
  239. The Jennifer Saga
  240. Me and Amy Jo Johnson
  241. Batman: Case of The Mad Tickler (M-F, F-FF) Part III
  242. Another new story in my archive: The teaser and the link are here.
  243. A Ticklish Encounter (MF/F)
  244. Part 2 of The Warlord And The Warrior Queen
  245. A Long Time Comin' (F/M)
  246. Devil Island Part 2 Warden Zendar Trapped! M/M
  247. Thanks for the feed back so far guys!
  248. Who was on the list (you pick turtelli's girl AGAIN!)
  249. Don Turtelli abducts Kim Kardashian/ Divas are STILL tickled!
  250. A Glorious Winter, Spring's Showings, And, Revival For A Marriage?